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The Best Retro Inspired Arcade Shooters

The arcade shooters of yesteryear have a timeless style that is still appealing today. Whether it's Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids, etc, they are still quality experiences. There are a number of similar games on iOS either to try to replicate the classic style, or offer a modern twist.

Space Cycler
Super Arc Light
Galaga Wars

Best Apps

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Retro style
Plasma Sky - a rad retro arcade space shooter

Plasma Sky

John Dunbar

If you love rad, retro shooters, you need Plasma Sky.

Plasma Sky is a retro styled arcade space shooter that features awesome, neon vintage graphics and plenty of content. If you liked Galaga, then you will like Plasma Sky. The game features over 100 levels, several different game modes, boss fights, power-ups, and plenty of content. Plus, it's good enough for both casuals and hardcore gamers alike. How many points can you rack up?

Activate special attacks
Space Cycler

Space Cycler

Sung Liwen

Space Cycler is highly entertaining with fun graphics and challenging on-rails tunnel shooting gameplay, and there is an awesome local co-op mode.

Space Cycler is a fun and challenging tunnel-style space shooter complete with local co-op.

Defend your base
Super Arc Light

Super Arc Light

Indie Champions Ltd

A fast-paced twitch reflex shooter.

In Super Arc Light, your job is to defend the base by shooting down the waves of enemy ships. The one-touch control scheme allows you to shoot and change direction along the circle. Master the simple controls to lay waste to your foes and get maximum points. Then discover and unlock power-ups to use in battle for even more points.

Blast through danger



Strap on gun boots, and blast your downward.

Downwell combines the endless drop mechanic with an arcade shooter for an action packed mash up. Weave to drop, and try to blast enemies out of your way with guns on your character's feet.

Retro gameplay


Retro Dreamer

Part spider, part velociraptor, part robot. But lots of explosive action.

Velocispider is a retro action arcade game where you take control of a robot that is half spider, half velociraptor, but all explosive attitude. Fight other deadly robots before they destroy the planet and take down the terrifying bosses before they cause further damage. You're going to need all of your shoot-em-up skills here.

Also Good

Apps with average score

Fight off tough foes


Sunnyside Games

Towaga is a fast-paced action video game where you play as Chimù, a light-wielder protecting the temple of Towaga. Your focus, accuracy, and patience will be put to the ultimate test as you cleanse the world from its curse.

Only light must prevail, will you stand up to the challenge?

▽ Features:

Blue Attack!
Blue Attack!
Blue Attack!

Blue Attack!

Cat in a Box Software

Attack the Red planet!

Blue Attack places you on the front lines of the intergalactic war between the Red and Blue forces. Use the scraps picked up from your enemies' wrecked hulls to turn your squadron into an unstoppable army!

Protect your carrier, upgrade your wingmen, and cut a path clean through...

Battle the waves
Galaga Wars

The galaxy is your battlefield.

Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

In 1981, Galaga was released by Namco as a sequel to Galaxian, from a couple of years before. A shoot-‘em-up featuring starship fighters battling against enemy aliens, it quickly became one of the most successful titles from the golden age of arcade video games. And now, in celebration of 35th...

How long can you last?
Grapple Gum

Grapple Gum is an intense and action-packed arcade action platformer shooter that you're bound to get stuck to because it's so good.

Grapple Gum

Grapple Gum

Ali Mehrez

Slingshot between moving objects in this all new type of platformer. You play as a piece of gum who can jump between moving objects while shooting other objects in this hybrid game style.

Upgrade Harry
The Bug Butcher

It’s Time to Wreck Havoc on Space Bugs as The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher


The Bug Butcher is a popular Steam game released earlier this year that has made its way to iOS. Take on the role of the best bug exterminator in space and make sure that no nasty space bug escapes your wrath.

Shooty Space Adventure retro arcade shooter
Shooty Space Adventure retro arcade shooter
Shooty Space Adventure retro arcade shooter

Shooty Space Adventure retro arcade shooter

Firecannon Pty Ltd

Rule the skies in this free arcade space shooter! A modern twist on classic arcade games of old.

Blast your way through enemies and compete with friends to see who can survive longest in this addictive fast paced, action arcade style shooter.

* Infinite galactic fun
* Smooth arcade action
* Huge enemy...

Pixel Asteroids
Pixel Asteroids
Pixel Asteroids

Pixel Asteroids

Sylok Media

Old-school 80-s pixel game.

Help to save our planet Earth from an asteroid collision!
Spin 360 degrees, shoot, lean and do everything possible to avoid a hit by an asteroid or any kind of space dust.
Stay alive as long as possible by shooting and avoiding the asteroids.
Imagine yourself a spaceship pilot...

Hectic Space
Hectic Space
Hectic Space

Hectic Space

James Swiney

"Hectic Space makes blasting aliens feel as good as blasting phat techno beatz" - 4/5

"Hectic Space is a charming little game that captures the craziness and fun of old arcade titles" - 5/5

*** Hectic Space is now Premium ***
No more ads, no more inapp-purchase. Just one small price...

Glorkian Warrior - GameClub
Glorkian Warrior - GameClub

A Galaga/Space Invaders stylemixed with platforming action.

Glorkian Warrior - GameClub

Glorkian Warrior - GameClub


Help the Glorkian Warrior and his trusty Super Backpack fight against an endless onslaught of alien creatures. The game is packed with the personality of Saturday morning cartoons to go with the retro arcade action.

Asteroids: Gunner
Asteroids: Gunner
Asteroids: Gunner

Asteroids: Gunner


“Asteroids Gunner is the most entertaining and addictive version of one of the greatest arcade games of all time.” – AOL Games

Experience the next evolution in Atari’s legendary Asteroids franchise!

Blast your way through deadly asteroids fields and alien war ships to become the most wealthy and powerful“Asteroids Gunner is the...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Million Asteroids

Million Asteroids

SummerTimeStudio Co,.Ltd

SummerTimeStudio Vol. 12

SummerTimeStudio, the mobile game development studio in Okinawa, Japan, brings you its 12th game. “Million Asteroid” is a theme-based game of the grand universe where situations change rapidly in a completely new, intuitive flash 3D puzzle game that will push your right brain to the limit!

Save the forty planets from the darkness. Destroy the oncoming asteroids. Destroy them all!

Enjoy the Game
- All you need is one finger to play. Line up same-colored asteroids and blast ‘em all!
- Destroy many asteroids at the same time and a special asteroid will appear!
One special asteroid can destroy a planet!
Play to be perfect! Destroy everything!
There are plenty of annoying asteroids and gimmicks
- The number of asteroids in the universe is limitless, and they fly around every moment. There are even volcanoes that spew meteors into space. All of these things will stand in your way as go from stage to stage.
There are UFOs
- Once you meet all the requirements, friends in UFOs will come to your aid!
- The more friends you team with, the UFOs will come to your aid.
Use “EVERYPLAY” to join others from all over the world!
- One of the great elements of the game is recording while you solve a puzzle and sharing that information with users from around the world.

** Concerning “EVERYPLAY” **
Depending on your device, turning this function ON can cause your game to crash or reduce game speed.
Before you start a stage, it is recommended you turn OFF this function.

Minimum Recommended Devices
iPad Air

Guns of Mercy

Guns of Mercy


Guns of Mercy is a game combining shoot and arcade in retro 16bits spirit.

20XX, the Earth is a vast and hostile wasteland. The surface has been rendered uninhabitable since the great war against the alien invasion.
To find peace, humanity has been reduced to living underground, but the the enemy is getting there !

Canard PC: "Guns of Mercy deserves your attention."
Snapzzila: "The developer did a great job on Guns of Mercy."
Pocket Gamer: "Storybird offers us an addictive game"

- Embody a Ranger and head for the Earth's core, to exterminate this vermin once and for all.
- Buster, Gatlin, Big meka or mini Pods, all the means are necessary and available to blow up tons of invaders in frenetic, retro style levels.

- Simple and precise controls
- A rich universe inspired by the Super Nintendo game: Super Metroid
- Crazy Monsters and Bosses
- A GamePlay honoring the Metal Slug game of the Neo Geo

- Tons of weapons, characters and tunes to unlock
- Earn Golds and Gems to upgrade your capacities
- Tons of missions to complete
- With around a hundred levels, how far will you go ?

What are you waiting for ? Join the Rangers, blow up aliens and become a hero !

Alien Space Retro

Alien Space Retro

Owens Rodriguez

***Previously Featured on iTunes Games "New & Noteworthy", "What's Hot", and "What We're Playing" sections!***

The best space shooter in the App Store is now Retro! Inspired by classic arcade games, Alien Space Retro combines the best of old and new, bringing dual-stick shooter gameplay to a new level. Your mission: Pilot your ship into the heart of enemy space and destroy anything that gets in your way.

The game features:

-amazing retro-inspired graphics
-fast-paced gameplay
-upgradeable ship systems and weapons
-multiple weapon types to choose from
-30 campaign levels
-Survival mode
-Normal and Hard difficulty levels
-leaderboards and achievements through Game Center
-silky smooth controls
-listen to your iTunes music while you play
-new gameplay modes and weapons available through in-app purchases

The challenge: Unlike other shooters where the best the enemy AI can do is to run into you, Alien Space Retro offers a wide variety of enemies wielding the same weapons available to you, and then some. Blasters, lasers, tractor beams, missiles, photon torpedos… they'll throw everything they can at you. Are you up to the task?

What are people saying?
"It’s not easy releasing a new game into a genre that is literally flooded with great games, but Alien Space managed to hold its own against the competition with excellent controls, interesting enemies, cool weapons, and a great upgrade system"

"Those charismatic new visuals may be the main selling point, but the gameplay is as fun, frantic, and satisfying as ever."

"Alien Space Retro’s strength comes not just from its aesthetically-pleasing vector graphics, but also its gameplay, which is at times deeper than other dual-stick shooters."

"Fantastic atmosphere, great sounds, and visual effects" - (5 stars)
-iTunes reviewer

"This game is top shelf, most stuff in the app store does not even compare. More games like this one need to be made" - (5 stars)
-iTunes reviewer

"If you like Dual Stick Space Shooters, this is one you should get" - (5 stars)
-iTunes reviewer

Asteroids®: Gunner +

Asteroids®: Gunner +


“Asteroids Gunner is the most entertaining and addictive version of one of the greatest arcade games of all time.” – AOL Games

Experience the next evolution in Atari’s legendary Asteroids franchise!

Blast your way through deadly asteroids fields and alien war ships to become the most wealthy and powerful Gunner in space history! Work your way to the top of the gritty crystal mining business by traversing through the galaxy and collecting the treasures of the cosmos. Upgrade your ship as you climb up the intergalactic ranks and become a force to be reckoned with!

Asteroids®: Gunner+ includes:

ALL 3 galaxies UNLOCKED
150 waves of non-stop blasting action COMPLETELY UNLOCKED.
Customize your ship with upgrades and power-ups using Crystals earned by blasting asteroids or completing daily challenges
Play against your friends in the turn-based Challenge Mode for bragging rights
Unlock over 200 achievements to earn rank promotions and gain more upgrades
OpenFeint and Game Center integration


“Atari managed to take Asteroids’ retro DNA and make it shine on the small screen with Asteroids Gunner.” – TechCrunch

“It's everything arcade players loved about the classic Atari title Asteroids, only with a whole new look.” – USA Today

“Asteroids: Gunner feel[s] like it belongs in this new era” – Slide to Play

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