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Get your downloads running, it's iOS 9 time

Get your downloads running, it's iOS 9 time

September 16, 2015

After several months of developer testing and a public beta program, iOS 9 has been released to the general public. This is a great new version, and we highly recommend upgrading to it for better storage and memory management and a number of other great features. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite inclusions in iOS 9.


Multitasking for iPad

If you have an iPad Air, you’ll be able to enjoy a new split view feature. This feature allows you to have two different apps open simultaneously, side-by-side, and use them both at the same time. Even the iPad mini 4 is rumored to support split view multitasking. On the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and second- through fourth-generation iPad minis, you can enjoy a Picture in Picture feature that lets you shrink down your FaceTime conversation or video to open a second app, so both remain on the screen.


Battery life boost

With the latest iOS 9 beta, I’ve been seeing roughly an extra hour of battery life on my iPhone 6. This is because the new update is more efficient, and includes a convenient Low Power Mode to get even more time out of your battery.

Better, more proactive Siri

Siri’s been updated and has new voice training, and is now a true proactive assistant. When you open your Spotlight, you get handy suggestions for apps, nearby parking, gas stations, restaurants, and even news that is relevant to you.


Home Sharing

Many of you complained loudly about Home Sharing disappearing in iOS 8.4, and Apple heard you. The feature has returned in iOS 9, so you’ll be able to enjoy both Apple Music and your home music library.


Make no mistake, iOS 9 is a significant upgrade, even if it focuses mainly on fixing bugs and slimming down the operating system to be more efficient. You should definitely upgrade, but it’s especially important if you’re on one of the older supported devices. The new operating system runs much more smoothly on older devices than iOS 8.4.

To download iOS 9 on your compatible device, go into the Settings app under General > Software Update, and then follow the directions. To upgrade OTA, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To upgrade using a computer, be sure that your iOS device is connected. From there, go into the iTunes application, and select iTunes > Check for Updates.

If the update isn’t showing up for you just yet, try a little bit later.

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