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Forget Hermès: Nomad unveils a beautiful leather strap for the Apple Watch

Forget Hermès: Nomad unveils a beautiful leather strap for the Apple Watch

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September 14, 2015

Bringing a new and luxurious look to your Apple Watch doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. While Apple and Hermès have recently announced a partnership to offer new watches with a special strap from the luxury company, you can sport a similar look for a lot less.

Accessory maker Nomad has just unveiled a new watch strap made from rugged and classic leather. Made in Italy, the leather is minimally processed and untreated. So it should wear over time to offer a unique and beautiful look. All of the strap’s hardware is made with stainless steel. It also features heavy-duty, two-tone stitching.

You can preorder the strap, only for the 42mm watch, for $119 from the company’s site. That’s $30 less than the retail price of $149.99. Shipping will begin in mid-October. It’s available with silver or space gray hardware to match the Apple Watch.


The Pod Pro features a 6,000mAH battery and can charge an iPhone and Apple Watch simulatneosuly.

And Nomad has also announced a more powerful version of its battery pack for the wearable device. The Pod Pro features a 6,000 mAH cell that can completely charge an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch twice each. You’ll need to provide an Apple Watch charging cable to install into the top part of the battery pack, but Nomad offers a built-in Lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad.

It can be preordered now for $79.99, $20 less than the retail price. Shipping will begin on Oct. 30. Buyers can also purchase the battery at their local Best Buy store starting then.

If you’re needing a watch charging stand, Nomad has you covered as well. Its minimalist option is made from aluminum and can be purchased now for $69.95. Buyers can select from two different color options – silver or space gray.

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