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Obscura Camera 2.0 introduces Photos edit extension and improved photo browser

Obscura Camera 2.0 introduces Photos edit extension and improved photo browser

December 22, 2015

Obscura Camera, the acclaimed camera app developed by Agile creator Ben McCarthy, has just been updated to version 2.0, about five months after its launch on iOS.

Obscura 2.0 sees the addition of a couple of notable features and the introduction of a new pricing model.

Photos edit extension

First and foremost, Obscura 2.0 brings an edit extension that lets you apply Obscura’s 23 “gorgeous (or ridiculous)” filters on your camera roll photos right within the Photos app — no need to open the Obscura app itself.

To enable Obscura’s Photos edit extension, open the Photos app, tap Edit, tap the ellipsis button, tap the More button, and turn on the switch for Obscura in the Photo Editors list. Thereafter, just tap the Obscura button after tapping the ellipsis button, swipe sideways to switch between Obscura’s filters, and tap Done once you’re satisfied with the applied filter.

Obscura Camera Photos extension

As cheekily noted by McCarthy, Obscura’s Photos edit extension lets you apply “Obscura’s wonderful filters on photos you may have taken with other, lesser camera apps.”

Improved photo browser

Obscura 2.0 also lets you easily select and share photos in its built-in photo browser, which is accessible by swiping the controls to the right.

Now, after selecting a photo, you can swipe sideways to view adjacent photos. And access to sharing controls is now more obvious with the share button, although you can also press and hold on a photo in the browser to bring the iOS share sheet.

Obscura Camera photo browser

New pricing model

As mentioned, Obscura 2.0 also introduces a new pricing model.

Previously, Obscura was available as a free download, with in-app purchases for optional developer tips valued at $1.99 and $4.99 that unlock additional filters.

Now, Obscura is available as a paid download worth $4.99, with all filters already unlocked for free.

If, like me, you downloaded Obscura before this change, don’t worry. All Obscura filters are made available free of charge as part of the app’s 2.0 update.

Obscura Camera 1

Great thumb-friendly camera app

Obscura 2.0 also includes various performance enhancements.

Hailed as an AppAdvice Editor’s Choice for the week of its launch last summer, Obscura has just become an even greater alternative to the built-in Camera app on iPhone or iPod touch. Since the very beginning, it has offered a camera app with a simple interface and thumb-friendly controls (especially for users of large iPhones).

Get Obscura Camera now as a free update or as a new $4.99 download.

Obscura Camera 2

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