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A new Vudu update turns a Spotlight on best movie deals, free content and more

A new Vudu update turns a Spotlight on best movie deals, free content and more

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December 21, 2015

A great way to watch a movie or TV show on your iOS device, the official Vudu app has just been updated to version 4.8 with some notable new features.

Most importantly, the app now features a new section named Spotlight. Users can find great deals, collections, trailers, free TV episodes, and more. New titles and deals will be added to the section regularly.

The search functionality has also returned to both the My Movies and My TV section.

Here’s the complete list of other changes:

• On the TV season episode grid, we moved up the episode play button to align with the episode name. OCD much?
• Some movies and TV shows dated, got a little biz-zay and suddenly we had bundles with both movies and TV shows together running around. Dealing with these multi-format young’uns wasn’t easy. Do we put them in My Movies? Or My TV? A special section of their own? The politically correct answer is now both.
• The playback bar now shows when casting with the iPad Mini. It previously only did on larger iPads, but HR told us we couldn’t discriminate against small devices.
• Sometimes play buttons would show up on TV series you didn’t own. Gotcha! LOL. JK. Don’t be silly. It was just a bug. If it really played you would have heard about it on Slickdeals.
• In some cases, if you pressed play then quickly closed the player, then repeatedly did that, the audio would continue playing. You would not unlock a secret VUDU level or offer. This is not a Contra.
• Other improvements and fixes to download and playback.

Vudu is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. Surprisingly, as noted by my colleague Jeff Byrnes, the service hasn’t arrived on the newly revamped Apple TV. But hopefully that will change soon.

For other recent app news, see: Fleksy update brings 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and more, Facebook begins to rollout support for Live Photos on its iOS app, and Microsoft updates OneDrive with Spotlight search and offline file support.

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