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Oittm’s Stainless Steel Link Bracelet adds a touch of class to the Apple Watch

Oittm’s Stainless Steel Link Bracelet adds a touch of class to the Apple Watch

February 10, 2016

Company: Oittm
Product: Stainless Steel Link Bracelet
Price: $35.99 (38mm and 42mm)
Compatibility: All Apple Watches
Date: Feb. 11, 2016

My first step into the world of third-party Apple Watch bands from turned out great with the high-quality JETech replica Milanese Loop that I reviewed back in January. Feeling confident after that journey, I was curious to see if lightning could strike twice and found another band to try out.


The band offers a unique and classy look.

While not a replica of any official Apple Watch band, the Stainless Steel Link Bracelet from Oittm looks similar to Apple’s Link Bracelet. But unlike that option, Oittm’s band is designed in more of a weave pattern. Each link is made up of three smaller pieces of metal. I think the overall look is unique and classy, similar to other high-end watch bands. You can purchase a 38 or 42mm version in either a traditional stainless steel color or a black version. I tested out the 42mm silver band.

Opening the package, you’ll see three different items – the band itself, a screwdriver for the adapter, and a link removing tool. The adapters are already attached to the band, so I didn’t really understand why the screwdriver was included, but it is always something handy you might need later.

More than likely, the band won’t fit your wrist out of the box. At least for me, it was comically large. So that means you’ll need to remove some links to find a good fit. There’s a bit of good and bad news on that front. A number of inexpensive options don’t include any type of tool to actually remove links. In those cases, you’ll need to plunk down more money to purchase one yourself or pay for a jeweler to do the dirty work. Neither one is a particularly great option.

Thankfully, Oittm does include a link removal tool with the band. But at least the one I received wasn’t exactly top notch. The small part of the device that is used to remove the pins was bent. I eventually figured out how to bend the hard piece of metal back into the correct position to remove three links. In the process of removing the last link, the pin broke off. That was definitely disappointing and something to take note of.

The connectors, like the band itself, are made of high-quality material and definitely seems like it will stand the test of time.

Also, there are no included instructions on how to actually remove the links. I was familiar with the process, so that didn’t worry me. If you are new to watch band resizing, there is an image on the band’s page that does show the steps you’ll need to take using the tool. When the tool worked, it was a simple process. You’ll just need to pop the pin out of each one.

Even though the link remover tool turned out to be a bust, I was much more pleased with the quality of the band itself. The adapters fit perfectly into the top and bottom of the watch, and the links also feel heavy and substantial. After wearing the band for around two weeks, I haven’t noticed any scratches, even on the bottom of the band that sometimes touches a desk or other hard surfaces. The butterfly clasp is also easy to use and doesn’t bother me when wearing the bracelet.


While it looks great with the Apple Watch Sport, the band is a bit of a different color than the stainless steel version of the device.

I also think the band looks great with my silver Apple Watch Sport. The links are more of a matte color that does a better job blending in with the watch case. Even though that’s nice for me, I do feel like the band could clash a bit with the regular stainless steel version of the watch.

I’ve definitely been pleased with Oittm’s Stainless Steel Link Bracelet. Clocking in at a little less than $40, it’s a nice way to bring a classier look to the watch. It’s highly recommended.

What’s Hot

  • Inexpensive – costs less than an official Sport Band.
  • Looks and feels like a high-quality strap.
  • Connectors are well built and easy to insert into the watch.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Removing links is a fairly simple process.
  • Looks great with the Apple Watch Sport.

What’s Not

  • The included link removing tool isn’t exactly perfect and there are no included instructions.
  • The matte finish clashes a bit with the stainless steel Apple Watch.
  • Not a replica of any official Apple Watch band.


Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★★
Wow Factor: ★★★★☆
Build Quality: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★☆

Buy Now: $35.99,

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