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Apple, content providers battling over streaming TV service price point

Apple, content providers battling over streaming TV service price point

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August 28, 2015

Apple’s rumored streaming TV service is running into an all-too-familiar snag – price. According to a new report from The Information (via AppleInsider), content providers believe that Apple’s desired $40 monthly subscription price is too low.

Here’s more from the site’s Jessica Lessin:

“There’s still a big gap between the price media companies want for their TV channels and the roughly $40 a month Apple wants to charge consumers,” Lessin wrote. “Something has to give.”

Another significant problem, the report claims, is Apple’s lack of network infrastructure across the United States to provide a smooth streaming experience to viewers.

If both of those issues can be resolved, the service is set to make a debut sometime in 2016. It is expected to offer content from major networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, and others.

More tidbits about the next-generation Apple TV

The site also mentions a few more tidbits about the next-generation Apple TV, which is expected to be unveiled at the special event on Wednesday, Sept. 9. Also expected are new iPhone models and possibly the fourth-generation iPad mini.

Without the streaming service, Apple is planning to heavily promote the box’s use as a hub for HomeKit accessories. Security will also be another selling point as all data will be stored on the box and not in the cloud.

Along with a smaller form factor, the device will apparently be running iOS 9 with a fast A9-series chip. It will also feature a full App Store, a redesigned remote with gesture support, and Siri support.

Interestingly, a separate report from TechCrunch says that the new box’s remote will also offer some type of Nintendo Wii-like motion controls.

Final thoughts

Even though the streaming TV service is still stuck in limbo, I do think the new set-top box should help get users interested in actually using the Apple TV again. And hopefully the streaming service, whenever it arrives, will be worth the wait. I think Apple getting the subscription price right will be a major factor to the service’s success.

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