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camera apps

Camera Apps That Improve On The Native Camera

We're highlighting the best camera apps to use in place of Apple's stock app. If you consider yourself a photog, these apps are for you.

Shoot Like a Pro

When it is time to capture that perfect photo, these full-featured camera apps offer the settings and adjustment options you need for shooting and editing like a pro.


A better camera app


Complete control

For photographers looking for more control over their images.

While Camera+ has long been an App Store stable, it continues to add more and more features for photographers to help capture that perfect shot. Recent additions include slow-shutter support, ultra-low ISO and much more. Apple Watch users can even use the app on the wearable device to set a timer.

Why we love it

I have nothing bad to say about this app, it's not a fluke that Camera+ has topped the iTunes charts for so long. The combination of an easy-to-use interface and powerful manual controls makes it a must have for anyone looking to take their iPhone photography to the next level.

Microsoft Pix Camera

Capture and create amazing photos with a new camera app that does the work for you.

Microsoft Pix Camera

Compare the photo

For those looking for a camera app that adjusts photo settings automatically.

If you are a photo-taking fanatic with your iOS device, then you have probably tried tons of camera apps. But, the Microsoft Pix app claims to take the work out of capturing the perfect photo with automatic setting adjustments for every shot.

Why we love it

Microsoft Pix is certainly easy to use; just open and capture your shot. You can also adjust previous photos you have taken and saved to your device with available filter effects. The images come out nice and you can do a quick comparison of the photo you captured with the adjusted one.


Use this great camera app in any low-light situation


A number of modes

For photographers who are looking for a great way to take low-light photos.

When you're ready to capture an image or video, just start the app up. There are a ton of different levels you can adjust quickly and easily.

Why we love it

ProCamera+ is one of the best third-party camera apps available. It's powerful and truly gives photographers more control over their images - especially if they shoot in low light. The ability to shoot video is a great added plus as well. You will need to pay extra to unlock some features with an in-app purchase, but the technology is definitely worth it.

Be in Control

If you prefer to manually adjust the exposure, shutter, and focus of your shots, then these camera apps put you in complete control.

MuseCam - Edit Photos & Manual Camera

Capture the perfect shot and then spruce it up with this advanced camera and editing tool

MuseCam - Edit Photos & Manual Camera

Make your adjustments

For those who like to use a manual camera and also have robust editing tools.

MuseCam is an easy-to-use, sleek camera and photo editing app. When capturing your next shot, take control of the shutter, ISO, white balance, and focus. And then pop open your photo library to edit previously-taken pictures with great presets and terrific adjustment tools.

Why we love it

If you take a lot of photos on your device and are looking for a solid editing tool that comes with a manual camera, then check out the new MuseCam. This robust tool not only lets you capture the perfect shot with manual adjustments, but lets you enhance your photos for an awesome look.

Moment – Photo and Video Camera

Capture Your Moments

Moment – Photo and Video Camera

Macro Shot

The Moment App is for folks who want to use gestures to better control light and focus.

The Moments app includes three unique features. First, it includes gestures to better control focus a​nd light. Second, it features a thumb-reachable toolbar so you can quickly switch between photo/video mode, plus turn shooting features on/off. Finally, it works with Moment hardware to bring the best of a DSLR to your phone. The Moment Case features a physical shutter button with half-press and full-press functionality. Moment Lenses add wide, telephoto, and macro perspectives to your phone.

Why we love it

We really enjoy this app -- with or without Moment's hardware. It adds a little bit of depth to our photos and video that are somewhat lacking in Apple's Camera app.

Specialty Apps

Sometimes you need a special lens or focus capability to get the kind of shot out of your iPhone that you'd usually get with a regular camera. These apps should help.



Ittiam Systems (Pvt) Ltd

Fast. Simple. Vibrant.
Great HDR photos with every click

vividHDR is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera application that captures brilliant pictures with amazing details in both highlights and shadows.
The lean camera UI puts you at the center of the photographic process, while our advanced patent-pending algorithms ensure perfectly exposed, sharp and artistic HDR images.
Once you are done, share your images instantly to Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox, without having to leave vividHDR.

vividHDR now takes 5 exposure bracketed images on iPhone 5 and above, iPod 6th Generation and above and iPad 3rd generation and above

What reviewers are saying:
“It’s a true HDR app that creates stunning bright and vibrant color photos.”
“I was very impressed by the quality of the images created, which is really at the top.”
“vividHDR will be among the very best HDR apps available.”
“It offers more options, has a better interface, and has powerful tone-mapping, ghost-removal, and merge and alignment algorithms that leave you with better pictures in the end.”

What users are saying:
“vividHDR is hands down, the best HDR app available for iOS”
“Spectacular pics from the most amateur photographer. Really easy to use.”
“Fastest HDR pics”
“Nothing comes close in terms of naturalistic blending.”

Reach us:

App features:

Full resolution HDR images.

Universal app

Take 3 or 5 bracketed shots or just leave it to us to decide.
Intelligent algorithms to automatically analyze the scene and get the best exposures to capture details accurately in both highlights and shadows to deliver the best HDR image. You can get 7 stops of additional dynamic range over the regular camera.

Fast processing
vividHDR brackets, shoots and generates your HDR. Snappy fast. All this is done at the full resolution supported by the device and is always ready for the next shot.

Presets and styles
Control the look and style of your HDR image. Choose from a set of presets obtained from advanced tone mapping techniques. You also have the option to change the preset immediately after capture in the auto-preview mode.

Sharp HDR images
You do not need a tripod to capture great HDR images. Intelligent algorithms automatically compensate for camera shake. Advanced ghost removal techniques ensure that you get sharp images even with moving objects and fluttering leaves in your scene.

Lazy HDR
Lazy HDR mode to capture now, style later. Change the presets and edit in non-destructive manner at any point of time for HDRs shot in Lazy HDR mode.

Fine editing and post-processing controls for final touches to your HDR images. Controls for basic and advanced editing.
Basic editing provides control over Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature and Tint of the image.
Advanced edits such as Details, Highlights and Shadows allow control over the tone mapping process.

Image formats
Save images in JPEG format with good quality level. Additional option to store images lossless in TIFF format (lossless compression) ensure you don’t lose even those minute details.

Feature to view your HDR images as a single photo, or a thumbnail view for fast browsing and group deleting. Compare your photos 'before-and-after' HDR. It also provides an option to save HDR images to Camera Roll.

Picture information
Supports EXIF and Geo-tag to save the location information.

Share your pictures instantly to Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox, without having to leave the app. You can also E-mail the photo.

Upcoming features:

Improvements in quality of HDR images

more info


Christopher Herbon

Through our new algorithm HDR⁴ revolutionizes the capture of HDR photos and offers an advanced alternative to existing HDR apps. We grew tired of unnatural spots, seams and halos in our photos, which are produced by other apps. Therefore we integrated the most advanced HDR algorithm available in any iOS application. The amazingly realistic photos are created by taking up to four pictures in a row and combining them using a highly sophisticated digital wavelet algorithm. All images are digitally registered to eliminate camera movement during the capture. This way, you can capture extremely sharp images in every scenario.


• Automatically take up to four pictures (more than any other app)
• A much larger exposure dynamic compared to the built-in HDR method
• Seamless image blending without halos and unnatural spots
• Live high speed automatic exposure measure for an even faster capture
• High performance digital image stabilization for extremely sharp pictures
• HDR-Selfies
• Ghost removal
• Full resolution (up to 12 megapixels on the iPhone 6s)
• Manual mode: Drag the exposure boxes to put focus on the desired area
• Live histogram for choosing the perfect scene
• 128 bit processing for extremely accurate results
• Volume shutter
• Flash
• Automatic and manual saturation, temperature, gamma, sharpness, brightness and contrast adjustment
• Geotagging (GPS)
• Landscape and portrait support

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Bokeh Photo Effects - Real Bokeh Camera & Bokeh Lens Light
Bokeh Photo Effects - Real Bokeh Camera & Bokeh Lens Light

Bokeh Photo Effects - Real Bokeh Camera & Bokeh Lens Light

Anon Submoon

▶ LIMITED TIME OFFER Bokeh Photo Effects - 50% OFF!
Bokeh Photo Effects is the new best Bokeh Editor iPhone App it's realistic Sweet Bokeh Photo Effects Design • Enjoy amazing Instant light bokeh effect , analog film and real vintage Photo filter with cool enhance tool and amazing light leak effect•

◉ Bokeh Photo Effects FEATURES
• Take Bokeh picture with a real-time Bokeh effect
• Apply effects to existing Bokeh photo
• adjust real-time filter Bokeh filter
• Switch between Front Camera and Rear Camera
• Switch Flashlight to ON/OFF/Auto/Torch mode
• Edit the photo again after shooting
• Tap to focus and adjust exposure
• Save your work to camera roll in high resolution

◉ Bokeh Photo Effects Effect
• Circle Bokeh Effect
• Star Bokeh Effect
• Music Bokeh Effect
• Circle Bokeh EffectTriangle
• Heart Bokeh Effect
• Lomo Effect
• Retro sepia Effect
• B & W Effect
• Analog Film Effect
• Light Leak Effect

◉ Bokeh Photo Effects Filter
• Breezy Filter
• Warm Filter
• Cold Filter
• Lucid Filter
• Dark Filter

◉ Bokeh Sticker
• Summer Sticker
• Hipster Sticker
• Love Sticker
• Vintage Label Sticker
• Inspire Sticker
• Quote Sticker
• Love Sticker
• Party Sticker
• Flower Sticker
• Animal Sticker
• Feather Sticker
• Indy Sticker
• People Sticker
• Dream Sticker
• Peace Sticker

◉ Bokeh Photo Effects SHARE
• Share your Bokeh Photo via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also save your Bokeh Photo picture directly to your iPhone photo library full hd resolution, copy Bokeh Photo Poster to your clipboard, or open in other apps.

◉Bokeh Photo Effects INTENSITY
• Adjust the intensity of each Bokeh Photo Effects in real time.

◉Bokeh Photo Effects Inspiration
• Vintage Camera
• Old Camera
• Diana Camera
• Fisheye Camera
• Analog Film Camera
• Bw Camera
• Bokeh Camera
• Bokehful Camera
• Bokeh Lens

• If you wish to comment or want more features on Bokeh Photo Effects please rate and comment in App Store

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True Bokeh
True Bokeh

True Bokeh

BunnyBear Software

Taking bokeh photos has never been easier! True Bokeh makes it quick and easy to take amazing bokeh photos. No more fighting with auto-focus to get that blurry-on-purpose shot or tinkering with filters. Remember bokehs appear best in darker scenes with bright light sources, check out the built-in tutorial for lots of ideas!

True Bokeh Features:

* A pre-configured camera ready to take bokeh photos.
* A tutorial with lots of examples of ideal scenes, all photos taken with True Bokeh App!
* Photo and video support.
* Note: The app sets the camera focus very close, so you can take extreme close-up shots, or capture 'out of focus' light circles (bokehs) - it's not as simple as blurring everything. Check out #TrueBokehApp tagged photos on Instagram for many examples.

the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens

We're excited to see your photos, so remember to tag them on Instagram and Twitter with #TrueBokehApp to share with the community. :)

- The True Bokeh App Team
@truebokehapp on Instagram

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