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Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Most of us will make New Year's resolutions. But most of them will fall by the wayside come mid-February. Here's a collection of apps that will make keeping your resolutions easier - and keep you motivated through the process.

Sometimes We Need a Little, or a Lot of Help Getting Motivated to Reach Our Goals

Have goals you want to reach this New Year? Let's face it, we all start out a plan but sometimes don't follow through. These apps will help you succeed whether you need simple goal tracking or even a life coach to guide you through all those resolution goals. Get the needed motivation that works for you. - Goals & Habits

When you need a little extra push to build good habits and goals - Goals & Habits

For anyone who needs a bit of social motivation to achieve their goals.

Formerly known as Lift, is an essential when it comes to meeting your goals. Simply set your goal or goals in this beautiful app, turn on your style of coaching, and achieve it. What makes this app an essential is how you can personalize your style of coaching. Whether you prefer an actual coach, reminders, or just a cheerleader along the way, this app will do it for you.

Why we love it has a gorgeous interface and is super easy to use. Plus, it is always inspiring to get cheered on by others for your own goals and get tips on better habits.

Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing

Track your goals and get help reaching them

Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing

For those who want an app to help reach their goals in all parts of their life.

Remente - Self Improvement can help you reach your goals. The app includes a daily planner, a life assessment tool, a goal-setting system, and a collection of articles and exercises to get you on your way to better habits. You can keep track of your mood in the journal and make improvements to all aspects of your life with the help of Remente.

Why we love it

Remente - Self Improvement gives you the tools you need to set and reach goals for work, home, fitness, and mental health.

Lead a More Productive Life

If getting organized and on task is top on your list for the New Year then these apps are right for you. You find just what you need to take control of your day to day life and be more productive. Say goodbye to being scattered.

Task Office lite: to-do list

Task Office lite: to-do list


Task Office is the best of ever existing GTD, to do lists, projects and contacts management apps. Manage both simple and complex projects, to do lists without any difficulties and focus on the final result. Manage your contacts and relationships, schedule your time and succeed.

Planning & Performing
• Start scheduling each new day on Home screen. Here you will find your current projects and to dos: a timeline with tasks you have planned for today and outline of upcoming tasks. Home screen allows you to focus only on current tasks, planned for today, and not to get lost in plenty of other planned tasks. You can plan your day directly from Home screen creating new tasks, projects, contacts and companies

Quick & Easy navigation
• Reach any project, task, to do list or contact in seconds. Task Office is designed in a way that will allow you to navigate within app screens just in one tap
• Organize your tasks by categories, projects or priorities and make a logic order of all your plans

Detailed GTD
• Add all important details to get things done: choose tasks category, status, priority and set dates
• Assign tasks to people by choosing a person from all existing contacts
• Add locations to each task and project
• Make all your information categorized – assign special categories for easy filtering and browsing through tasks and projects

Comprehensive GTD Tab
• All tasks are organized according to GTD methodology (by D. Allen)
• Add tasks of different types:
- ToDo – tasks with duration of several days
- Appointment – assign task duration accurate to minutes
- Email/Call – short task for making calls or sending emails to any user

• Use double alert and let the program remind you what is next to be done

Tracking project progress
• Track the progress of your projects and to do lists by viewing the pipeline: view the percentage of work performed and how many tasks still need to be done
• Check out everyone who is involved in project: view the list of contacts involved in the project

Managing your team
• Create new contacts and companies; add all the important information about your contact or company. Either you can import existing contact from your iOS device Address Book
• Send e-mails directly from Contacts Screen
• Group your contacts creating your Private Lists, so that you can easily monitor their productivity and track task implementation. Save each Private list and refer back to easily

Visualized Calendar
• Task Office calendar allows you to focus on what is important in your timeline. See your planed To Dos, Appointments, Emails/Calls to get things done in time
• View calendar by day, week or month
• Add tasks directly to the Calendar by Tap&Hold
• Change tasks duration or Start and Due Dates simply Drag&Drop

Calendar Syncing
• Task Office syncs with Calendars (iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook) and you will not miss anything checking out due dates

iCloud Sync
• Sync your information – tasks, projects, contacts, etc. – between your devices

Repeating tasks
• Add repeated tasks, choosing recurrences frequency

Set goals and achieve them. Become a part of Task Office team today!

Nirvana for GTD

Nirvana for GTD


Getting Things Done® is all about freeing your mind and knowing your next action. Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager to help you achieve true GTD bliss.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”
- David Allen

Nirvana is GTD-ready “out of the box”:

• Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect and Engage
• Inbox, Next, Waiting, Scheduled and Someday lists
• Create Actions (to-dos), Projects and Reference items
• Filter by Area, Context, Time and Energy
• Focus on actually Getting Things Done

Your data stays in sync via the cloud, across the web and on all of your devices.

“It's by far the best GTD app I have used (and I've tried them all!).” - Damian Surr

* FREE vs. PRO -- What's the difference? *

Nirvana is free to use for as long as you like, with unlimited to-dos and easy data export.

Upgrade to Pro for unlimited projects, unlimited reference lists, unlimited areas and recurring to-dos.

You can find out more about Nirvana and GTD® on our website:

If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach us by email at [email protected]

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Nirvana is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

DayNinja - Flow & Focus Timer+

DayNinja - Flow & Focus Timer+

Envisage Apps

DayNinja combines the best productivity methods in the world: Pomodoro technique ™ by Francesco Cirillo, GTD by David Allen, Deep work, timeboxing and more all in one FREE app.

Backed by scientifically proven time management methods this free pomodoro focus timer app will help you to be more productive. Some features include:

- Day View: Integrates with your calendar. See your focus tasks planned out between appointments.
- New Day: DayNinja cleans up old tasks and resets your timers ready for you to re-prioritise focus goals each day.
- KPI Performance streaks: Measure your focus each day and compare with daily performance charts.
- Metrics: Learn how many hours you spend doing focused work, breaks and the time you will finish your workday based on your goals and appointments.
- To-do: prioritise your days’ tasks by drag & drop.
- Target block count & estimates: keep motivated with focus goals, set your personal daily targets.
- Optimised user interface: Quick swipe actions to keep you in flow throughout your day.
- Customise your block & break durations as you grow your ability to focus.
- Tags let you see at a glance related tasks and projects in your todo list.
- Satisfying sounds keep your day light and a smile on your face as you slash through tasks.
- Flow state friendly: keep working when you get in the zone and your focus time is still tracked.
- Focus time summary: receive a report of your total focus time each week.

The ideal productivity tool for founders, professional freelancers, designers and coders.

From the author:

"Do you know how many hours of your day are actually productive, focused time?

Whether it be phone calls, emails, your smartphone or well-meaning colleagues tapping you on the shoulder for a “Do you have a minute?” kind of chat, our days are bombarded with interruptions. Before we know it, the day is over and we are left feeling rather down and thinking "Eek!? ...Is that all I got done today?"

Now let’s just assume that it is possible to work in a quiet place away from external interruptions. Our own minds are an even bigger source of distraction, with a new thought entering our minds every 3 minutes! Unless we have a system, a method, a process - whatever you want to call it, the outcome is likely to be the same day after day: stressful mess bouncing between other people’s agendas and not getting your most important work done. Sound familiar?

This app has been inspired by proven productivity techniques:

Pomodoro timer: The idea is to work in predetermined blocks of time. To do this, simply break a task up into 25-minute segments without stopping or getting distracted.

Getting Things Done®: Begin with a to-do list for the day and classify tasks according to priority.

You have allocated tasks, time, all under your own terms, you have achieved your goals, performed every task with a sense of quality and you finish every day satisfied. It sounds simple, and it is… in concept, but don’t expect to master this technique right away. It takes weeks of practicing the method day in and day out. It takes discipline. I have strayed at times when overwhelmed, I have reached the end of the week and wondered, “Where did I achieve this week”. It is those weeks when I have failed to be disciplined and failed to use the app. I have let other people’s agendas overrun my own.

Researchers have proven that self-control is one of the key determinants of success. When you exercise self-control and self-discipline through a good part of your day, it cannot help but spill over into other areas of your life... How you eat, sleep and your health and happiness. Stick with it, and you too will be a DayNinja.

Nathan Challen

Want to learn more? read: “Zen and the art of getting Sh*t done” & Medium or subscribe for more productivity tips.

Psst! Looking to induce the flow state more easily? get free training at

Want to Sleep Like a Baby?

We all know sleep is very important but we sometimes don't get all we need. If your resolution is to keep that daytime yawning at bay then these apps will help you find the rest you need. A rested you is a happy you.

White Noise

Relax to soothing sounds.

White Noise

White Noise

For those who like a variety of relaxing sound options for falling asleep.

White Noise offers a sound catalog with tons of effects to choose from like an air conditioner, thunder storm, street noise, and a grandfather clock. The app has a handy full screen digital clock and advanced controls for looping playlists, mixing with music, and balance and pitch. You can also customize your alarm snooze times and control playback on your Apple Watch.

Why we love it

White Noise is an easy-to-use app with a nice selection of sound effects.

Sleep Aid Fan - White Noise

Bring the soothing noise of a fan anywhere.

Sleep Aid Fan - White Noise

Time to Sleep

For anyone who is pleased by the soothing noise of a fan.

Besides allowing you to cool down and get some sleep, having a fan on after getting in bed can also serve as a soothing source of white noise. For those times when you can't bring a fan with you, but miss having the sound to help you fall asleep, Sleep Aid Fan should do the trick. You can pick from three high-quality fan noises, adjust the volume as you please, and even set a timer to prevent the sound from staying on all night. Now those are things you can't do with a real fan!

Why we love it

The sound of a fan is often overlooked as a source of white noise that can help you fall asleep. Sleep Aid Fan provides an option for those who fall asleep easily with the noise of a fan.

Mom Always Said Eat Your Veggies

Many people resolve every year to nix meat from their lives. However, that can be a very daunting journey. To help make going meatless a success, try these apps that are full of delicious recipes and tips. They're so good, you'll never miss that meat.

Vegetarian Recipes - Daily Meal Cooking
Vegetarian Recipes - Daily Meal Cooking

Vegetarian Recipes - Daily Meal Cooking

Mai Huy Toan

Vegetarian Recipes more than 20000+ recipes update everyday. Find easy vegetarian and vegan dinners for eating healthy. Hundreds of vegetarian recipes with photos and detail steps. Whether it’s delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes you’re after, or ideas for gluten or dairy-free dishes, you’ll find plenty here to inspire you. From Healthy vegetarian main dishes to quick and easy vegetarian recipes.

With convenient app features:
- Step by step instruction
- Detail nutrition information for your healthy meal
- User friendly navigation
- Use Favourite and Shopping list to save your recipe and ingredients
- Instantly search for cooking idea

App icons are designed by Freepik (,

more info
Vegetarian Recipe Book
Vegetarian Recipe Book

Vegetarian Recipe Book

Hitbytes Technologies

An easy way to find millions of exciting and tasty vegetarian recipes, with everything from simple meal ideas to fit for a gourmet banquet. Whether you’re a fully-fledged vegetarian, or are looking to reduce your meat consumption, we have recipes to suit all cooking abilities and tastes. This incredible Vegan Recipes app has all the recipes you will need and it's FREE. We understand the joys of cooking and bring you a diverse range of free vegan recipes to please any tastes.
You will find vegan ideas for all periods and occasions during the year, dealing with different tastes.

We are giving vegetarian recipes for those who really love veggie stuffs and pure vegetarians. Vegetarian recipes are really healthy. Healthy vegan recipes always begin with healthy active ingredients. The food you prepare must contain all the crucial nutrients that the body requires for excellent fitness.
Vegetable soups are best advise for those who are taking diet and popular in countries like America, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Arab countries. Vegetable soups with cabbage, onion, tomatoes etc will help us in weight lose. The vegetarian cookbook of India have all nutritious foods.
This app will help you to make vegetable dishes in different categories including appetisers, vegetarian BBQ and grilling, vegetarian breakfast and brunch, main dishes, side dishes, soups and stews, quick and easy recipes, vegetarian chilli, lasagna, pasta salad, pie, quiche and many more.
Step by step instructions for cooking a new recipe is provided. So even a kid can easily prepare their loved healthy food very simply. if you are a beginner in cooking then this will be the best companion for you. Nutritional and calorie values are also provide along with recipes. You can also search recipes by taking the images of groceries or any other ingredients in your hand. This feature gave you a very simple and easy searching. Shopping list is an another important distinct feature of this free app. using this feature you can easily buy ingredients or groceries from the market. Explore the largest collection of tasty, delicious healthy vegan recipes completely for free. Experience the feeling of self-satisfaction after cooking different dishes!. Add to favourite a newly discovered recipe to access it anytime. Look through an extensive choice of recipes.

Download, Start cooking your favourite Vegetarian recipe.

more info
Vegetarian Recipes & Nutrition
Vegetarian Recipes & Nutrition

Vegetarian Recipes & Nutrition

Edamam LLC

If you are looking for a vegetarian recipe app, search no more! We have gathered the best quality vegetarian recipes from across the web and given them to you in one beautiful and easy to use app. Just type what you want to eat and you will get excellent suggestions with amazing photos.

You can further limit your choice to fit your diet, be it gluten-free or under 400 calories per serving. And, for each recipe, we have provided full nutritional analysis. In fact, our app is the only one with consistent nutritional information for every recipe, no matter where it comes from.

If you love a recipe or want to remember it, simply tap on Save. Last but not least, each recipe has a convenient shopping list right within it, which makes buying the ingredients a breeze.

more info
Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes

Edutainment Ventures LLC

Vegetarian Recipes SMART Cookbook is an app to explore vibrant taste of hearty and nutritious vegetarian meal from crunchy stir-fries to soups and appetizers to crockpots. This app has a vast offline collection of more than 7000 Vegetarian Recipes and Drinks/Beverages. Spice up your taste buds and learn how to cook delicious Vegetarian Food in an easy, step by step way! This Veg Recipes App has quick recipes spread across major categories like Snacks, Appetizers, Cheese recipes, Entree, Accompaniments, Side dishes, Confectionery items, Desserts, Palate Cleansers and more.

All the recipes in Vegetarian Recipes SMART Cookbook have been organized and cataloged, so that you can easily find any recipes by Courses, Taste Buds, Cuisines, Ingredients and your Dietary needs like Green leafy or starchy vegetables, Legumes & Beans, Grains, Fruits , Dairy products & many more.

Some of the Vegetarian Recipes are listed below:
• Cheese Sandwich
• Mini Veggie-loaded Pizza
• Easy Chocolate Fudge
• Fluffy Lemon Butter
• Stuffed Mushrooms
• Cherry Berry
• Monkey Bread
• Falafel
• Vegetable Biryani
• Tacos

Application Features:-

• Find the List of ingredients with cooking instructions for each recipe.
• Nutritional values of recipes as well as each Ingredients.
• Use up what's in your pantry with Cook With feature.
• 3000+ Tips around Food, HouseHold, Remedy, Health, Kitchen & Wellness.
• 5000+ benefits of all ingredients.
• With Filter feature, you not only get what you want but can ignore what you don’t.
• Plan your meals and get together with “Menu Planner”.
• Cook Hands Free by simply hearing ChefChili’s Instructions.
• Explore Worldwide Cuisines.
• Get Similar Veg Recipes on the basis of your choice!
• Use “Turbo Search” and shortlist with Type of Diet, Taste Buds, Ingredients, Countries and many more.
• Organize or bookmark your favorite recipes in EduBank.
• If you think something is missing, contribute it!

You might run out of hunger, but the mesmerising aroma of Vegetarian Recipes complemented by worldwide Ingredients, will make you move. Learn to cook because you’ll love gulping down this food from Vegetarian Recipes SMART Cookbook.

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Cut the Carbs

Many of us resolve to eat better and lose weight by cutting out carbs every year, but we might need some help to succeed. If you suffer with this too, these apps are just what you need. They are filled with support, tips, and delicious recipes to guide you in your resolution process. You'll be on to a carb-free life in no time.

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

Get the details you need for a low carb diet

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

For those looking for a low carb diet app.

The Glycemic Index app can help you eat healthier with low carb diet details along with a food diary. Check the food list, add foods to your meals, track your weight, and control your overall food intake with the app’s handy tools.

Why we love it

If you are ready to start your low carb diet, then the Glycemic Index app is for you.

Eat Low Carb-Easy Diet Recipes to Help Lose Weight

Create dishes that will tempt your taste buds and enjoy clean eating for better health

Eat Low Carb-Easy Diet Recipes to Help Lose Weight

Eat Low Carb-Easy Diet Recipes to Help Lose Weight

For those who desire to have easy recipes for a low carb diet and weight loss.

Eat Low Carb contains 300+ mouthwatering and healthy Low Carb diet recipes! Let our app guide you and take the guesswork out of cooking. Meal planning can be easy and you can continue to indulge yourself! Our recipe categories help you plan your next meal - breakfast, beef, poultry, vegetarian, dessert and more. Create dishes that will tempt your taste buds and enjoy clean eating for better health.

Resolve to Save Your Money This Year

Is growing (or starting!) a savings account on your list this year? These apps are just what you need to get started and keep on track whether you're saving for a rainy day or just that big ticket item you've had your eye on. Hello, big-screen 4K TV!

M1 Finance: Yours to build.

M1 Finance: Yours to build.

M1 Finance LLC

With our next-generation, intelligent financial tools, you can do exactly what you want with your investing, borrowing, and spending. The cherry on top? It’s free.

Join more than 500,000 investors who’ve opened up accounts to automate their finances with M1.

Goodbye manual calculations. Now, you can build a system of automated rules that lets you organize your transactions with just a few clicks. Your money will move between your M1 accounts automatically, so you can optimize your investing, borrowing, and spending.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Create your portfolio with any stock and/or ETF, for free, and use our intelligent automation tools to invest on a schedule, rebalance with one click, and more.

Borrow money at just 2-3.5% and use it for whatever you want: more buying power, emergencies, large purchases, you choose. Unlock this flexible portfolio line of credit with just $5,000 invested.

Access your money instantly and move money between investments seamlessly with your M1 checking account.

- 1% APY* checking (that's 33x the national average APY for a checking account)
- 1% cash back on M1 Plus Visa™ debit card purchases
- 1.50% reduction on M1 Borrow base rate**
- Unlock a second daily trading window for more control over your investments
- NEW: Get access to Smart Transfers

- Securities in M1 Invest accounts are insured up to $500,000 by the SIPC.
- M1 Spend checking accounts may be insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC.
- We are a technology-first company that utilizes the latest in information security.

**Borrow rates may vary. Borrow not available for retirement accounts.

All investing involves risk, including the risk of losing the money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. Borrowing on margin can add to these risks, and you should learn more before borrowing. M1 does not provide investment advice, and this is not an offer or solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell any security, and you are encouraged to consult your personal investment, legal, and tax advisors.
M1 Plus is an annual membership that confers benefits for products and services offered by M1 Finance LLC and M1 Spend LLC, each a separate, affiliated, and wholly-owned operating subsidiary of M1 Holdings Inc. “M1” refers to M1 Holdings Inc., and its affiliates.

Brokerage products and services offered by M1 Finance LLC, an SEC registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA / SIPC.


*No minimum balance to open account. No minimum balance to obtain APY (annual percentage yield). APY valid from account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates may vary. National average is 0.03% APY, as of April 2021. Obtained from the FDIC.

M1 Spend is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of M1 Holdings Inc.

M1 Spend checking accounts furnished by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC. M1 Visa™ Debit Card is issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC.


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