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Belkin’s new Charge Dock can juice up your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time

Belkin’s new Charge Dock can juice up your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time

October 6, 2015

The first of its kind, Belkin’s new Charge Dock offers both an integrated Lightning plug for your iPhone and a built-in Apple Watch charger.

Belkin worked closely with Apple to develop the new product, which carries the official Made for Apple Watch and Made for iPhone branding.

On one side, the adjustable Lightning connector is designed to fit an iPhone and a wide variety of different cases. The plug can be lowered and raised with a dial on the back of the dock.

An Apple Watch is held in place with a cast metal arm that also elevates the watch into a nice viewing angle.


With its adjustable Lightning plug, the dock can fit a number of iPhone cases.

The dock itself is made with a weighted metal base to add stability so it won’t move around on your nightstand or desk. The power cable for the dock is almost 5 feet long.

It retails for $129.99 and can be purchased now at Apple Stores or Apple’s online site. It’s also available to purchase through Belkin.

While that’s definitely a high price for a simple stand, the integrated charging capabilities definitely look interesting. Not needing to supply your own Apple Watch and iPhone charging cables saves around $50.

Keep a look out as we’ll be offering a full review of the Charge Stand soon.

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