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Minecraft-like The Blockheads now lets you play by your own rules

Minecraft-like The Blockheads now lets you play by your own rules

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December 1, 2015

The Blockheads, the free-to-play Minecraft-like sandbox game developed by Majic Jungle Software, has just received a new update. And as avid players of the game are sure to notice, this is the first update to arrive for The Blockheads in over a year.

Custom rules

The Blockheads’ last update came in November last year, most notably bringing jetpacks to the game.

Now, the long wait is over: The Blockheads has received a new update that introduces a game-changing feature in the form of support for custom rules.

Going beyond the addition of a creative mode, The Blockheads now lets you enable custom rules instead of using vanilla or standard rules when creating a world. Consequently, you’re now able to configure the workings of your blocky world in a variety of ways.

“You can make everything at trade portals free, or disable them entirely,” Majic Jungle notes. “You can stop clothing from decaying, you can make the world protected, like it is covered by one giant ownership sign. You can speed up time, change the color of the sun, make blockheads always happy, or sad, hungrier or full, healthy or weak. You can even configure what new blockheads will spawn with, and make them die when a player exits the world, amongst many other options.”

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But with custom rules come certain, well, rules. To keep things fair, several caveats are put in place for worlds with custom rules.

In worlds with custom rules, crafting or using portal chests is not allowed, there are no time crystal blocks to mine, and trades at trade portals don’t influence the global economy.

Note also that you can’t revert to the vanilla or standard rules once you’ve enabled custom rules for a world. So be sure before you make the switch.

The Blockheads features

The latest update to The Blockheads also includes bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.1 or later, the new version of The Blockheads is available now on the App Store for free.

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