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Your Apple Watch will become a fast pass for the next Tommy Hilfiger fashion show

Your Apple Watch will become a fast pass for the next Tommy Hilfiger fashion show

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February 8, 2016

According to a recent report, fashion label Tommy Hilfiger is set to offer a nice benefit for Apple Watch owners attending its upcoming show at New York Fashion Week.

A ‘fast lane’ for Watch wearers

In a report from Racked (via AppleInsider), Tommy Hilfiger’s show will offer a so-called "fast lane" for owners of Apple’s smart watch. Using the Fashion GPS Radar app, Apple Watch owners should be able to flash their wrist in order to gain entry to the show. The Fashion GPS Radar application on Cupertino’s watchOS lets users load up a QR code for quick scanning, and there’ll apparently be a dedicated entry point for Apple Watch owners looking to use their smart watch in this way.

Tommy Hilfiger said in a recent press release:

Digital innovation is changing the industry faster and faster every season and we’re always excited to be on the forefront of those changes.

This of course is a great sign for Apple: as AppleInsider adds, it signifies the gain of some kind of traction for the Apple Watch, and it places the device in focus for the fashion-conscious crowd at New York Fashion Week.

Of course, before now Apple has launched its Hermès collection for Apple Watch, and these models are available to purchase online. There’s also word of a further fashion-focus for the Apple Watch later this year; in March, the Cupertino company could announce additional collaborations with labels, alongside a range of new bands.

This most recent news, however, positions the Apple Watch as even more of a device situated at the intersection of fashion and technology. It’s an exciting time, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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