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Discover New Ebooks And Access Old Ones Any Where You Go

If you love to read and want to discovery new titles, but don't want to carry around the heavy books, this collection of apps is for you. Any one of these apps will give you access to a Ebook store with tons to choose from. All the content is accessible from your iDevice turning your iPhone or iPad into Ebook reader.

Watkins Ebooks and Magazines
Kobo Books
LiT eBook Reader

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Kindle main
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go

Because Amazon uses a propriety format for its books, you’ll need the Kindle app to read any ebooks purchased from Given Amazon’s size and penchant for discounting books, it’s highly likely you own one or more of their e-books. However, even if you don’t, Amazon’s Kindle app offers one of the best reading experiences on the iPad, as it syncs your cloud-stored books (including annotations and bookmarks) across devices, includes an in-app dictionary, and can also display Mobi and PDF files that don't have DRM. Kindle also displays library books and, unlike other library-enabled apps, it syncs the library books, along with annotations and bookmarks. Indeed, you can even send personal documents to the Kindle app and store up to 5GB in your Kindle Cloud for download to other devices or at a later date. Some of the most prominent “read later” services even support sending your saved links to your Kindle email address, so you can sync those documents as well.

iBooks main



When you just need the basics

Apple's iBooks is a great way to view and read ebooks as well as PDF files. If all you need are the basics, then this app does the job.

Also Good

Apps with average score



Barnes & Noble

Nook is the iOS version of Barnes & Noble’s popular Nook eReader, and it offers one of the most customizable reading experiences in one of the least customizable apps. The app’s best feature is its ability to totally control page formatting: readers can choose between publisher defaults or customize fonts,...

Watkins Ebooks and Magazines
Watkins Ebooks and Magazines
Watkins Ebooks and Magazines

Watkins Ebooks and Magazines

Tendertheory Limited

The Watkins Ebooks and Magazines app is the premiere ebook and magazine reader for the Mind Body and Spirit field that offers a beautiful easy-to-use interface for reading spiritual books on your iPhone and iPad. You'll have access to the latest best sellers from the Watkins bookshop in London. All...

Kobo Books
Kobo Books
Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Kobo Inc.

Kobo links to the store of the same name, and if you create an account you can even download free books within the app. Kobo offers a more interactive and social reading experience, which may be a plus or a minus, depending on your views. Users can sign into their...

LiT eBook Reader
LiT eBook Reader
LiT eBook Reader

LiT eBook Reader

Sullivan Productions, LLC

Are you ready for a premium reading experience? Get ready to Get LiT on iOS - an ebook reader!

LiT is the primary place to access hundreds of free books by many of your favorite urban fiction authors. As an exclusive member of LiT ereader, you will be able to experience:...



Xentral Methods

eSentral is South East Asia's largest ebook store with more than 100,000 ebooks from Malaysian and international authors and publishers. This app is the ebook reader for eSentral, which allows users to read EPUB standard ebooks with and without DRM. eSentral ebook reader allow users to read acquired and borrowed...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

MeeGenius Children’s Books:  Storybooks + Songbooks with Interactive Read Along Narration for Kids

MeeGenius Children’s Books: Storybooks + Songbooks with Interactive Read Along Narration for Kids

MeeGenius, Inc.

Nurture your child’s love for reading with this award-winning app!

• Engaging book narration
• Read online + offline
• Unlimited access to a huge library when you join the Reading Club
• Beautiful illustrations


• Unlimited access to books with narration - $4.99 a month
• Payment charged to iTunes account after confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
• Manage your subscription (or opt-out of auto-renewal) by going to your iTunes account settings or device settings



SPCK Library

SPCK Library

Access the entire range of over 300 SPCK titles without leaving the app. Read samples for free, buy titles individually, or subscribe to the whole list.

Authors include:
- Tom Wright / N. T. Wright
- Rowan Williams
- John Pritchard
- Kenneth Bailey
- Catherine Fox
- John Goldinday
- Janet Morley
- Mark Oakley
- John Sentamu
- Rosemary Lain Priestley
- David Adam
- Richard Hays
- Paula Gooder
- Keith Ward

Series include:
- The Bible For Everyone (New Testament For Everyone and Old Testament For Everyone)
- Exploring The Old Testament
- Exploring The New Testament
- New Library of Pastoral Care
- International Study Guides
- SPCK Classics
- SPCK Library Of Ministry

Topics include:
- Biblical Studies
- Church History
- Education Resources
- Healing & Pastoral Care
- Lectionary Resources
- Liturgical Studies
- Fiction
- Ministry
- Personal Growth
- Prayer and Meditation
- Science and Religion
- Social and Ethical Issues
- Spirituality
- Theology
- Worship Resources
- Bible Study Guides

iBooks StoryTime

iBooks StoryTime


iBooks StoryTime gives your family a different way to experience classic kids' books and discover new favorites. With Read-Aloud narration and beautiful illustrations, every handpicked title in the app transforms Apple TV into an engaging place for young readers to enjoy the stories they love.

• Experience your favorite Read-Aloud books on a large screen. 
• With Read-Aloud narration, pages flip automatically as you go. 
• Turn Read-Aloud off to read the story aloud to your child.
• iBooks StoryTime works with Siri Remote, making it easy to swipe between pages.
• Buy additional Read-Aloud books on iBooks, from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
• Any Read-Aloud book purchased by you or your family will appear in your iBooks StoryTime library.