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Mountains Outdoors

Get Your Gear and Go with These Apps for the Great Outdoors

Ready to embark on an adventure in the great outdoors? Let your iPhone be your guide. From hiking to surfing these apps will make sure you head in the right direction, find the best snow and surf, and show you where to camp.

Grab Your Backpack

Put on your hiking boots , strap on your backpack, and prepare to trek the trails. These hiking apps help you find the locations you want, give you the maps you need, and keep you on track.

Gaia GPS - Hike, Hunt, Offroad

Setting a new standard for outdoor apps

Gaia GPS - Hike, Hunt, Offroad

Plan a hike with Gaia: GPS

For folks who love exploring the back country

Gaia GPS has been around for years, making wilderness exploration easier and safer than ever before. In the latest version, it's been infused with the best topographical maps available in the United States, Canada and other countries. Gaia GPS supports downloading maps for offline use, and allows you to save your tracks, way points, and maps to the cloud so you can access them from any of your iOS devices or computer. Search for trails, parks, natural features, and more from within one app.

Why we love it

Gaia GPS has, and continues to, set the standard that other outdoors GPS apps have to live up to. It includes topo maps from the United States Geological Service, United States Forestry Service, and more. It even has its own vector-based topographic map of the entire world, and all of the maps are easy to download for use even when you have no internet connection. Allowing you to record and save tracks and way points, it's like having a standalone GPS device right in your iPhone.

Map My Hike+ by Under Armour

The ultimate app for tracking and mapping your hike

Map My Hike+ by Under Armour

Map My Hike+ by Under Armour

For people who want to take their hikes more seriously

With Map My Hike+, you have a complete app for encouraging you on your hikes, tracking and mapping your travels, and sharing your experiences with others. You can also discover new paths to hike, and keep an eye on your performance progress by reviewing previous hikes. The app helps you monitor and analyze your heart rate, so you can get a real workout in while you hike. After each hike, you can access detailed statistics including pace, distance, duration, calorie burn, elevation, and more.

Why we love it

Map My Hike+ provides all the information you need to keep track of your hiking. You get detailed statistics about your workout along with a map of your hike. You can also find new hiking trails by sharing your own and discovering what trails the other 40 million members of Map My Hike+ are hiking.

SAS Survival Guide

The definitive survival guide

SAS Survival Guide

Learn essential camping and survival skills

For people who want to be able to survive emergencies in the outdoors

Written by a former SAS soldier and instructor, John "Lofty" Wiseman, the SAS Survival Guide is what you need in your back pocket to get through any outdoors emergency. It includes the full text of the book, optimized for the iPhone, along with 16 videos providing invaluable survival tips. This app also provides photo galleries of animal tracks and knots. It also gives you information on edible, poisonous, and medicinal plants. A 100+ question quiz will help you determine if you have the knowledge to survive a true emergency, and other utilities like a Morse Code signalling device and sun compass are included to help you in the wilderness.

Why we love it

When it comes to survival training, this book/app is the ultimate choice. It's chock-full of valuable information, and the app also includes handy utilities within it that will help ensure that you can deal with anything nature throws at you. It also includes Urban SAS Survival, the ultimate guide to fending for yourself in an urban environment, like after the zombie apocalypse.

Cast Your Line

If reeling in that huge fish is your favorite outdoor activity, then these apps are for you. With nautical charts, fishing maps, and navigators, you will be baiting your hook for the big catch in no time.

Track Your Target

Whether you are an expert hunter or an eager beginner, you can find just the right place with the game you seek. Grab your gear and take a look at these apps before your next big hunting excursion.

BaseMap: Hunting App
BaseMap: Hunting App

BaseMap: Hunting App

Balch Outdoor Enterprises Inc.

BaseMap is a lot more than just a mobile app. It is a complete hunt planning and navigation system, including a powerful online hunt planning application. BaseMap gives you the research data you need to plan and apply for hunts, while also giving you map overlays you need to navigate in the field.

With a BaseMap subscription, you get 2 apps in 1. You get full access to BaseMap’s powerful online (desktop) hunt planning and scouting application, as well as the powerful mobile phone application for navigating in the field, mobile scouting, and mobile hunt planning.

BaseMap subscriptions include multiple states and can be purchased on our website. Free Plans include basic map use and mobile features. Paid subscriptions include map overlays and Research Data.

Please see our coverage areas and plan options on our website.





MOBILE GPS - Always know your exact location while in the field. See where you are in relation to property boundaries, roads, trails, and more.

OFFLINE GPS - Know exactly where you are in real time even without cellular or WiFi coverage. Explore the backcountry with confidence.

MAP ENGINE - A powerful map engine allows you to view map overlays for Land Ownership, Unit Boundaries, Species Habitat Areas, Roads, Trails, Wildfires, Timber Cuts, Roadless Area, Wilderness Areas, Restricted Areas, Points of Interest, Private Land Opportunities, and more.

DRAW ODDS – Greatly increase your chance of drawing a tag. View draw odds and preference point maps for select species (elk, deer, antelope) right on your mobile phone. Instantly see the units you can draw with the points you have acquired. View detailed data for each unit such as Hunt Codes, Quota’s, Resident Odds, Non-Resident Odds, Success Rates, Minimum Points to draw, and more. Draw Odds for all species can be found in the desktop Hunt Planner.

HARVEST DATA – Greatly increase your chance of success. View harvest success maps for select species (elk, deer, antelope) right on your mobile phone. Compare and sort units on a statewide level to quickly see where hunters are having the most success, see which units are producing the most bulls or bucks, or see how many hunters are hunting a particular unit. Harvest Data for all species can be found in the desktop Hunt Planner.

SAVED HUNTS - BaseMap organizes all of your waypoints, routes, photos, notes, and hunts for you...automatically. Hunts can be synced with the BaseMap desktop application.

MOBILE SCOUTING - Add detailed scouting data to your maps from your mobile device. Add waypoints to any location on the map and add auto-geotagged photos of your current location.

HUNT DETAILS - View detailed data for your saved hunts including unit number, hunt type, license required, tag options, and hunting regulations. Direct links to purchase or apply for tags, view draw results, view leftover tags, complete harvest reports, and more.

SUN/MOON/WEATHER - Want to plan your hunt around phases of the moon? Want to know what the extended forecast looks like for your hunt? BaseMap has moon phase calendars as well as current and extended weather data. View sunrise and sunset tables and see current wind speed and direction.

TRIP CALCULATOR - Keep track of your distance traveled, time, average speed, elevation, heading, and location coordinates.

COMPASS - View your current direction and heading at any time within the trip computer or full screen mode.

Please see our website for additional Hunt Planner features included with your subscription.

If you experience any problems or would like to send us feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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NY Hunting Rules & Hunting Regulations - PITA
NY Hunting Rules & Hunting Regulations - PITA

NY Hunting Rules & Hunting Regulations - PITA

Peter Pallo

Must have hunting app exclusive for New York State!

* FREE hunting season updates when information becomes available!
- Currently available for 2017-2018 NY hunting seasons
* View open game based on Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) & Date
* View seasons based on WMU
* Specifically designed to work without a network signal
* Includes all hunting information for:
- Amphibian
- Big Game
- Furbearer
- Migratory
- Reptile
- Small Game
- Unprotected Game (open year round)
- Waterfowl
- Youth Hunts
* Season information including:
- Season dates
- Hours
- Detailed location information
- Bag and possession limits
- Legal arms

Hunting regulations made easy! NY hunting rules and hunting regs. Permitted In The Area (PITA) is an application that makes it simple to figure out what hunting seasons are open in the selected area. Whether you are in the woods or planning a future hunt, all the information you need to know is a couple clicks away. With PITA, you no longer have to decipher the Hunting & Trapping Regulations Guide. We made it simple by providing all the information right at your fingertips!

You will love this app!

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Hunting Maps - Pennsylvania
Hunting Maps - Pennsylvania

Hunting Maps - Pennsylvania


!! TRY before BUY !!!
Try now the new FlyToMap web viewer to see all available maps worldwide !!! Visit

"With Latest Updated information"

!! Watch "Flytomap GPS" app video on and !!

iHunt - Pennsylvania is the best hunting map product available today on the market.

You can Navigate in real time looking your position on the map, you don't need internet connection, switch off the 3G and double your iPhone battery life.

It is a collection of best hunting maps available for Pennsylvania.

- State Game Lands
- State Forest Lands
- State Parks
- the Allegheny National Forest
- the Erie National Wildlife Refuge
- Cooperative Farm-Game Program
- Cooperative Forest-Game Program

A full hunting guide that you can explore like an internet page, BUT WITHOUT ANY INTERNET CONNECTION:

- Hunting in Pennsylvania general information
- Where to Hunt ?
- Seasons and Limits for each hunting activity
- Laws
- Licensing (License Applications, License Types, License Fees)

All the above fully integrated in a very detailed topographic map, using the same symbology of the best local hunting paper maps, including:

- Parks and Forests boundaries
- Natural areas boudaries
- Elevation contours (10mt step)
- roads
- trails
- very detailed Mines areas
- rivers and lakes
- Mountain peaks
- Point of Interests

Imagine the above mapping data, fully availabe on your iPhone, without the need of any internet connection, used in conjunction with great application functionalities like:

- Shot your favorite picture and store its position on your map. Add a name and comments and retrive it in the future (....shortly you will be also able to share both pictures and position with your friends....)
- Search for any place, including hunting areas, or your favorite spots and retrive them on the map together with your pictures
-Track and store your path.
-Use latitudes and longitudes to go to your favorite places
- See your position on the map in real time, using your iPhone GPS and without any internet connection
- and many others


"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

"Turn off GPS when not in use"

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Enhance your hunting adventure! With augmented reality, you get to see where your hunting friends are in real-time, including their direction and status. You can also plan your hunt in advance and once the hunt is over, analyze the stats.

GEO-PAK Hunt allows to make the experience safer and more organized - the app has everything you will need as a hunter.

With GEO-PAK Hunt, you can:
NEW! Use trackers to know where your dogs are
NEW! Even offline, know where your friends are using Smart GEOGrid
Easily navigate to the points of interest and other pins
Analyze distance to objects near you using the camera
View your group members’ position, speed, direction, and status (Ready, Wait, Searching, Using dog, Leaving, and SOS)
Get solunar and weather information and wind speed and direction
Get animal data from your trail cameras
Drop pins at points of interest and map property boundaries
Keep and share journal records with photos (Observation, Miss, Wounding, Game down)
View hunting statistics to analyze the adventure

Smart GPS power saving mode will take care of your phone’s battery, but keep in mind that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Planning: sun/moon and weather/wind information
Real-time location tracking – see your own position
Create up to 10 pins and journals

Augmented reality with real-time direction and distances to other participants, pins, and objects
Instantaneous Rangefinder: map key distances
Create new hunting groups and invite your friends
View live GPS tracking of all group members
Create up to 1,000 hunting areas/boundaries
Create up to 1,000 pins and journals and share with your groups
Rotating map according to compass
Unlimited hunting path records

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onX Hunt - GPS Hunting App
onX Hunt - GPS Hunting App

onX Hunt - GPS Hunting App

onXmaps, Inc.

▶▶▶ onX Hunt has been featured in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and American Hunter as a must-have Hunting app for any Hunter.

Know where you stand with the most trusted and accurate map data: Use onX Hunt as a fully functioning free GPS on your phone. View private and public land ownership maps, Hunting Units, roads and trails, US topographic maps and more! Turn your phone into the best free hunting GPS with offline maps, location tracking GPS for hunting, and more!


• Web Map for scouting at home and syncing data to your mobile. Web Hunting Map:
• Aerial view maps and 24K Topographical Maps with GPS Navigation
• Hunting Units or Game Management Units (GMU) for multiple species (such as Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Wolf, White Tailed Deer, and Turkey hunting)
•The onX Hunt App is a hunting GPS with tracks and custom waypoints: mark waypoints with icons or photos to navigate back to your vehicle, camp, or hunt stand
• Easily measure distances between treestands hunt stands and blinds
• Mark Custom Waypoints: Camp, Truck, Trail Cam, Deer, Elk, etc.
• Measure acreage with the Shape Tool to easily measure food plots
• Track the distance, duration, and speed of your hunt with our GPS Hunting Tracker
• Topographical quad maps
• Points of Interest & Geographic Feature
• DNR Info


Turns your phone into the best GPS for outdoor GPS functionality by using the GPS tracker built into your phone, or tablet, to display your location on the map. Cellular network coverage is NOT needed, as tile saving technology allows you to save basemaps and layers for offline use.


While onX Hunt and many of its features are free, you will also start a free Premium State Membership trial when you install the App. This allows you to try a full-featured Premium State Membership for 7 days.


With a Premium State Membership, you gain access to our proprietary hunting GPS maps developed by our GIS team. A Premium State Membership costs $29.99/year. Get the same great features of onX Hunt but with the additional benefits of:

• Public land like Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM maps), Wildlife Management Areas, County and State land hunting maps, Timber Lands, and more!
• Landowner names with property line maps and boundaries in available counties*
• Search by landowner name or hunting property landowner boundaries to scout and look for new areas to hunt.
• Save private, or public hunting land maps for use when you are out of cell phone coverage.
• GMUs or Hunting Units for multiple species (such as Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Wolf, White Tailed Deer, and Turkey Hunting)
• Possible Access Lands, Walk-In areas, Block Management Areas and private lands open to the public.
• The largest database of nationwide Roads and Trails ever built.
* Private landownership maps may not be available for all counties.


With an Elite Membership, you gain access to our proprietary maps for all 50 states. Easily scout and plan hunts in any state now for one membership price. Available for $99.99/year or $14.99/month.

•Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, & identify the cost of the renewal.
•Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of Purchase.
•Visit the following URL for full terms of use:
•Turn off auto-renewal via the main Settings app:


Having a problem, or want to request new features please contact us at
[email protected]

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Catch a Wave

From the best beaches to the biggest waves, if you like to surf, check out these apps. Get the forecast for your favorite surfing spot or discover a new one. So, wax your board and suit up to catch the next wave.

MSW Surf Forecast
MSW Surf Forecast

MSW Surf Forecast


Find the best beaches and waves

Check the surf forecast, get the location conditions, and view the helpful charts. The MSW Surf Forecast app is the tool you need before you head to the beach for your next surfing adventure.

Bundle Up

Maybe you are a snow-seeker and cannot get enough of winter activities. From snowboarding to skiing to snow reports, snag an app that will get you warmed up for those chilly weather sports.



Cloudnine Weather LLC

Plan your perfect powder day or ski vacation with OpenSnow.

Conveniently displayed on your iOS device, OpenSnow gives you access to the best snow forecasts, snow reports, and live webcams for over 2,000 mountain locations across the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

Main features include daily analysis from OpenSnow’s team of local forecasters, the ability to compare your favorite mountains on one screen, and the option to receive custom snow forecast and report alerts so you never miss another powder day.

Download today and see why WIRED named OpenSnow as one of “The Best Mobile Apps for Skiing and Snowboarding”.

— OpenSnow All-Access, In-App Purchase —

Payment for OpenSnow All-Access entitles you to OpenSnow All-Access usage and its features. OpenSnow All-Access is an auto-renewable subscription, which will renew yearly at $19.99. Payment will be charged to the user's iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

Full terms and conditions can be found here: and

Sales through Apple iTunes will be governed by Apple’s refund policy. We value all of our customers and encourage you to provide feedback on your experience. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Colorado Snow Map & Webcams

Colorado Snow Map & Webcams

William Magrath

**** Find your snow! ** Download for free today! ****

Colorado Snow Map lets you quickly view and compare snow report information for ski resorts across Colorado in a single glance by showing the information on a map. With Colorado Snow Map, you can:

- View currently reported 24-hour snowfall totals, 3-day totals, and 7-day totals across all resorts.
- View snow base statistics across all resorts.
- See the same statistics for past dates by swiping left or right on the map. This lets you see how much snow each resort received yesterday, two days ago, etc.
- Review detailed snow history for each resort by clicking on the resort to view the resort-specific page within the app, letting you see many days of snowfall history.
- Zoom in to your favorite part of Colorado to focus on the resorts you care most about. When you reopen the app, the Snow Map will take you right back to the region you were last viewing.
- See how snowfall amounts can vary, even among neighboring resorts, letting you find the best snow for your days on the mountain.
- See the last date each resort received snow by clicking on the "Last Snowfall" button.

*** Find Your Snow! ***

Set Up Camp

When your outdoor activities take you to the woods, a lake, or a mountain, find the ideal place to set up camp for the night. These campground finders help you locate RV, cabin, and tent spots quickly and easily.

Camp & RV - Tent Camping to RV Parks

Camp & RV - Tent Camping to RV Parks

Allstays LLC

Camp & RV - Tent Camping to RV Parks

For those interested in a campground locator that provides rest area, fuel, and repair spots.

Camp & RV from Allstays LLC provides a simple way to find the campground that’s right for your next outdoor adventure. The app includes filters for finding the perfect spot, whether it be for tent or RV camping. You can also check out rest area locations, parking lots, and repair centers.

Why we love it

For finding your ultimate campground, Camp & RV is the way to go.

KOA | RV, Cabin & Tent Camping

Find official KOA campgrounds for tents, RVs, and cabins in the U.S. and Canada.

KOA | RV, Cabin & Tent Camping

Get full details and book

For those who like KOA campgrounds and want to reserve sites directly from the app.

KOA Campgrounds is a terrific app for locating KOA sites. The app not only provides campground and site details, but also includes hot deals, campground maps, filtering options, notifications, and more. Whether you have a tent or RV or would rather stay in a cabin, this app makes it easy to find the perfect spot.

Why we love it

KOA Campgrounds is the best way to find KOA locations across the U.S. and Canada. Once you find the spot you want, you can book your site from the app with a tap.

Camp and Tent

Find campgrounds with tent, RV, or both types of sites in the U.S. and Canada.

Camp and Tent

Pick a state, type, and city

For those who like campground finders with tons of details and tent only site options.

Camp and Tent is a great tool for finding campgrounds across the U.S. as well as Canada. With tons of filter options, you can find the exact type of site you want. The app also includes maps, reviews, weather, and ratings, along with campground details, in one handy app.

Why we love it

Camp and Tent has a nice variety of features, filters, and details for finding the ideal campground for your trip.

Read and Explore

If you love everything outdoors, from sports to activities to camping, then these magazine apps are perfect. Check out park locations, wildlife details, new trails, and much more with the flip of page.