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Apple releases the second public beta version of iOS 9, OS X El Capitan

Apple releases the second public beta version of iOS 9, OS X El Capitan

Apple's Software
July 22, 2015

Just a day after seeding the latest versions of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan to registered developers, Apple has followed up by releasing the second public beta of both pieces of software.

Anyone can signup to join the Public Beta Program here. If you’re interested in downloading the beta software, make sure you’re willing to suffer through a few bugs and other issues. And always back up your iOS device or Mac before installing.

The first public betas arrived earlier this month.


OS X El Captain builds on Yosemite.

Earlier today, my colleague Bryan M. Wolfe recommended that both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan are stable enough to install on your everyday devices. I downloaded both developer betas yesterday, and definitely agree with his assessment. While I’ve run into a few issues, there’s been nothing that most users can’t handle.

Both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan are slated to arrive to the public sometime this fall. Some of the improvements in iOS 9 include a smarter Siri, powerful multitasking capabilities for the iPad, and more. OS X El Capitan builds on Yosemite and offers improvements in Spotlight and Mission Control along with Metal graphics capabilities.

Interestingly, starting with the newest iOS 9 betas, Apple is also blocking users from writing App Store reviews. That will thankfully help shield developers from negative reviews written by beta software users.

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