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Apple's next Apple TV priced at under $200, launching in October

Apple's next Apple TV priced at under $200, launching in October

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August 30, 2015

It looks like the final months of 2015 could bring more than just new iPhones and iPads. Because according to a recent report, the long, long awaited revamped Apple TV we’ve already heard so much about is finally coming — in October, no less.

The news comes from information provided by “sources” of 9to5mac’s. In a recently published report, the website claims that the refreshed, fourth-generation Apple TV is indeed coming in October, and that it’ll be bigger and more expensive than the current-generation, slimline, $69 model. Instead, the updated Apple TV will retail for either $149 or $199, and it’ll be both thicker and wider than the third-generation model.

In its report, 9to5mac explains:

Apple’s next-generation Apple TV will include a number of new features to differentiate itself from the older version, including Siri support, a new remote control, an App Store with a Software Development Kit for developers, and a refreshed user interface. As soon as next year, Apple plans to release a cable-replacing streaming TV service that bundles multiple television channels for a price as low as $40 per month, but the new Apple TV will initially still require logins to cable networks to unlock content.

However, the high price point of the new Apple TV has convinced Apple to keep its lower-priced $69 model around, as an entry-level device. As such, Apple will release a software update enabling its TV streaming service for the third-generation Apple TV, though this device “will not receive support for the upcoming App Store, nor will it be directly controllable by Siri,” 9to5mac adds.

If the revamped Apple TV is due to launch in October, there’s a chance we could learn more about the product during Apple’s upcoming Sept. 9 event. Though, on the other hand, Cupertino may wish to hold a separate event to announce the revamped product.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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