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Incipio unveils new ClamCase keyboard cases for iPad Pro, iPad mini 4

Incipio unveils new ClamCase keyboard cases for iPad Pro, iPad mini 4

January 5, 2016

Incipio, which acquired keyboard case-maker ClamCase back in June, has launched a refreshed line of ClamCase models at CES (including, most notably, a model designed for Apple’s laptop-replacing iPad Pro).

ClamCase+ for iPad Pro

I’d been wondering when ClamCase would be out with their keyboard case for iPad Pro, and the time is finally here: the model, called ClamCase+, is indeed designed to work alongside the 12.9-inch tablet. It features a full-size, backlit keyboard, sleep/wake functionality, and also a slot for the Apple Pencil, too, making it easier than ever to keep the $99 accessory safe.

We reviewed ClamCase back in 2014, and found the keyboard case to offer the best solution for anyone looking to turn their iPad into a serious machine for work. Now, more than ever, and especially with the advent of keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, Apple’s tablet is a robust alternative to the Mac which allows users to get work done.

ClamCase+ for iPad Pro will retail for $169.99, and it’ll be available in Silver, Gold, or Space Gray.

ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2

The iPad Pro offers outstanding battery life. Yet for iPad Air 2 owners missing out on this kind of long-lasting power, ClamCase has a further product, ClamCase+ Power, which aims to extend the life of Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet while adding the usual signature keyboard.

ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2.

ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2.

This is a smart move: the built-in battery is 6,000 mAh and it offers a 2.1A USB out, allowing users to charge either an iPhone or iPad using the port. It’ll be available in black only, and will carry a price tag of $199.99 once it launches in Q2 2016. For a regular ClamCase+ for iPad Air 2, however, Incipio is charging the lower price of $149.99.

ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2

Another device made exclusively for the iPad Air 2 is ClamCase Prompt: a case that features a built-in OLED screen, and which pairs to a smartphone (using Bluetooth) in order to provide users with subtle notifications. For folks in meetings or in class, the case should be of tremendous use (unless, of course, you already own an Apple Watch and have notifications appropriately configured).

ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2.

ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2.

ClamCase Prompt will retail for $199.99, and it, too, will be available in Q2 2016.

ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4

Last but not least, Incipio’s smallest ClamCase this year is the ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4: it offers a 360-degree hinge and a built-in keyboard for on-the-go typing. I’ve used the iPad mini for keyboard-assisted work before; the screen certainly isn’t too small for this, even if the larger iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro are far more comfortable.

ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4.

ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4.

ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4 will be available in Q1 2016 for $129.99.

It’s fantastic to see new ClamCase products released following Incipio’s acquisition of the company earlier this year. At the time, the two companies promised more great ClamCase products, and it’s great to see that happen.

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