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Lock In For Arena Based Arcade Shooters

Arena based shooter condense down the action so that there's constant combat. These are more survival challenges as you try to shoot everything before it hits you. Enemies can speed up or increase in number, and there are various weapon pick ups or upgrades to help handle the onslaught. Super Crate Box is a good example, and yet there are still different variations of arena based shooter.

Drop Wizard Tower
Toast Time
Pixie Arena
Rocket Cat Shooter

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Intense challenges


Team17 Software Ltd

Can You Survive Long Enough to Become Champion of Penarium?

Penarium is an arena arcade game where you must complete challenges and smash barrels in a sadistic circus that is covered in deadly traps. Do you have the skills to survive and become the champion?

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Drop Wizard Tower
Drop Wizard Tower

Nitrome's latest game is an arena based fast paced platformer.

Drop Wizard Tower

Drop Wizard Tower


Nitrome is back at it, and this time with an arena style platformer. Your goal is to get through a floor past numerous obstacles and enemies as you try to ascend the tower. Play as a wizard to break free, defeat enemies, and find the stolen ancient egg.

Avenge your cow
Get Me Outta Here
Get Me Outta Here

Get Me Outta Here

Crescent Moon Games

TouchArcade's Game of the Week!

Get ready to fight your way through an alien abduction nightmare in this retro arena shooter!
You play as a middle aged farmer who wakes up to find that you have been abducted by aliens. Wearing only a hospital gown and a pair of boxers you...

Collect the muffins and bomb the pigs
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight

Angry Mob Games

-----Featuring Game Center Online Multiplayer-----

Enter the fairytale world of the Muffin Knight!
Brought to you by the creators of GUERRILLA BOB, PREDATORS™ and AVP:Evolution.

Awarded "iPhone Game of the Week" on iTunes

"Gaming App of the Day" - Kotaku

"This is a leaping, blasting, clawing slice of fun" - PocketGamer, Silver Award

“Much like...

Toast Time
Toast Time
Toast Time

Toast Time

Force Of Habit

Hear hear! The best thing since sliced bread.

• Game of the Week! - TouchArcade
• "Toast Time is for you." 5 / 5 - TouchArcade
• "Breakfast-themed digital madness." 5 / 5 - Big Red Barrel
• "A retro experience like no other." 4.5 / 5 - GameWoof
• "See what indie games on...

Drop Wizard
Drop Wizard
Drop Wizard

Drop Wizard

Gionathan Pesaresi

Bring back the joy of arcade games!

Drop Wizard is an action arcade game where you play as Teo, a wizard on a quest to save his friend turned into stone by an evil warlock. Clear all the levels, face dangerous bosses, collect power ups and score epic combos.


• Original gameplay...

Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box


Vlambeer's smash hit SUPER CRATE BOX brings back the glory of the golden arcade age when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list! Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it's time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can....

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Pixie Arena

Pixie Arena

Pasquale Ambrosini

Compatible with iPhone 5 or better, iPad 4 or better, iPod Touch 5 or better.
The game is lightweight but draw shadows is very heavy for iPhone 4-4S!! Sorry guys :(

Pixie Arena is an addictive, geometric, crazy dual-stick shooter masterpiece without images.
Square is the new black!

The pixels are gone and a new threat is emerging from the dark corners of your screen.

You must help PIXIE fight his way through red, green, blue, yellow, orange and black arenas where your device has brought to life murderous some evil pixels.

Will you survive?

- Addictive gameplay
- Arcade mode
- Great lights and long shadows effects
- Advanced AI
- Amazing colors
- Take bonuses and unlock new abilities

Embrace yourself, they are coming.

Rocket Cat Shooter

Rocket Cat Shooter

Hoi Fung Lai

Help Rocket Cat save the world by blasting through waves of aliens!

Touchpad Control means no more finger blocking the game-screen while you play,

Countless enemies to shoot and destroy in this new arena shooter!!

Aliens are after you too! Evade their attacks with a bullet-dodging experience never seen before on a mobile



I am an independent game developer and a software engineering student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. I love arena shooting games like the classic Death VS Monstars, and top down shooting games such as Raiden. However, while playing these types of games on mobile, I was always extremely disappointed by the fact that my finger blocked a lot of the screen during play. This lead to a bad game experience and I have decided to change that in my game Rocket Cat Shooter.

With the new touchpad movement controller, there is no longer any obstruction of the game's view. I hope that my game will lead this technique to become more popular and more fun and exciting shooter games will be developed in the future!

Thank you for reading!
- Jon



Art: Patrick Lai and Jonathan Lai
Development: Jonathan Lai

Fortune and Glory

Fortune and Glory


Adventure awaits! in the spirit of games such as "Super Crate Box" journey through ancient ruins around the world collecting treasures and artifacts while dodging and fighting beetles, skeletons, ghosts and mummies.

To pass to the next level you must collect an equal or greater number of both treasures and artifacts.

- 20 levels of difficulty
(Must collect at minimum of 10 of each treasure and artifact simultaneously to unlock levels)
- New ranks by passing specific levels.
- To attain the final rank you must collect all the artifacts from the map.

Fortune and glory awaits!
can you become a treasure hunter?

Questions and comments can be directed to:
[email protected]