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Chat & Communicate With Coworkers With These Awesome Team Messaging Apps

With the advancement of technology, the face of business has changed. It's very common now for employees to be scattered all over the state or even the world. And since communication is a vital part of every business, it can sometimes be a challenge to get everyone on the same page. These apps will allow you to communicate with your colleagues in real time, no matter where they are. You can chat one on one, with specific groups, or with everyone at once. Communication made easy!

Asana: organize tasks & work
Moxtra: Business Collaboration
Heymarket Texting for Teams

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

All your team's messages, files, and services in one place


Slack Technologies, Inc.

Talk with your team, share files and photos, and create custom chat channels.

Slack offers a simple way to communicate with your team. The app syncs across multiple devices and the Web, offers file sharing, private and group messages, searching and archiving, and configurable notifications.

Asana: organize tasks & work
Asana: organize tasks & work

Asana: organize tasks & work

Asana, Inc.

Whether you’re between meetings or in line for a latte, use Asana to quickly capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas

Whether you’re between meetings or in line for a latte, use Asana to quickly capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas. Get updates from coworkers, organize tasks and projects for work, or manage your to-do list for the day. With Asana’s mobile app, you can stay on top of your work from anywhere. Oh, and did we mention it’s free to...

Crew Messaging and Scheduling
Crew Messaging and Scheduling

Crew Messaging and Scheduling

Speramus, Inc.

Crew simplifies team communication

Crew simplifies team communication. Managers and employees can create group messages, schedule shifts and assign tasks. Join for free.

Use Crew to keep everyone on the same page with messaging, scheduling, file sharing, tasks and recognition in one place. Tens of thousands of teams across every industry are using Crew daily to:

• Communicate faster with reliable, organized messaging on your phone

Moxtra: Business Collaboration
Moxtra: Business Collaboration


Moxtra, Inc.

Moxtra: Accelerating business in the mobile world

Moxtra: Accelerating business in the mobile world.

Moxtra is a collaboration solution built to accelerate business. Present, secure feedback, get approvals on content to close business while on the go. Collaborate on documents and content across teams, with customers, partners, and colleagues. Recreate the power of face-to-face meetings with secure messaging, robust document collaboration, video conferencing, electronic signature, and more –...



Taobao (China) Software CO.,LTD

DingTalk, an innovative teamwork App by Alibaba Group

DingTalk, an innovative teamwork App by Alibaba Group. A powerful communication and collaboration platform used by millions of enterprises and organizations. By using latest mobile and cloud technology, DingTalk provides message, voice and video communication, workflow management and office automation functions to teams and enterprises of various sizes. With a built-in enterprise address book, users can easily initiate chats or...

Heymarket Texting for Teams
Heymarket Texting for Teams

Heymarket Texting for Teams

Common Sun, Inc

Business text messaging for your team

Business text messaging for your team!

Get shared phone numbers and inboxes for your team to track messages with contacts. Great for customer support, sales, operations, and marketing. Works on your computer with Heymarket Web.

*** Featured as Best New App in the App Store ***
*** Featured on TechCrunch ***

Send and receive text or Facebook messages with customers, contractors, and partners....

Zinc All Mode Communications
Zinc All Mode Communications

Zinc All Mode Communications

Zinc, Inc.

Zinc is the only All Mode Communication Platform for deskless workforces that enables teams to communicate 1:1 or within groups

Zinc is the only All Mode Communication Platform for deskless workforces that enables teams to communicate 1:1 or within groups. Pick the best mode from Messaging, Voice, Video, Push to Talk and Hands-Free to share information, get answers quickly and complete work faster, all from one app.

Field teams stay connected with corporate news through Zinc Broadcasts, a streamlined way...

Also Good

Apps with average score

Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3

Basecamp 3

Basecamp, LLC

Running your business on email, texts, and meetings? It’s time to switch to Basecamp 3 instead. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, Basecamp is the saner, organized way to manage projects and communicate within your company.

Inside every Basecamp project you’ll find six core tools that will transform your...

WorkDiff-Mobile SaaS
WorkDiff-Mobile SaaS
WorkDiff-Mobile SaaS

WorkDiff-Mobile SaaS


An intelligent working app, make Work Different.
An unbelievable tool helps you cross communication barriers, reduce process idle time and speed up your business.
The best mobile companion of Office365. The fantastic mobile working app you can trust.

The best mobile companion of Office365. The fantastic mobile working app you can trust.


Chime Real Estate CRM
Chime Real Estate CRM
Chime Real Estate CRM

Chime Real Estate CRM

Chime Technologies, Inc.

Close more deals on the go with Chime’s best in class mobile CRM for real estate. Chime CRM is a complete lead nurturing, productivity improving, marketing automation solution suite. Easily engage leads, track lead preferences, and automate your follow up, so leads always feel taken care of.

Chime is more than...



Rechat Inc.

The Real Estate App that Elevates Your Game

Say hello to Rechat, the simple and beautiful way for agents and brokerages to work smarter, close more deals, and get paid faster.

Everything You Need to Work Smarter

Accurate Data at Your Fingertips
Rechat is the fastest way to access MLS data – even faster...

UC-One Connect
UC-One Connect
UC-One Connect

UC-One Connect


UC-One Connect is a business messaging app that enables users to have business chat conversations and make calls using the native dialer with their business identity.

Users can also search corporate directories, manage basic call settings, view call history, and one-tap dial into My Room.

Operator and system neutral, UC-One Connect is...

Convo – Team collaboration
Convo – Team collaboration
Convo – Team collaboration

Convo – Team collaboration

Convo Corp

Convo is a business collaboration tool for fast-moving teams to centrally share, organize, and archive information securely. Our real time messaging and smart notifications can help complete projects faster than ever. With Convo, ask your team a question, share a project update, preview files, or leave clear feedback from anywhere....

Skype for Business
Skype for Business
Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Microsoft Corporation

Skype for Business keeps you in touch with your team. Start a group chat or video conversation, create and control a business meeting, and invite participants easily. The app, formerly Lync 2013, lets anyone join a meeting by invitation. However, a Skype for Business or Lync account is necessary to...

JANDI: Team Collaboration Tool
JANDI: Team Collaboration Tool
JANDI: Team Collaboration Tool

JANDI: Team Collaboration Tool

Toss Lab, Inc.

JANDI is a business messaging app with built-in workplace productivity features tailored to users in Asia.

▸ Instantly communicate with anyone in your company, in groups or one-on-one
▸ Upload, share, and iterate on presentations, images, and other files with the relevant project members at the same time
▸ Assign tasks to...



Bitrix Inc.

Bitrix24 is a social intranet, a unified work space for your company. The service enhances internal information exchange and communications and places a complete set of business tools into a single, intuitive interface.
The mobile version supports the activity stream, comments on posts, liking, notifications, instant messages and pushed notifications,...

Twist - Team Communication
Twist - Team Communication
Twist - Team Communication

Twist - Team Communication


Teamwork doesn’t need to be chaotic and stressful. Twist keeps all your team’s conversations organized, on topic, and in one place.

Twist helps make communication calmer, more structured, and more productive so your team can focus on the work that really matters. Post announcements, discuss ideas, give project updates, and...



RingCentral, Inc

RingCentral is the leading all-in-one voice, team messaging, and video conferencing solution. Unlock your team’s potential and reduce email clutter with integrated task management, file sharing, and calendaring.

Here’s how RingCentral helps teams to get stuff done:

• Chat real-time one-on-one or with a team—from anywhere and on any device—with...

Symphony Secure Communications
Symphony Secure Communications
Symphony Secure Communications

Symphony Secure Communications

Symphony Communication Services LLC

Secure messaging for businesses, teams and workgroups. Increase productivity without compromising the confidentiality of your conversations. Symphony is designed to the highest security and regulatory standards – notably to satisfy the needs of leading financial institutions - and is now available for businesses of all sizes.

Love your results - connect,...



Avaamo Inc

Avaamo is a secure messaging app built specifically for Business Users. It is cross platform, secure and encrypted. You can group chat with your internal and external teams for enhanced productivity. You can also message your co-workers, customers, vendors, partners with 1-1 messaging.


1. Group chat, 1-1 messaging

2. Instant...

TeleMessage Messenger
TeleMessage Messenger
TeleMessage Messenger

TeleMessage Messenger

TeleMessage LTD

The TeleMessage Enterprise Number Archiver & Secure Messaging App offers compliance, branding and employee autonomy. The App serves both as a secure business messaging app built for organizations with security and privacy in mind and as a separate enterprise and personal messaging App on a single enterprise or BYOD device,...

Bulletin Messenger
Bulletin Messenger
Bulletin Messenger

Bulletin Messenger

Bulletin.Net Inc.

Bulletin Messenger enables your team to communicate quickly and securely on the go.
Use our turnkey solution to integrate chat within your organization.

With Bulletin Messenger, you’re in full control.
Know exactly when your messages have been sent, delivered, and read.
Be confident that your message will always be received with fallback to...

MangoApps, Work from Anywhere
MangoApps, Work from Anywhere
MangoApps, Work from Anywhere

MangoApps, Work from Anywhere

MangoSpring Inc.

MangoApps for iPhone and iPad is the most comprehensive business collaboration tool for the iPhone and iPad. Complimenting the web and desktop offerings, MangoApps for iPhone and iPad brings a complete set of personal, team and company collaboration tools for on-the-go knowledge workers like you.

MangoApps for iPhone and iPad includes...

Highrise - Simple CRM
Highrise - Simple CRM
Highrise - Simple CRM

Highrise - Simple CRM

Highrise HQ LLC

Highrise is a simple CRM that helps you track leads and manage follow ups on the go.

• Know who said what to whom and when with everything about your leads in one place
• Never let a lead fall through the cracks again with easy follow-ups and reminders
• Get your team... - Messaging and Bots - Messaging and Bots - Messaging and Bots - Messaging and Bots

Kore Inc

Kore makes doing your job as easy as sending a message.

- Message coworkers, partners, and clients, really anyone you can think of. Create group chats, share ideas, files, videos, and protect sensitive info with advanced message controls.

- Get helpful updates from bots that connect directly with the apps and systems...

StatusRecap CRM Communication
StatusRecap CRM Communication
StatusRecap CRM Communication

StatusRecap CRM Communication

Status Recap, LLC

StatusRecap is the project communication platform that connects employees, subcontractors, clients, and other interested parties through multiple communication channels - including in app, via text and multimedia messaging, and email.

StatusRecap connects service providers, from construction to governments to service, maintenance and repair, with their clients, potential clients, and other interested...




A new mobile app to manage events is finally here to improve your workplace communication. Appinall is a one-stop solution, which provides ultimate features to fulfill your all communication needs.

Appinall is a distinctive Team & Client communication tool. Whether you're a small business with a few employees and a...

SafeSwiss Secure Communication
SafeSwiss Secure Communication
SafeSwiss Secure Communication

SafeSwiss Secure Communication

SafeSwiss Secure Communications AG

SafeSwiss® is the world’s most comprehensive secure solution for smartphone, tablet and computer communications, providing complete security against the vulnerability within modern communication networks.

SafeSwiss® protects your communications from all outside intervention and enables you to confidently communicate with friends and business associates, knowing your personal communications will always be private...

Jobber App
Jobber App
Jobber App

Jobber App


Have a Jobber account? The Jobber app is a sidekick to your account, built for your team in the field.

What is Jobber? Jobber is software built to help you run a better service business.

Company owners: Create and/or access your company’s Jobber account from your computer, then add team members...

ChatWork - Business Chat App
ChatWork - Business Chat App
ChatWork - Business Chat App

ChatWork - Business Chat App

ChatWork Inc.

Take your business communications to the next level with ChatWork.
ChatWork is an all-in-one chat, task, video and file-sharing platform that inspires teams to collaborate more effectively and be happier at work.

- Secure messaging
- Collaborate across devices
- Faster than email
- Real time communication
- Chat with text, images and voice...

Team on the Run
Team on the Run
Team on the Run

Team on the Run

StreamWIDE UK Ltd

Team on the Run is a secure business process communication solution that brings together a wide array of features specifically designed to make your work life easier:
• Send texts and share files with our secure Messaging service
• Call your team members with VoIP or Push-to-Talk (walkie-talkie)
• Connect...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client

UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client

NEC Corporation

The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is a Unified Communications application that works along with your workplace's UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications system that provides Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX, Soft Phone and Unified Communications services for the enterprise.
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client helps you manage, in real time, multi-media communications including VoIP, instant messaging, presence, conferencing and more. A Soft Media Phone allows you to communicate over VoIP in the WiFi or cellular data network, if enabled by your system administrator.
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides control over communications to and from any VoIP phone on your system that is assigned to you, including a desk phone in your office, a soft phone running on your PC or any smartphone or tablet device, a shared phone you are temporarily logged in to, etc. With the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client you can place outbound calls from any VoIP device assigned to you, with the ability to screen calls, answer calls, send calls directly to voice mail, or redirect inbound calls to any of your devices, including your tablet or smartphone. The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides a real time notification and you can take immediate action on the call.
On a connected call, you can:
- Move the call without interruption from one assigned VoIP device to another
- Hold/un-hold calls on any connected device
- Transfer the call to another person
- Record calls (if enabled by your system administrator)
- Place a call in a three party conference call
In addition to allowing VoIP call controls, the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client offers additional Unified Communications features:
- Contact Search for other users within their personal contacts, corporate directory, and other connected systems
- Real-time presence for you and for other users
- Information about the contacts such as full name, title, department, office location, etc.
- Call and IM history
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client enhances business communications, and takes efficiency and productivity to the next level. With the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client and UNIVERGE 3C system, you can control your multi-media communications from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client Requirements:
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client application requires the UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Manager version 9.0 for full functionality. However, the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with all versions later than UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Manager 8.7.1 with limited functionality. Please contact your local NEC representative for more details.
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with all mobile devices (iPhone 4+, iPad+ and iPad Mini+) with iOS 8.0 and higher



Works Mobile Corp.

You’re all set to start working once you install LINE WORKS on iPhone and iPad. 
Quick feedback via free texts and calls are just the beginning! Execute all the work processes on LINE WORKS from applying the feedback to completing the project. Communicate with your partners any time anywhere—you do not need to worry about urgent situations anymore.
LINE WORKS is a service for business communication and cooperation, designed for one app to connect the users with everyone and facilitate them to execute all their work. 
※ It’s only available for the employees of the corporate subscribed to LINE WORKS.

What you can do with LINE WORKS :

● Messages/voice calls/video calls optimized for business 
- You can freely communicate anywhere with messages and voice/video calls synced to the desktop version.
Voice/Video calls can also be made directly to the employees using the desktop version in their office.
- Members allowed by the admin can send/receive messages for free to their company’s LINE WORKS users and as well as existing LINE users.
- You can carry out witty business conversations with LINE stickers specially-designed for business use.
- You can send not only pictures, videos, and files, but your location and contact information from the contact list of your phone through messages.

● Individual/team communication, the foothold of organizations
- You can contact your colleagues through company contact book on app without having to save their numbers on the phone.
- You can select a department or group from the organization chart and interact in a team unit, or send mass emails, and reserve a date to invite everyone. 
- You can easily connect with members in Team message room, synced with the company’s organization chart, and in Group message room where there are members you frequently team up with. You can also share the work-related information and files. 
- You can add important contacts to the “Common Contacts” of the company and share it with your colleagues.

● Schedule and To-do list in the palm of my hands
- You can check and modify work schedule by calendar or period (Month/3 days/Day).
- You can receive notifications for new posts on calendar, reminder for to-dos, and new invitations for meetings.
- You can find a time that works for all those invited and schedule it on the calendar.
- You can attach a map to the posts in the calendar to check the location from anywhere you are and easily find out how to get there.

● Smart mail that facilitates rapid working process anytime, anywhere 
- You can quickly filter unread or important mail, or view by sorting as “Thread View”.
- You can check new mail immediately upon notification, and delete or mark as read by swiping them.
- You can enlarge/shrink the font while reading the mail, and you can have foreign languages translated. (※ Translation is limited for some languages)
- You can send messages or send invitations to a particular person among To/CC list. 

● Safe and simple file sharing 
- You can safely save all files and check the saved documents in Drive any time anywhere.
- You can easily share the files by inviting members to a folder or sharing links, and you can change user authorization and expiration date any time you want.
- You can share files with team/project members through Group Folder, without worrying about the file size.
- You can check it all in one place: the newest updated files, files/folders marked as important and shared folders/links.
- You can search not only the file names but also their content.

● Customized setting for you and your company 
- You can select the services you want to be notified on, among Message, Mail, Calendar, and Drive.
- You can set the notification for mail arriving to a specific mailbox, or mail sent from a company contact indicated as VIP. 
- The domain admin can set details such as restrictions for file downloads, message storage period, and color theme for LINE WORKS mobile app in Admin settings on PC Web.

Alterdesk messenger

Alterdesk messenger


By downloading the Alterdesk messenger app, you can try out the functionalities of our white label communication platform. You can start with a basic account – contact us to test the more advanced functionalities.

The white label Alterdesk platform is the solution for companies that wish to launch their very own communication software without having to go through the long, complex development process. Set your own colours and logo and choose those functionalities that are relevant to your target audience: from messaging and video calling to extensive integrations, a smart glasses app and chat bots.

The awareness about information security is at an all-time high. Now is the time to provide your market with an innovative, user-friendly communication platform.

A summary of our features:
- Real-time 1-on-1 conversations and group chats
- Available for desktops, tablets, smartphones and wearables
- Start video calls for conducting meetings or e-consultations
- Host your platform wherever you wish: in the Cloud, in a Private Cloud or On-Premise
- Security has been tested by Deloitte
- API’s for integrations with other software, such as a CRM or HER
- Platform management on white label level and reseller level
- Constant optimization and regular updates

Together with Dutch telecom provider KPN we launched the KPN Healthcare Messenger, for secure healthcare communication. André van de Kasteele, product owner at KPN, had the following to say about our collaboration: “Based on a few predetermined criteria, such as the fact that it should be a Dutch solution, that data should be stored in the Netherlands, that it should be a currently existing solution, the user-friendliness and the fact that we were looking for a reliable, knowledgeable partner, we have reached the decision to work with Alterdesk.”




FlexiBuzz (previously known as tiqbiz)

Managed Group Communication. Administrators send information; End Users receive information all from within the one FlexiBuzz app.

What FlexiBuzz does for Administrators:
FlexiBuzz centrally manages all communication streams in your organization; you retain control, within the app, over all information you publish.

FlexiBuzz can securely deliver tailored information and messages to:
• The general community
• Your entire organization
• Groups within your organization
• Individuals
• Including private two-way conversations with individuals

End Users:
Receive information from your community via the FlexiBuzz app

Who FlexiBuzz is for:
FlexiBuzz is used by a wide range of organisations to publish information and messages, where security, timeliness and accuracy are paramount:
• Businesses
• Business associations
• Government departments
• Local Councils
• Sporting associations
• Schools and kindergartens

FlexiBuzz has many uses:
Our customers are finding new uses for FlexiBuzz every day; some typical uses include:
• Businesses send important and time-sensitive information to staff and external stakeholders

• Field staff send date-stamped and signed confirmation-of-completion forms to head office

• Organisations notify part time staff of last minute shift vacancies

• Franchisee organisations keep members informed of business conditions

• Managers hold two-way conversations with staff at remote locations

• Sporting associations advise clubs and individual club members of game cancellations due to wash-outs or flooding

• Schools engage with their communities and stakeholders

• Parents advise schools of their children’s absences
Individual teachers engage with the parents of their students’ classes

• Kindergartens engage with their communities

FlexiBuzz has an extensive list of features:
See our website for a complete list; selected features include:

• Immediate dispatch of urgent messages via your smartphone

• Two-way private communication with individuals without having to disclose phone numbers or email addresses

• Rich messaging environment including video, pdfs, text

• Fully functional calendar with linkage to Google calendar

• Ability to schedule publishing of notifications and messages

• Ability to schedule removal of obsolete notifications and messages

• Publishing rights can be delegated to other people in your organisation

• There is no cross-communication between people who receive your information

• All people connected to your organization within FlexiBuzz are visible to you and you retain complete control over their level of access

SafeRoom Business Messenger

SafeRoom Business Messenger

Darkroom Communications Inc.

SafeRoom is the app for SafeRoom clients. SafeRoom offers secure live-messaging that doesn’t leave any traces of your business communication. If you have been invited by your business partner, please install the app and sign-in with your phone number to connect to your assigned team.

SafeRoom is one-to-one. You are texting with your business partners or team members using end-to-end encrypted secured channels.
In the ephemeral "off-the-reccord" chat room, you can chat freely in real-time like a real face-to-face conversation. All messages and photos remain visible the entire time, until you or the other person leave the “room” - then all content is automatically deleted forever, everywhere. Since it is live-texting, no conversation data is ever archived on servers or even devices. During the live-chat, the data is only temporarily stored in the cache of the phones using a unique patent pending cache-to-cache technology. In addition the messenger is protected by a powerful end-to-end encryption. Have all your trustworthy and crucial conversations in the SafeRoom.


You are online at the same time and won’t miss a thing – like a real face-to-face conversation. Full attention is yours. Dive into a real conversation without concerns.

Data is never archived on servers or devices. During a live chat, data gets stored in the temporary memory of your phone. After leaving the room, all content is deleted forever.

SafeRoom is double encrypted with a powerful AES 256 bit end-to-end encryption to keep everything extra safe. SafeRoom is secured with military grade encryption that works for your business or your personal life. It is made so that you can communicate with peace of mind.

Have entire conversations and decide at what point you want to delete everything. You can share anything, from thoughts and ideas, confidential data , emotions (good or bad!),, or funny photos.

If you are interested in a secure personalized business messenger for your team or company please contact the SafeRoom team at: support(at)

HipChat – Group chat for teams

HipChat – Group chat for teams

HipChat, Inc.

Great teams use HipChat. Stop losing momentum with reply-to-all wars and buried emails. HipChat gives you group chat, 1-to-1 messaging, file sharing, and powerful integrations with your favorite tools.

With HipChat, you can quickly connect directly with the person you need, regardless of where they are. Enterprise chat provides real-time communication, and with HipChat, you can chat seamlessly from desktop and mobile.

HipChat integrations feeds you information from third-party tools that you use every day. You won’t miss a beat, and you won’t have to juggle a bunch of other apps to monitor your business or your project.

Integrations put updates and info right into HipChat from Atlassian products like JIRA, Bitbucket, and Confluence as well as from third-party services like Asana, Google Drive & Calendar, Trello, Twitter, Zendesk, and more.

Build team culture with custom emoticons and sharing of animated GIFs at just the right moment. Business chat solutions don’t have to be all suits and ties.

• Unlimited group chat rooms
• Unlimited 1-to-1 chats
• File sharing, with the ability to view over 35 file types within HipChat
• Secure guest access
• Searchable chat history
• Secure and private
• More than 200 bots and integrations
• Custom emoticons
• Email and push notifications so you stay in the know while on the go
• Connect to HipChat cloud or your company’s self-hosted HipChat server
• Time travel: just kidding–but having a fully searchable chat history is sort of like time travel.

“We use HipChat, not just for our work, but to foster the spirit of a great tech culture.”
– Gilt Groupe

“Face-to-face communication is ideal, but not always possible for us. Instead we rely on HipChat.”
– Sonatype

“HipChat keeps everyone up-to-date and accountable.”
– Aeria Games

HipChat is brought to you by Atlassian, makers of the popular Confluence collaboration tool; ticketing and workflow tools JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core; and developer tools like Bitbucket, SourceTree, and Bamboo.

Download the app and see how (awesome) your team can be.

Easiio Phone

Easiio Phone

Easiio Systems, Inc.

Easiio Phone is a VoIP and unified communication application for iOS, It works with Easiio Cloud PBX system to provide business user with advanced business communication functionality. With Easiio Phone, you can make call, receive call, make conference all, send message with text, image and voice, check your voice mail and use your business directory, everything within the easy reach of the Easiio Phone. With wonderful audio quality and great user experience, you will find your wok is much more enjoyable with Easiio Phone in your pocket.

Tocaro: No.1 Team Productivity

Tocaro: No.1 Team Productivity


Real-time chat communication and high-res video conferencing on Tocaro helps your company reduce internal E-mail exchanges by 40%, internal phone calls by 70%.
Tocaro is equipped with bank-level security and helpful collaboration features, such as automatic file management, version control, or team-wide To-Do management.

■□■ More than 1,000 companies have already been relying on Tocaro to be more productive ■□■

All your work and business communication in one place, and stay away from internal E-mail back-and-forth.
Maximize your team's productivity with unlimited lightning group chat, intuitive file-sharing, high-resolution video conferencing, chat-associated To-Do management and powerful search.

Tocado has already accelerated several companies' work-style innovation, and available for all the platforms, you can try Tocaro for FREE with whatever your device is.

## Chat anywhere, anytime ##
• Communicate with whoever you’d like through real-time chat messaging.
• Manage a group per division or per project to get everyone involved synced-up.
• Never miss important messages with customizable push notification.
• Prioritize your work with a To-Do list, any item of which can be associated with what you chat.
• Cross-search anything, not only chat messages but also uploaded files or To-Do items, simultaneously.

## Video conference that works ##
• Video conferencing with high sound quality and resolution is available on any devices.
• Talk face to face for free as long with as many teammates as you want.
• Smoothly initiate 1-on-1 conference calls or group video meetings with your remote team.

## Share whatever files ##
• Upload and share any files such as photos taken by your smartphone or presentation files created on your desktop.
• Comment directly on each file, which makes feedback-loop efficient.
• Enjoy deeply interactive integrations with Box®, a cloud storage front-runner with millions of corporate customers.
- Share whatever files in Box® intuitively on Tocaro through one-click file pick-up or inline preview.
- Save uploaded files or conversation logs on Tocaro to Box® automatically.
- Keep all files only on Box® without them left on Tocaro's server, along with your company’s security policy.

## Never worry about security ##
• Irreversibly encrypt all the data from what’s cached on mobile devices to what’s stored in the server.
• The operational performance level is 99.99+%, and the operation status is always accessible when logged in.
• Bank-level security, granular sharing control, SSL-based encryption or other security features are applied for everyone.
• Utilize access-log tracking feature, two-factor authentication or single sign-on capability.
• Routine security auditing by third-party security companies keeps Tocaro secure

As well as deep integrations with Box®, you can try various integrations which make your business communication more efficient and more agile, such as directly delivering E-mails or Webhook requests to a selected group thread.

Tocaro also has an admin dashboard which helps your team’s administrators or IT managers not only manage registered users or groups but also control corporate security setting in one place, and is equipped with other helpful admin functionalities such as across-the-board user data import, guest access management or group invitation processing.

Download the app, and see how your team can change!

Give us any feedback about the app or need help? Contact us anytime with support (at)

SIMSme Business

SIMSme Business

DP IT Brief GmbH

SIMSme Business is the instant messenger app for companies – developed by Deutsche Post DHL. Thanks to military-grade end-to-end encryption, you can compose 100% secure messages and speed up communication in your teams.

Say good-bye to slow and confusing floods of e-mail and let your co-workers benefit from fast and direct communication – in the workplace, in the home office, or while traveling.

The features can also be configured to ensure compatibility with your security specifications. All data travels exclusively between German servers. SIMSme Business complies with Germany's strict data privacy laws and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

• Quicker exchange of information within the team — individual or group chats, channels and broadcast lists
• Simple sharing of content — video and audio recordings, photos and files
• Efficient collaboration with colleagues — comment, prioritize or send at a specific time or date
• Available on all devices - whether computer, tablet or smartphone
• Always in sync - sync chats, contacts and media in real time
• Intuitive user management — convenient administrative options thanks to the Management Cockpit

• Military-grade end-to-end encryption from Deutsche Post DHL
• ISO 27001 Servers in Germany, compliant with EU-GDPR
• Clear separation between commercial and private communication

• User and license management with dashboard and LDAP/AD connection
• Customer channels for up to 1,000 users and administered groups
• Custom app design with adjustable color and logo
• Controllable security settings, such as password requirements
• Full support of EMM/MDM solutions like MobileIron etc.

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