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This week in accessories: Optrix by Body Glove for iPhone 6 and more

This week in accessories: Optrix by Body Glove for iPhone 6 and more

July 24, 2015

Happy Friday and welcome back to our weekly look at some of the newest accessories to hit the market for all of your iOS devices and the Apple Watch. In this edition, we’re highlighting three great iPhone 6 cases, a watch charging stand, and much more.

Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand


Spigen was one of the first companies to offer an Apple Watch stand when the device hit the market back in April, but the newest creation from the company is designed to be compatible with WatchStand mode in WatchOS 2.0. Starting this fall, users can place their watch in a horizontal position and activate the display whenever the screen, Digital Crown, or side button is pushed.

The stand is compatible with all Apple Watch models and sizes. A built-in bottom lip will prevent the watch from moving from side to side. It can be preordered now for just $11.99. Shipping will begin in mid-August.

Optrix by Body Glove for the iPhone 6


Who needs a GoPro? With the new Optrix by Body Glove Pro Kit, you can turn any iPhone 6 into an action camera stand-in. The protective case is completely waterproof up to depths of 15 feet. It can also protect the handset from drops of up to 20 feet. It is also fully mountable and compatible with a variety of mounts and accessories from the company including a selfie stick, helmet mount, wrist float, and more. A tripod connector also allows users to attach the case to any mount that uses a ¼-inch-20 attachment method. The system will work with any photo or video app on your iPhone.

There are two different kits available to purchase now. The standard version is $119.95 and features two different lenses – a normal and wide-angle. For $50 more, the pro edition adds a macro telephoto and 2x zoom lens to the mix.

Scosche SportClip Air


Made for the outdoors or any activity, Scosche’s SportClip Air headphones can connect to any iOS device – or even the Apple Watch – via Bluetooth. With an IPX4 rating, the set can withstand sweat or small water splashes. The bendable flexible ear clips help provide maximum comfort. The cable is made to resist tangles while the earbuds themselves are composed of antimicrobial material that resists mold. An integrated microphone and in-line controls allow users to take phone calls, skip tracks, and adjust the volume. The built-in battery provides up to seven hours of music playback, which is a nice amount for a wireless set.

Available in black, the earbuds can be purchased now for $99.99.

Monster Selfie Case for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus


Made with a special material protecting the rear shell, Monster’s Selfie Case allows users to mount their device on a number of surfaces – including glass, mirrors, and acrylic – for a limited time. Along with helping frame that perfect selfie, it is also made to withstand drops and shocks.

The iPhone 6 version is $29.95 while the iPhone 6 Plus case is $5 more. Both can be ordered now directly from Monster.

Tudia Klip


An interesting way to protect your charging cables, Tudia’s Klip is composed of two small, lightweight clips that connect to both ends of a Lightning, 30-pin, or Apple Watch charging cable. The system should help prevent fraying or breaking where the cables are likely to be bent on a regular basis. After sliding the silicone bases on the cable, attach the white clip to lock it into place. It can even give new life to cables that are already frayed or broken.

You can purchase a set for $7.01 now. Buyers can select from a number of different colors options, including blue, gray, green, pink, and yellow.

Unu Ellena for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus


An inexpensive case choice, Unu’s Ellena two-piece design makes installation quick and easy. Built-in side and corner protection helps protect the handset in the case of shock while a raised edge surrounds the screen.

Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions can be purchased now for $14.95. Along with a black case, you can also select from a pink and gold or blue and gold option.

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