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Start the day by expanding your mind with Highbrow

Start the day by expanding your mind with Highbrow

November 24, 2015

The Internet has made it possible for regular folks to pursue knowledge like never before; just look at the popularity of Apple’s iTunes U, or even services like Another option for self-improvers is Highbrow: an educational service that aims to make learning part of your daily routine.

You can sign up for Highbrow now, and a huge range of courses (from “Architects who changed the world” to “The science of happiness”) are available for iOS device owners to choose from. After enrolling on a course of your choosing, Highbrow will deliver five-minute lessons in that course to your inbox each morning. The idea, then, is that Highbrow subscribers spend just a few minutes each day learning more about their chosen subject. It becomes a part of your morning routine.



Of course, you could save your Highbrow lesson for the end of the day, or the middle of the day. The choice is entirely up to you.

So far, there are 61 courses across 10 different categories for users to choose from. And while there isn’t a dedicated iOS application (yet), the Web interface Highbrow offers for mobile users works great. Each course features original content, and it’s designed to suit the medium of on-the-go, quick-fire consumption perfectly.

You can sign up for a Highbrow course right now. All 61 are available online. Which will you choose?

For more iOS-powered brain training, check out TidePool (a Health app-connected brain training app), Peak, or Elevate. Then again, you could always opt for a more traditional game of chess, or even a book.

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