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Porsche CEO has no use for self-driving vehicles

Porsche CEO has no use for self-driving vehicles

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February 1, 2016

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume doesn’t seem to be a big fan of self-driving vehicles.

In a recent interview with a German newspaper discovered by Reuters, the head of the high-performance car maker made clear his thoughts about emerging technology:

“One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself,” Blume said in an interview with regional newspaper Westfalen-Blatt published on Monday.

“An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road,” Blume added, saying that Porsche did not need to team up with any big technology companies.

That’s in stark contrast to other high-end car markers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both companies are actively pursuing the technology. And BMW, at one time, was even rumored to be working with Apple in some manner to build and design the fabled “Apple Car.”

Even though Blume doesn’t seem to be a fan of self-driving cars, Porsche is jumping head first into hybrid technology across its fleet. Possibly by 2018, Porsche will unveil a plug-in hybrid version of its iconic 911. Don’t expect to go to far with it, though, as it has a laughable range of 31 miles.

A CarPlay partner


The pictured Macan, starting at $68,000, is one of two Porsche vehicles offering CarPlay technology.

Ironically, Porsche has partnered with Apple to support CarPlay technology in its vehicles. Currently the 2016 911 and 2017 Macan offer CarPlay.

I don’t exactly blame Blume for not wanting to embrace self-driving technology. No one wants to purchase a high-performance sports car that drives itself. But the times may be changing.

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