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Go live: You can now broadcast on Periscope using your GoPro

Go live: You can now broadcast on Periscope using your GoPro

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January 27, 2016

Twitter and GoPro have just gone live with their collaboration allowing users of the former’s popular Periscope app to broadcast live video using the latter’s action cameras.

“We’ve seen people put their phones in some precarious situations — they’ve been taped to drones, tied to balloons and submerged underwater,” Periscope notes. “Creativity always finds a way, but we wanted to make it a little bit easier.”

And so, Periscope is now letting you keep your phone safe in your pocket and broadcast live video from your GoPro instead.

How to go live on Periscope with GoPro

To enjoy Periscope’s GoPro integration, you’ll need an iPhone 5s or newer, running iOS 8.2 or later, and a GoPro Hero 4.

To get started, you first have to pair your GoPro with your iPhone by following the onscreen instructions in the GoPro app, and then select your GoPro in the Wi-Fi section of the Settings app.

Periscope GoPro Wi-Fi setup

Make sure your GoPro is in Video Mode, open Periscope, and go to the Broadcast tab. The GoPro toggle button will automatically be highlighted. Just give your broadcast a title and then go live.

Periscope GoPro start broadcast

Once you’re live, you can swipe right to select your broadcast’s camera source (GoPro, front iPhone camera, or rear iPhone camera), or just double-tap the screen to toggle between the iPhone and GoPro cameras.

There’s also a new button that lets you lock your iPhone screen to avoid accidental taps while your iPhone is safely tucked away in your pocket.

Periscope GoPro tap to lock screen

Also worth noting: You need to keep the Periscope open while broadcasting with GoPro, since exiting the app will end the broadcast.

Go live now

Both the Periscope and GoPro apps are available on the App Store for free.

As mentioned, Periscope’s GoPro integration is fully supported only on iPhone 5s and newer iPhones. Note, though, that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c are able to broadcast with GoPro, but they will not be able to save the broadcast to the camera roll.

Also as mentioned, only the GoPro Hero 4 is supported. Periscope integration is currently not offered with the GoPro Hero 4 Session.

As of a couple of weeks ago, Periscope broadcasts are available right within Twitter. This means that your cool GoPro broadcasts will be shown right within your followers’ Twitter feed.

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