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These Apps Make Calculating a Breeze

These Apps Make Calculating a Breeze

As much as we may dislike math, it's a basic necessity in life, no matter who you are. Fortunately, these apps make it easy for you to do whatever calculations you need to on-the-fly!

Simple Calculations

While we have a built-in calculator on iOS, sometimes it just doesn't cut it, or the aesthetics don't fit the bill for you. These apps are great replacements and get the job done.

iris calculator - Do more

iris calculator - Do more

Guerson Perez

iris was designed to be used as a simple calculator out of the box, and give you the possibility to take it further with all the built in features as you need them. It's minimal design makes it easy and intuitive to use, despite it's many features you'll get familiar right away.

- Easy to read and write syntax.
- Save results for later.
- Name results.
- Use saved results as variables.
- Create lists with a set of results.
- Smart parenthesis.
- Tap solved bubbles to see the full equation.
- Choose from 10 additional themes! Completely free.

With iris you will be able to do more in less time.

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Haseba Calculator
Haseba Calculator

Haseba Calculator

Ahmad Almazeedi

While building Haseba, we focused most of our energy on user interface. We think that the key to any great app is a beautiful, and simple design that works seamlessly with the apps features.

Key features

• Swipe up or down in the display area of Haseba to show your history.

• Swipe right on the keypad to access more mathematical functions and a choice of 6 themes.

In Haseba we worked long and hard on providing 6 colour-themes that go hand in hand with the time of day. The colours range from "Ivory Dusk" to "Golden sunset" and we hope you take full advantage of this feature.

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Remark calculator- store the history, editing and notes of each operation content, scale, live voice broadcast
Remark calculator- store the history, editing and notes of each operation content, scale, live voice broadcast

Remark calculator- store the history, editing and notes of each operation content, scale, live voice broadcast


IPad/iPhone interface for a simple, gorgeous, with a scale, live voice and other 4 kinds of musical tone Real time recording function of the super calculator App.

The historical records: automatically save all the calculation process and results, and according to the time sequence, easy viewing.
We note, micro accounts: can note for each value of bills, bills, tax records note.
The operation process of the operation: instant visual inspection of all input, the results have been input errors to avoid.
The notes, note: note for each value, for expenses, tax bills, recording notes.
The copy, send SMS, e-mail: direct application sharing operation content.
It can be calculated again again: Calculation of historical content.
The backspace key: cancel the wrong input more convenient.

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Solve Equations In New Ways

Equations can be rather scary, but these apps help you find the solution in all new ways.

Photomath - Camera Calculator

Point, scan, and solve equations easily

Photomath - Camera Calculator

Scan and solve

For those who want a fast and thorough way to solve equations on their homework assignments.

Photomath is a smart calculator app that does something unique and special, and is an invaluable tool for students. Just launch the app, point your camera at your equation, scan it, and Photomath will come up with the answer. But that's not all — rather than just give you an answer without showing you how it arrives to that solution, you'll get detailed step-by-step explanations of how to arrive at that answer. At the moment, Photomath has full support for arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, equation systems, and some functions like logarithms. While you can have Photomath solve more complex problems like integrals, trigonometry, and derivatives, these don't have support for step-by-step explanations just yet.

Why we love it

We remember how tough equations can be in school, and wish we had something like this around back then. Being able to take a photo of the equation and then have it explain how to get the answer is super helpful.

MyScript Calculator - Handwriting calculator

This calculator is great when you need to write out complex equations

MyScript Calculator - Handwriting calculator

Calculate anything

For anyone who works with complex equations that can be a hassle to input into tradition calculators

If you are looking for something special, look no further than MyScript Calculator. This amazing app for the iPad and iPhone allows you to write whatever math equations you need to on your iDevice's screen. After doing so, MyScript will digitally convert your numbers into text. The feel is completely natural, as if writing on paper, and answers are presented in real time. There is a redo/undo function, and the app itself works incredibly fast. Choose just about any type of variable to solve and MyScript will deliver. This app is essential to have on your iDevice.

Why we love it

Equations can be complicated and it's hard to input them into traditional calendar apps. MyScript Calculator is great because you can just write it in with your finger and the app takes care of the rest for you automatically.

Calculate and Convert at the Same Time

If you want a simple calculator that gets the job done, but need to do some basic unit conversions too, then make sure to check out this app.

Unitify - Unit and Currency Converter
Unitify - Unit and Currency Converter

Unitify - Unit and Currency Converter

Zijun Huang

Unitify is a fast, convenient unit and currency converter.

You just need to input the value you want to convert and all results of related units will seamlessly show in one list automatically, instantly.

All units are grouped for quickly locating. Units are grouped by imperial, metric, and other categories. Currencies are grouped by continents.

There is a built-in calculator, you can add, subtract, multiply and divide directly inside the app.

Just stop remembering those stupid formula !!

Currency, Temperature, Velocity, Weight, Length, Area, Volume, Power, Energy, Force, Pressure, Resistance, Time, Time Zone, Digits

With Unitify, you will know:
- There is 86,400 seconds in 1 day
- The binary of 25 is 11001
- 37℃ equals to 98.6℉
- 70 yards equals to 64 meters
- 100 U.S. gallons equals to 440.5 litres
- 100 acre s equals to 40.4 hectares
- 1 karats equals 0.2 gram
- € 200 equals to $ 264
- What time is it in Tokyo
- ......

- Built-in calculator
- 15kinds of units, multiple currencies
- Units are grouped, support "Show/Hide"
- Convert automatically and instantly
- All results will seamless show in one list
- Very easy to use

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Convert - Unit and Currency Converter
Convert - Unit and Currency Converter

Convert - Unit and Currency Converter

Raphael Odermatt

A simple but powerful unit converter. Translates hundreds of physical units and dimensions quickly and easily. The currency converter features daily updated exchange rates for over 130 countries.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: 4½ (over 1000 reviews world wide)

*** Apple Watch ***
We bring the converter including currency exchange rates to your Apple Watch. Convert units and currencies directly on your watch.

▶ Intuitive and efficient user interface
▶ A total of 398 units in 17 categories
▶ Shoe size conversion
▶ Calculator
▶ Daily updated currency converter
▶ History charts for all currencies
▶ Univeral iPhone/iPad app
▶ Landscape support for iPad
▶ Copy & Paste
▶ Drag'n Drop your favorites to the toolbar
▶ Frequent free updates
▶ iPhone 6 (plus) ready: Optimized for 4.7'' and 5.5'' screen

▶ Currency
▶ Length
▶ Weight
▶ Temperature
▶ Speed
▶ Energy
▶ Angle
▶ Pressure
▶ Time
▶ Volume
▶ Area
▶ Power
▶ Data
▶ Torque
▶ Radioactivity
▶ Fuel consumption
▶ Force
▶ Shoe size
▶ Calculator

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EZPZ Unit Converter
EZPZ Unit Converter

EZPZ Unit Converter

Martin Engelsgjerd

EZPZ Unit Converter consists of 17 categories that simplify the conversion of currency, temperature, length, weight, speed, area, and volume with more than 1000 different conversions and 160+ different live rate currencies.

Save your conversions that you use a lot, and add the EZPZ Saved Conversions widget for very easy access.

EZPZ Unit converter also provides fun facts involving the units used in the conversions, making the App not only very practical, but fun to use as well.

Swipe right and use the search bar to search for units/currencies instead of choosing the category and manually picking the unit. When searching for a currency in the search field it will change the left column (the from currency), and if you search again it will change the right column (the to currency).

This App is completely free.

The menus, icons, and colors that comprise the Apps’ design, allows it to be very user friendly, pleasant to look at, and easy to navigate. Enabling the user to conveniently access the conversions in the fastest possible way. Enjoy!

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Fancy Units & Currency Converter Offline - Plus!
Fancy Units & Currency Converter Offline - Plus!

Fancy Units & Currency Converter Offline - Plus!

Ievgenii Lebid

A Simple, Fast, User Friendly Unit & Currency Converter for Every Day Use!

In Fancy Units you can easily customize a list of conversion types and units, and then use it on-the-go. You don't need to spend your time switching between units. What you enter for one item will be automatically recalculated for all other selected items. Do less and get faster result!

Fancy Units consists currency rates for more then 160 countries and 24 types of conversion, including: cooking, fuel consumption, electric current, illuminance, network speed, acceleration, area, data, density, energy, frequency, length, plain angle, power, pressure, radiation dose, radioactivity, speed, temperature, time, volume and weight.

The currency rates is updated every hour, but don't worry if you have no internet connection. Fancy Units will save the data of the latest successful update and allows you to use it in your calculations.

The updating process of the database is always active and soon you can find a dress and shoes size conversions as well.


• Real-time conversion
• Support 350+ physical units and 160+ currencies
• Built in calculator
• Smart search to quickly locate categories and units
• Automatic currency exchange rate refresh
• Easily customize a list of conversion
• Multiple languages support


• Volume
• Area
• Speed
• Temperature
• Weight
• Energy
• Currency
• Pressure
• Time
• Length
• Power
• Data
• Frequency
• Density
• Illuminance
• Acceleration
• Radiation Dose
• Plain Angle
• Network Speed
• Metric System
• Fuel Consumption
• Electric Current
• Radioactivity
• Cooking

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Graph Those Calculations

With complex equations come complicated graphs. Get the job done with this great app.

Easily Do Financial Calculations

Having to deal with financial calculations can be a real pain, but these apps make everything much more tolerable.