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Think and write different with these unconventional word processor apps

Think all word processor apps look the same? Well, think again. While most word processor apps display text against a plain background with a standard keyboard, the apps highlighted here dare to be different. These writing apps let you write, of course, but they do so in unusual ways, shapes, and forms that offer stylized writing experiences — including typewriter simulations (clickety-clacks and all), index card-inspired interfaces, real-time real-world backgrounds, and more.

Zine - Enjoy Writing
Slugline: Simply Screenwriting

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A Simple Philosophy



Get your flow going


HUFFINGTON POST: “An unparalleled writing experience”

GQ: “One of the most powerful mechanisms to spur the imagination”

THE VERGE: “Among the cleanest and best designed note-taking apps I've ever used on iOS”

DIGITAL TRENDS: “May force you into producing the best writing of your life”

MASHABLE: “Kept my nose to the grindstone better than any cup of coffee ever could”

VOX: “For...

Cardflow+ by Qrayon
Cardflow+ by Qrayon

Cardflow+ by Qrayon

Qrayon, LLC

We love index cards

We love index cards. We use them a lot.

They are a versatile and surprisingly powerful tool for all kinds of tasks. From brainstorming to storyboards, to planning entire projects, they have a place in your workflow.

Cardflow captures the ease and flexibility of paper index cards and brings that experience to the iPad.

Rather than impose a rigid structure up front,...

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Zine - Enjoy Writing
Zine - Enjoy Writing
Zine - Enjoy Writing

Zine - Enjoy Writing

Aura Marker Studio Co., Ltd.

Zine is a well-designed powerful notes and writing app.

It has many unique features:
1: Beautiful Typesetting, and Easily Personalize Your Articles:
Zine supports many fonts, colors, font sizes, paragraph styles, papers, templates, and WYSIWYG photo editing. You can typeset beautiful articles very easily on mobile phone and share them to social...

Index Card - Corkboard Writing
Index Card - Corkboard Writing
Index Card - Corkboard Writing

Index Card - Corkboard Writing

DenVog, LLC

Index Card is a corkboard writing app that helps you craft your story. Capture, organize, and compile your ideas. Whether you are an author, screenwriter, or academic researcher, Index Card can help you become a more efficient, organized writer. Download Index Card and discover why thousands of iPad owners are...

Hanx Writer

The star of Big and Cast Away wants to help you get your work done. No, really.

Hanx Writer

Hanx Writer, Inc.

Hanx Writer has all of the modern features and options that you've come to expect from new-fangled technology, but it collects them in a bygone package. It re-creates vintage typewriters in all of their loud, clackety glory. You can even use these special keyboards in other apps, like Notes, if...

Widgit Writer
Widgit Writer
Widgit Writer

Widgit Writer


Widgit Writer is an app where you can write simple documents and have the support from speech feedback using the voices available in the iPad.

You can also get the support from symbols showing the meaning of the words in your document as you type.
You can buy the symbols as an...

Ambient Writer
Ambient Writer
Ambient Writer

Ambient Writer

David Griffin

• Pleasurable writing experience using Ambient Writer

With a full typewriter virtual keyboard, typing a novel first draft or short stories in Ambient Writer is a real pleasure.

• No distractions of editing

Writing the first draft of a short story, novella or novel should be from start to finish, never looking back....

Typing Writer
Typing Writer
Typing Writer

Typing Writer

Sudden Oak

At The Rumpus we were missing the typewriter. We felt we were more productive on a typewriter because we had to keep moving forward. If we made a mistake, we kept typing. If we wanted to rearrange the information, we had to start over. With the word processor we’ve lost...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Typ-O - Writing for Everybody!

Typ-O - Writing for Everybody!

Therapy Box Limited

Typ-O is an easy to use dyslexia app that helps you write without spelling errors. Typ-O uses a powerful word prediction engine and a sophisticated spelling error model to help you write, even if your spelling isn't perfect. The integrated synthetic voice let you hear the word prediction suggestions before selecting and check your text before emailing or pasting it into other applications. The app is designed for children or adults with dyslexia.

Typ-O allows you to use the speech recognition tool which gives you the possibility to speak the word that you want to write *

Typ-O is a pay-as-you-go version that has all the features of the premium version, but allows you to get started with Typ-O in a more affordable way. You receive a set of 100 voice credits. Once you finish your credits you have the possibility to buy 100, 100 or unlimited access to voice credits.

Key features:

- word prediction available in UK English, US English, German, Spanish and French
- choose themes for the US English dictionary: math, physic, chemistry, history, biology, engineering, sociology
- change the look of the app: background colour; font; prediction keys
- speech recognition
- listen to your word before you select it
- Dropbox sync
- save your notes inside the app
- the voice integration
- phrase prediction
- send email or print directly from the app
- spell check - Typ-O knows the most common spelling mistakes, and will often suggest words even if you have misspelled them

*available on iPad only

Danger Text

Danger Text

Richard Shilton

Danger Text is a text creation motivational tool that laughs in the face of writers block and procrastination. It is the perfect tool for rapidly writing—and sharing—your stories and ideas.

But be warned: if you stop writing for more than a few seconds before Danger Text says you can, you will lose it all.

Featuring the in app publication 'The Danger Times', where you can optionally publish your stories and read other users submissions. You can even read the latest stories from The Danger Times on your Apple Watch.

Never stop writing.

Five different writing modes:
- Standard - just keep writing and you'll be fine
- Head start - Danger Text will start you off
- Stream of consciousness - if you stop to think you'll fail
- No going back - don't delete a thing

Once you've finished, you can email, airdrop, or share your creation. Danger Text will save your recent text creations for viewing and exporting at a later time.

Write or Die

Write or Die

Dr Wicked

Write or Die Eliminates Writer's Block.

The problem with writing is that the feedback loop is just too long. Unless you've got a deadline looming it's difficult to find the impetus to keep writing. Write or Die aims to address this difficulty and help you hack your writing process and get your words out!

It's a new kind of writing application that provides consequences for distraction and procrastination. As long as you keep writing, everything is fine, but if you become distracted, there are customizable consequences.

Consequence Mode
The original Write or Die mode, keeps you focused by providing consequences for procrastination and distraction. If you keep writing you're fine, but if you get distracted and stop typing, the app will encourage you to keep writing with a variety of unpleasant stimuli.

Stimulus Mode
The mode with the warm fuzzies. The app creates a (customizable) calm writing environment as long as you keep writing. You are thereby encouraged to continue writing to maintain your chill.

Reward Mode
This breaks your writing word goal into sections with milestones of pleasantness along the way to help keep you moving. Customizable pleasant sounds and images.

Try out the web version at and start getting words on the page.