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Apps for a Great Night on the Town

Apps for a Great Night on the Town

A fine list full of apps to make your next night out on the town a great one

Make Dinner Reservations

Before you even head out for the evening, you'll need to make sure you've got a table.


What's for Dinner?



When you want to secure a reservation, go with OpenTable.

With the free OpenTable app, you can bring your pre-dining experience to your iPhone. Use the app to discover new restaurants to try and then book your reservations. Plus, earn points towards rewards every time you dine with the OpenTable app. ​

Why we love it

Featuring over 38,000 restaurant listings, OpenTable makes it easy to find a great place to eat.

Resy | Restaurant Reservations

Easy reservations with minimum hassle.

Resy | Restaurant Reservations

Reservation without hassle

For hungry folks who hate calling in reservations.

With the free Resy app, you can find new restaurants and then book your reservations. Currently offering service in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco, Resy has a streamlined reservation system, easy cancellation and reservation changes, and an easy way to view your restaurant credits within the app itself.

Why we love it

If you want that booth on Friday night at 8 PM, it's only two taps away.

Find a Babysitter

If you've got kids, find someone you can trust to take care of them while you're out on a kid-free night.

Chime by Sittercity

Chime by Sittercity


Chime makes it easy to find, book and pay prescreened sitters near you.

Our team does the legwork, including reference checks with local parents and thorough background screens — and we meet every single sitter in person. So all you have to do is review video profiles, choose your favorite and book!

Chime is free to join, and you pay your sitters a flat, hourly rate by credit card. No subscription and no cash required!

Thousands of happy parents are using Chime, and the app has been featured in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, NBC and Cool Mom Picks.

Why Chime?
• We meet every sitter in person, check references and conduct detailed background and social media screening. No other major service does as much of the vetting for you.
• We make it easy to connect with the sitters you like — you can watch video introductions, read parent testimonials and book your favorites instantly.
• There is no subscription required — its always free to see local sitters near you.
• Chime is cash-free — you pay a flat hourly fee by credit card at the end of each sitting.
• Chime is from Sittercity — the company that pioneered online childcare and has connected millions of parents and sitters since 2001.

How does Chime Work?
1. Tell us a little about your family
2. We’ll show you prescreened sitters in your neighborhood
3. Review video profiles and choose your best match
4. Book a sitting, or an interview — confirmation is instant!
5. Pay a flat, hourly charge by credit card at the end of the sitting
6. Save your favorites and rebook anytime!

Chime is available now in:
• Boston: $16/hr
• Chicago: $14/hr
• New Jersey: $15/hr
• New York City: $17/hr
• Washington, DC: $15/hr
• And more to come!

“Reliable alternative to the old-fashioned sitter next door” – New York Times

“It's as easy to find a sitter as your new Netflix show” – Chicago Tribune

“Busy parents are raving about the convenience” – ABC 7 Chicago

“With busy schedules, being able to find a sitter the day before or day of is huge” - Boston Globe

Komae - Babysitting Exchange

Komae - Babysitting Exchange

Komae, Inc

At Komae, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. In fact, kṓmē (ko'-may) means village in Greek! We make it super simple to build a village of trusted friends to exchange free sits.


1) Make a profile for yourself and your kids
2) Invite friends you trust to join your village
3) Post a sit request
4) Choose the most convenient offer
5) Kids have a playdate & you enjoy free time!


Created by two mom-friends, we know you want to help your friends but have a hard time asking for help yourself. Komae relieves that pressure by making it easy to exchange favors without the guilt. There are built-in parameters so that no one can take advantage of the system.


Have some free time and want to host a playdate? You can earn Komae Points! Announce your availability on the app so your villagers can make a request knowing when you are willing and able.


Who will be watching my kids?
With Komae, your real life friends become your babysitters. Simply hand select your network (we call this your Village!) and they are the only ones that see your babysitting requests and profile.

What is a Komae point?
Komae has it’s very own cash-free economy that runs on Komae points. Earn points when you babysit and spend those points when you need a babysitter. It’s a currency of care, trust, and reciprocity.

I start with zero points. Can I make a sit request?
Yes! Everyone starts with zero points and can go under to -20 points and over +20 points. So you can post a request right away, even if you haven’t given yet.

How do I find a sitter?
When you post a request for a babysitting need, Komae notifies your villagers. You are notified when someone makes an offer and you accept the offer that works best for you. Then you drop off your kids, and enjoy your free-time!

How do I earn points?
When you see that a friend is in need, make an offer to fulfill it. If there are not any open needs, announce when you are available so your friends can make requests knowing you’re ready and willing to help!

What will I do with my free time?
Go on a date with your spouse. Serve in your community. Make an appointment to touch up your roots. Clean your house and fold your laundry. Work off the baby weight at the gym. Take a nap! The options are endless and we promise…your kids will thank you for it!


Trusted Care
Your babysitting requests and profile are only visible to parents you have hand selected to be in your village.

Say goodbye to awkward favors. Your friend earns Komae points, you get free time, and the kids have fun at a play date – everyone wins!

No more texting around. When you have a need, everyone you trust is notified and can offer to help at the touch of a finger.

Save Money
Instead of paying cash, swap Komae points with friends. Use your money to get dessert rather than to pay a sitter!

See a Movie

Want to take in the latest blockbuster or little art film? These apps will help.

Fandango - Showtimes + Tickets

Never miss your next screening when you buy ahead

Fandango - Showtimes + Tickets

The spotlight is on

For those who prefer to buy their tickets ahead of time and be prepared.

Fandango is a classic app that belongs on the devices of every movie buff. With a Fandango account, you're able to pre-purchase your movie tickets without having to go to the box office first. The app allows users to browse showtimes by movie or theater, and you can make a wish list of movies that you don't want to miss out on. Notifications let you know when a movie starts playing so you aren't late, and there are exclusives and giveaways that are only in the app, so don't miss out.

Why we love it

It's easy to purchase your tickets ahead of time and then skip the lines at the box office. A must-have for all moviegoers.

Find Tickets for Live Music

Love the energy of live music? Here are some apps to help you find the best.

Songkick Concerts

This app helps you see your favorite bands and artists

Songkick Concerts

Track your favorite artists

For those who love going to concerts often.

If you are a frequent concert-goer, then you need Songkick Concerts. The app lets you find shows for your favorite bands and artists, and over time, the app will even give you recommendations on shows that you may like. If you can't make it to a show, no problem — you can browse the full schedule for the band and see what else is coming that is more convenient for you. Songkick Concerts also gives you the option to buy tickets directly in the app as well, even comparing ticket prices and seeing venue details, so you never miss a beat.

Why we love it

It's simple and easy to use, and lets you stay current on the shows for your favorite artists.

Bandsintown Concerts

Your town on bands

Bandsintown Concerts

Bandsintown Concerts

For fun-seekers who love live music.

Bandsintown simplifies concert discovery by allowing you to track your favorite artists, receive alerts when they're touring near you, keep track of which shows you have RSVP’d to and share concert details with your friends. The concerts you RSVP to are then synced with your calendar, so you never miss another live show. This free app scans your music libraries in services like iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud and Google Play and searches your artist likes on Facebook and Twitter, to learn who you are as a fan and what artists to track. Our algorithm also suggests similar sounding artists, helping you discover new bands and DJ's who are coming to your town.

Why we love it

Bandsintown Concerts helps you easily find local concerts for the music you love.

Find Drinks

Get your drink on with these great apps for local bars and nightlife.

DrinkAdvisor - World's Best Bars, Night Clubs & Restaurants Guide

Find the best bars close to you

DrinkAdvisor - World's Best Bars, Night Clubs & Restaurants Guide

World's Best Bars, Night Clubs & Restaurants Guide

For those who like to get their drink on nearby.

When you want to get out and experience the nightlife at home or in a new city, you want to have a wide variety of options and a good rating system by real people. DrinkAdvisor lets you find the popular and out of the way bars and night clubs in any local area and lets you read reviews before you head there.

Why we love it

If you're a fan of trying new places in your local area, or travel a lot to new cities, you need a way to find bars and nightclubs without having to sift through regular apps that include restaurants and coffee shops. Need a drink? Give this app a try to find your best bet.

Find An Event

Not sure what to do? These apps will help you narrow down your choices from all the great local stuff going on.


Discover local events and fun things to do near you.



For anyone who wants to find fun stuff to do in their own city or in a new place.

You can use Eventbrite to find popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to. The app also lets you get tickets quickly, and even access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone.

Why we love it

It's great to get an invite to a party, search for local fun events, and keep all of that information -- along with tickets -- organized in one place. Eventbrite is a fantastic little app that lets you keep things together as you find fun stuff to do.



Klook Travel Technology Limited

For those who want to find attractions and activities on their next trip.

Klook Activities & Attractions provides an easy way to find tickets for local attractions and exclusive deals on activities. You can browse travel guides, search and short by destination, save items to your wishlist, and find fun things to do most anywhere. For your next trip, see what there is to explore with Klook.

Why we love it

Klook lets you find the activities and attractions that interest you most.

Get a Car Home

Don't drink and drive; use these apps to find a safe way home.


This app will always be there when you need a lift


See your ride history

For those who want to use a modern taxi alternative but don't like Uber.

Lyft is another alternative to traditional cabs and taxis, but it is also an alternative to Uber. Lyft lets users request a ride from wherever they are in the city, and you get information about the driver who is coming to pick you up as well as the car that they are driving, so you won't be able to miss them. The app lets you see if there are even any Lyft drivers available in the area, there are different types of Lyft rides that you can get. Fares in Lyft are typically even cheaper than Uber, and you can even tip the drivers after the ride if they provided good service, which is another thing that sets it apart from Uber (no tips). Lyft is a cheaper and friendlier alternative to both taxis and Uber, so if you want a lift around the city, make sure to use Lyft.

Why we love it

Lyft has a slick app interface and it is super easy to use. Plus the company itself is friendlier than Uber and the fares are cheaper. Plus, you can tip the drivers if they provide good service, which is always nice.


Forget old cabs and check out the new modernized taxi service


Find a ride near you ASAP

For responsible adults who would like to save a bit on taxi rides.

Uber allows you to be in control of your taxi ride via your smartphone and smart watch. When you open the app, you'll see the live location of Uber cars near you so you can request for one to pick you up. After being alerted once it arrives, you'll be able to jump into the Uber, get a ride to wherever you're going, and pay the driver securely at your destination. Usually, this is cheaper and more convenient than a traditional taxi. However, it is important to consider that Uber is not supported in all cities, and in many cities where it is supported, concerns have arisen due to lack of regulation. Uber vehicles don't have the same safety features as traditional cabs, and the company is constantly feuding with municipalities over the lack of regulation and establishment as a legitimate taxi company. Keeping that in mind, as long as you're a responsible adult who has a few friends to tag along with you, Uber can be a more fun, convenient, and cost-effective option for travel. Plus, it's not like a regular cab is 100 percent safe, either.

Why we love it

Uber is usually quicker, more convenient, more secure (money-wise), and less expensive than a traditional cab. This all comes from quick access on your iPhone or Apple Watch.