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Apps for Home Improvement Projects

Apps for Home Improvement Projects

Whether you're choosing a new paint color or doing a complete remodel inside or out, these apps are sure to help with your home improvement project.

Find Just the Right Paint Color

The right color on your walls can mean the difference between creating the perfect mood and making everyone who enters your home feel vaguely uncomfortable for reasons they can't quite pin down. These apps will help you set the perfect tone both inside and outside your place by helping you match any color you can find and even seeing how it will look before you pick up a brush or roller.

Valspar Exterior

Valspar Exterior

Hover Inc.

Valspar Exterior

For those who want an app to visualize a new coat of exterior paint on their home.

Valspar Exterior helps you to visualize your home with a new coat of paint. Capture a few shots of your home and decide on a new look before you delve into the paint job. It offers 3-D generations of your photos that can be scaled and customized in an easy-to-use app.

Why we love it

Valspar Exterior lets you see it before you paint it.

ColorScope Paint Color Tool

Take your design ideas and inspiration to the next level with ColorScope!

ColorScope Paint Color Tool

ColorScope Paint Color Tool

For those looking for a paint color matching app.

With ColorScope you can use your smartphone to capture any color around you and match it with a real paint color available at your local paint shop. Once you have captured your color the app will help you pick complimentary colors, visualize the color in real rooms with our Room Designer, share it with friends and then purchase the desired paint.

Why we love it

With ColorScope Paint Color Tool you can find the exact color you want to give your interior rooms a makeover.

Design and Build Your Dream Kitchen

A good-looking kitchen is a wonder to behold regardless of how much cooking you actually do. And if you want to give yours an update, these apps will help. They'll give you inspiration, tools, and tips to help you create the cooking place you've always wanted.

Spruce Up Your Resting Place

You might spend a third of your life lying unconscious in bed, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the space while you're there. Here are apps that will help you select and lay out your furniture before you do any heavy lifting.

Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom Design Inspiration

Rovios Devs

Bedroom Design Inspiration

For those looking for new designs for their bedroom.

Bedroom Design Inspiration provides great design ideas to spruce up your space. View photos for inspiration, search the database for fresh ideas, and save your favorites for when makeover time arrives. The app is available for both iPhone and iPad and works offline.

Why we love it

With Bedroom Design Inspiration, a new look for your bedroom is just a tap away.

Bedroom 3D for IKEA - House Interior Design Plan

Bedroom 3D for IKEA - House Interior Design Plan

Oleksandr Rysenko

Bedroom 3D for IKEA - House Interior Design Plan

For those interested in a new look for their bedroom.

Bedroom 3D for IKEA lets you explore new designs for your bedroom. The app offers hundreds of furniture and décor items for you to arrange. You can also look at new paint for the walls, create realistic snapshots, and see the finished product before starting the project.

Why we love it

Get inspired with Bedroom 3D for IKEA. The app makes exploring a new design for your room simple and fun.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Hopefully you don't spend as much time in your bathroom as you do your bedroom, but that doesn't mean it can't look nice. Here are some apps to make that "second office" look gorgeous and inviting. They'll give you all the help you need to make your remodeling project go off as planned.

Work on Your Workspace

You don't want to waste a lot of time setting up a space to be productive; that's the exact opposite of productivity, and the irony might be too much to handle. These apps offer design ideas, planning tools, and inspiration to get your home office up and running.

Home Office Design - floor plan & draft design
Home Office Design - floor plan & draft design

Home Office Design - floor plan & draft design

an li

Home Design 3D is that perfect balance between ease of use and extensive features.

With Home Design 3D, designing and changing your home has never been so intuitive and quick. Whether you want to redecorate, redesign or create the home of your dreams, Home Design 3D is the perfect app for you!

Floorplan and room layout:
In 2D, you can draw rooms, create openings, and now add single and small walls.
You can just as easily change the height or the thickness of the walls, the shape of the room itself, and its orientation (thanks to the compass function).
By simply dragging/dropping, make your choice from among hundreds of objects and pieces of joinery proposed and change both the interior and exterior of your home.

Advanced features and sharing:
Import any plan (architectural or hand-drawn) and display it on the background of the project.

Whether for professional or personal purposes share and synchronize your project so several people can work on it!

Customization and 3D visits:
Upgrade to 3D mode and get the most out of your project. Thanks to its all-new 3D engine, you can take a look at an impressive photo-realistic preview of your project. The new day/night function will show you exactly where the light will fall at different times of the day.
Choose from the textures to customize your project either by double tapping or with a simple drag & drop.
Each texture is available in 450 different shades giving you an almost infinite choice. You can easily find the shade you want in just a few seconds thanks to the color chart.
False manipulations no longer possible in 3D. If the texture applied is not suitable, you can now go back and cancel it.

•Easy to use and intuitive interface
•Drag and drop any object or piece of furniture where you want (windows, doors, tables, desks, carpeting, etc…. This applies to textures too.
•An enormous variety of features (copy/paste, magnetism, single walls, wall height adjustment, plan importing…)
•More than 800 different objects and joignery available for the house and the garden
•Select the dimensions of every element of the house (walls, objects, furniture, ...)
•Import you plan and place it under your project
•Share your project on Dropbox
•New 3D engine for a photo-realistic rendering
•Visit your home in 3D with 2 navigation modes (First Person view and Observer mode)
•Advanced unlimited customization! All cladding and materials can be customized whenever you like and as much as you like.
Design 3D community knowledge!
•Save and edit all your projects easily
•No internet connection
•Illustrated tutorial available

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Office Planner
Office Planner

Office Planner

Planner 5D, LLC

Office Planner is a simple to use app with which anyone can create beautiful and realistic office interior designs easily in 2D and 3D HD modes either ONLINE OR OFFLINE. You can create your dream office in minutes with no training, no special skills and no complicated manuals.

You will choose office interior items from comprehensive catalogs and will be able to plan and furnish your office the way you have always wanted, and see how everything looks like in real.

- create floor plans of your own or build on a project from an existing gallery
- choose and customize furniture, accessories and décor elements from a regularly re-stored catalog
- apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations
- drag and drop items to any place on your layout

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]

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Office Planner is meant for everyone from beginners who pursue a hobby in interior design to absolute interior design pros.

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Interior Designs for Office & Remodel Plans
Interior Designs for Office & Remodel Plans

Interior Designs for Office & Remodel Plans

Space-O Infoweb

10,000+ Inspirational Ideas for Your Next Office Decoration Project!

Amazing design inspiration for your office. Cool Interior Design Inspiration. Inspirational ideas for your home office! Includes pictures of home offices, creative workplaces, desktop workspaces and more.

Want to share interior design concept with your interior designer? It's just a tap away.

You Can Share over Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ...

+ Thousands of EYE-CATCHING Office Design Ideas
+ THUMBNAIL view for quicker access
+ SWIPE and Tap to explore
+ QUICK navigation for easy use
+ SEARCH functionality

Please note that this is a free, ad supported version. If you tap on an ad that is interesting to you, we get paid at no extra costs to you. If you do not like ads, you have an option to upgrade to 'pro' and remove the ads.

Download Office Designs HD + Get Inspired = Your Amazing Office Design that Everyone Will Love!

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Get Your Yard Looking Good

Once everything's right with the inside of your home, why not take on the outside? These apps will help you landscape, freshen up your deck or pool, or otherwise give your neighbors something to enjoy and envy when they look your way.

1000+ Yard & Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

All kinds of Yard and Garden Design Ideas in the palm of your hands.

1000+ Yard & Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

1000+ Yard & Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

For homeowners looking for landscaping ideas

Features a wide range of category for theme types and stunning image set for each category. Save your next Yard or Garden theme to your phone photo gallery. Favorite any preferred themes inside the application and share theme on social media.

Why we love it

With an ever expanding list of garden and landscape ideas, everyone is sure to draw inspiration from this app.

iScape Free Landscape Designs

iScape Free Landscape Designs


iScape Free Landscape Designs

For those who want to try different looks for their landscape and outdoor space.

With iScape Free Landscape Designs you can make a plan for outdoor space easily. Capture a photo of your spot, browse the app’s database for plant images, and then pop them in to see how the finished design will look. Then, when it is time to buy your supplies, you will know exactly what to purchase.

Why we love it

The iScape Free Landscape Designs makes it simple to see what your landscape will look like when it's completed.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas - Pool Design & Decked Builder Jacuzzi

Back yard swimming pool ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas - Pool Design & Decked Builder Jacuzzi

Swimming Pool Design Ideas - Pool Design & Decked Builder Jacuzzi

For those looking for inspiring ideas in designing a swimming pool

The most complete Swimming Pool Design catalog in the app store. From modern pools to vintage, there are so many different swimming pool designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for ideas for a lap pool or an infinity pool, this style and pool catalog will provide you with ideas and inspiration.

Why we love it

No matter what style of pool you have in mind for your outdoor space, this app is swimming with ideas.