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You'll no longer be in the dark with ProCamera's new low-light photography mode

You'll no longer be in the dark with ProCamera's new low-light photography mode

February 3, 2016

ProCamera just keeps getting better and better. Staying true to its name, the popular iPhone camera app developed by Cocologics has been continually updated to further help an otherwise ordinary or unskilled user shoot photos like a pro. And this is made more evident by the app’s latest update, which delivers noteworthy features and enhancements.

LowLight Plus

The marquee feature in the new version of ProCamera is, without a doubt, Lowlight Plus.

Developed by Cocologics in collaboration with Ittiam Systems, LowLight Plus is a sort of super-powered successor to the old Night mode that’s well-suited to capturing photos in low-light conditions, whether outdoors or indoors. “In addition to a dedicated tripod mode, it also gives users the power to reduce noise in their photos with hand-held photography,” Cocologics explains. “By automatically combining multiple photos, it surmounts both hardware and software limitations to create superior low-light photos.”

LowLight Plus notably offers Long Exposure or LUX+ Exposure Boost, which requires a tripod to capture up to 64 photos and combine them into one superior photos with reduced noise and long exposure times (slow shutter). Take a look:

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Note that LowLight Plus is available via a $2.99 in-app purchase, and is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus running iOS 9.

5-Picture HDR

Since September 2014, ProCamera has been offering vividHDR, a technology developed by Cocologics with Ittiam to enable users to come up with high-quality HDR (high-dynamic-range) photos.

HDR capture works by combining multiple photos, shot with different exposure times, into an image with a high dynamic range, resulting in more details in highlights and shadows.

Previously, vividHDR worked with three photos. But now, it has been upgraded to handle up to five photos, apparently making ProCamera the first app to implement 5-picture HDR on iOS for an even wider dynamic range and an even larger amount of detail.

ProCamera No HDR vs HDR

Note that vividHDR is available via a $1.99 in-app purchase.

More enhancements

In addition to LowLight Plus and 5-picture HDR, the latest update to ProCamera brings a handful of other enhancements.

There’s the new export menu, which lets you share mobile-friendly versions of your photos and videos by allowing you to select the export file size (original, large, medium, small), convert TIFF photos to JPEG, and remove existing geotags.

There’s also an enhanced Today widget, which now lets you know of the best time to shoot with information on the next blue hour time window and the next full moon. You can now also toggle the display of information on sunset/sunrise, blue hour, and full moon in the widget by going to the settings section of ProCamera.

ProCamera enhanced Today widget

ProCamera has also been updated with a redesigned shutter button and control bar, and an improved ProTimer whose intervalometer can now capture up to 500 consecutive photos.

ProCamera ProTimer

Last but not least, the app’s Apple Watch extension has been enhanced for use as a remote for starting and stopping video recordings and for initiating captures in the new LowLight Plus mode.

ProCamera enhanced Apple Watch

ProCamera is available on the App Store for $4.99, with in-app purchases for unlocking LowLight Plus and vividHDR.

If you want a professional-grade alternative to the built-in Camera app on iPhone, you need not look further than ProCamera. Check out the updated app now.

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