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Apple paints its store logos and home page red for World AIDS Day

Apple paints its store logos and home page red for World AIDS Day

December 1, 2015

Once again, in recognition of World AIDS Day (which is today, Dec. 1) Apple has turned both its in-store logos and its home page red.

Product Red at

In particular, promotes Product Red accessories through a center-stage tile, which reads, “Join us in the fight against AIDS.” This then clicks through to a Product Red page, and here Apple advertises the selection of red accessories it has to offer customers while also promoting the message of the organization.

The company explains:

When you buy (PRODUCT)RED™ merchandise, you’re supporting the fight for an AIDS-free generation. So far, over $320 million has been raised for the Global Fund — more than $100 million by Apple alone — to provide education and medical care to those most affected.

The products advertised include Smart Covers for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4, Product Red Beats Solo2 headphones, and even red iPods. Curiously, the recently launched Product Red iPhone 6s leather case isn’t listed as a headline accessory, even though it is still available to purchase from

Join the fight against AIDS

Importantly, while advertising its Product Red accessories, the company also provides a link to Here, customers can learn more about the organization, and they also have the option of donating directly to Red. (There are a range of non-Apple Product Red items available from the website, too.)

Click this link for a closer look at Apple’s Product Red accessories. Of course, we’d encourage anyone interested to take the plunge and make a purchase.

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