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Meet Griffin’s latest Apple Watch accessory, the WatchStand Powered Charging Station

Meet Griffin’s latest Apple Watch accessory, the WatchStand Powered Charging Station

October 22, 2015

Griffin has just introduced its latest accessory for the Apple Watch. The new WatchStand Powered Charging Station continues the path started by the company’s WatchStand, which originally hit the market back in May.

The new option has a place for users to charge both their Apple Watch and iPhone. The watch is held on a slight pedestal that also conceals the excess charging cord. You can place the device in both landscape and portrait mode, so it can be used with the handy Nightstand mode in WatchOS 2.0.

An iPhone can be placed on the stand’s angled cradle for easy viewing or flat on the felt platform.


The two built-in USB ports are located under the stand’s base.


As the name suggests, the biggest new feature is that the stand offers two built-in USB ports on the bottom of the device. You can wrap any excess Lightning cable using the built-in cord management also located in the base.

You can purchase the WatchStand Powered Charging Station now for $59.99. The original WatchStand is just $24.99.

If you have a nice amount of space on your desk or nightstand, Griffin’s latest dock looks like a great choice – especially with the built-in USB ports and extra room for an iPhone.

I can also highly recommend the new Forte from Twelve South if you’re looking for something a little different at the same price point. You can read more about that stand in my recent review.

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