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Waiting is the hardest part for Pebble Time iPhone users

Waiting is the hardest part for Pebble Time iPhone users

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June 3, 2015

After an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $20 million, smartwatch pioneer Pebble has begun shipping out the new Pebble Time to backers last week.

But there’s one slight problem if you’re hoping to use the device with an iPhone – Apple has yet to approve a companion app. So anyone with an iPhone is currently holding a colorful brick.

And Pebble posted an update to Kickstarter backers today placing the blame squarely on Apple and its App Store approval process. In the detailed post, Pebble said that the original Pebble Time app was approved on May 18. After killing some bugs, Pebble submitted an updated version of the app for approval on May 22. And it’s been “waiting approval” by Apple for the last 13 days, even though Pebble has requested an expedited review.

As a plan B, Pebble also considered adding Time support to the current Pebble app available on the App Store. But Apple hasn’t approved a small update to that app since it was submitted more than a month ago on April 22.

The company asked backers to comment on Twitter, Facebook, and directly to Apple:

We are proud of and grateful for the hard work, long hours, and sacrificed weekends our iOS team devoted to building the Pebble Time iPhone app. It’s only right that users get a fair shot at enjoying the fruit of that labor without further delay.

We’re sure Apple, like Pebble, loves its fans and is responsive to feedback. Together, we can kindly express our desire to see the AppStore #FreeOurPebbleTime with a speedy approval of Pebble Time Watch for iPhone.

While Apple might be able to explain the delay behind approving the Pebble Time app, I can’t imagine any reasonable explanation for holding an update to the current Pebble app for so long. Even though the Time competes directly against the new Apple Watch, Apple should let consumers decide which smartwatch is best for them. Hopefully Apple will approve the Pebble Time app sooner rather than later.

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