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Incipio acquires ClamCase, the iPad keyboard case maker

Incipio acquires ClamCase, the iPad keyboard case maker

June 10, 2015

Incipio, the folks behind a wide range of iOS-compatible accessories, has announced that it’s acquired the maker of one of the best iPad keyboard cases out there: ClamCase.

In a recent press release, the companies explained that the move will allow Incipio to expand on its already-impressive line of products, which includes its Prompt Folio iPad Air 2 case, its Steno Bluetooth Keyboard Folio, and more. “ClamCase is the third strategic acquisition for Incipio, adding to the company’s growing portfolio of in-house and licensed brands. The ClamCase product line strengthens Incipio’s consumer electronics category position and provides a well-rounded product assortment of tablet cases and accessories,” the press release explained.

This doesn’t mean ClamCase is going away, however. Instead, a new product – the Incipio ClamCase – will be available in select retailers nationwide later this month.

For those unfamiliar with ClamCase, the product allows users to turn their iPad into a mini MacBook through adding a protective shell case and an integrated keyboard. You clip the iPad into the case, which opens like a clam (hence the name), and the result makes it easier than ever for users to type out content on their tablet. In fact, we reviewed ClamCase for iPad Air (one of the many ClamCase keyboards available) last year, with our own Brent Dirks concluding:

If money is no object, the ClamCase Pro is the best keyboard case for the iPad Air, period. Other alternatives that we’ve reviewed, like the Ultimate Keyboard Case from Belkin or ZAGGKeys, offer some similar features for a lower price tag. But the ClamCase is the overall winner thanks to the spectacular, Apple-like typing experience and the quality construction. Despite a few minor flaws, it’s highly recommended and a must have for anyone who really wants to get work done on their iPad.

The terms of Incipio’s ClamCase acquisition aren’t being made public. As mentioned, look out for the new product later this month; it’ll be available in the U.S. first, with an expanded rollout scheduled for later this year.

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