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iPhone Camera

Camera Apps That Improve On The Native Camera

A great way to improve your photography skills is with a third-party camera app that gives you more control over how you capture each image. These awesome apps open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Shoot Like a Pro

When it is time to capture that perfect photo, these full-featured camera apps offer the settings and adjustment options you need for shooting and editing like a pro.

Be in Control

If you prefer to manually adjust the exposure, shutter, and focus of your shots, then these camera apps put you in complete control.

Specialty Apps

Sometimes you need a special lens or focus capability to get the kind of shot out of your iPhone that you'd usually get with a regular camera. These apps should help.

Relight - Better Photos

Relight - Better Photos

Code Organa

Instantly correct lighting and exposure and transform your photos and videos into something extraordinary.

Relight is a realtime HDR app with eight unique modes that correct lighting and exposure issues, add artistic HDR effects, enhance details, and more. With single image HDR tone mapping techniques, you can edit your existing photos and you’ll see the effects in your camera preview before you snap - letting you capture HDR images without missing a moment. Relight lets your camera see closer to what you see.

Relight also allows you to apply HDR effects to your videos and record live 1080P HDR videos on supported devices.

Optimized for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with 3D Touch Quick Actions, Peek and Pop photo and editing comparison previews.


Over 50 artistic and photo enhancement/correction presets across eight special modes:

• Enhance - Improve lighting, contrast, and color to give your photos a more natural to the eye look
• Low Light - Improve dim lighting and correct exposure problems
• Artistic - Add creative HDR effects to your photos
• Clarity - Bring out details and enhance local contrast to make your photos stand out
• Sky - Enhance contrast in the sky to create a distinct look
• Dramatic - Heighten the emotion of your photos with bold lighting
• Overexposure - Improve washed out and overexposed photos
• Fog - Reduce fog and haze to bring life to otherwise dull photos


• Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
• Realtime HDR lets you see the effect before you snap, so you don’t miss a second
• Full range of adjustments to get just the right look
• Over 50 unique color filters to make your photos special
• Load photos from your Camera Roll, iCloud, and other Albums
• Share your creations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
• Support for TIFF and other output formats
• Transform your videos with HDR effects (requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod Touch 6 or later)
• Record live 1080P HDR videos (requires iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, or later)
• Quickly edit your last photo with the Relight Today Widget

For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @codeorgana.

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Burst HD - Super Burst Camera
Burst HD - Super Burst Camera

Burst HD - Super Burst Camera

Sebastien BUET

Try the AppStore’s fastest full resolution camera and always get the perfect shot !

Tap, or Hold, the shutter button to start continuously snapping photos at amazing speed—up to 240 photos per second on iPhone 6, 6+, and newer, 120 photos per second on iPhone 5S, 60 photos per second on iPhone 5, 5C, iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, and 30 photos per second on the other devices.

Capture full resolution photos at blistering rates: up to 30 photos per second on iPhone 5S and newer, 15 photos per second on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, 10 photos per second on iPhone 4S.

Take as many bursts as you want, and then:
- pick the shots you want to keep and save them in your Photos library, export them to other apps, or share them with friends
- select photos in your bursts and create stunning montages, sequences and filmstrips
- save your bursts as super HD videos, slow-motion, fast-motion, or normal speed videos

Burst HD Features

· Capture up to 30 full-resolution 12 megapixel photos per second on iPhone 6S, 6S+ and newer

· Capture up to 30 full-resolution 8 megapixel photos per second on iPhone 5S and newer

· Fast on all devices: 10-16/sec at top resolution on iPhone 4S, 5, and 5C

· Slow-Motion Shutter Mode: Up to 240 photos/sec on iPhone 6, 6+ and newer, 120 photos/sec on iPhone 5S and 60 photos/second on iPhone 5 and 5C and iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina in 720p

· 720p or 1080p capture mode, on iPhone 4s and higher, with 30/sec

· Star in your own bursts with the timer and clone yourself in a montage !

· Pinch to zoom in/out in supported modes

· Set the focus and exposure separately: tap to focus, and long pressure to set the exposure

· Pick photos from your burst and create amazing montage

· Select photos from your burst and create sequence and horizontal or vertical filmstrips

· Export bursts as Super HD videos (12M, 8M or 5M videos), super slow, slow, fast or super fast motion videos

· Check your Bursts immediately—no endless saving process

· Save, export and share individual photos

· Your photos are saved with their GPS metadata; let the app access your location if you want to use this feature

Supported capture modes and typical burst rates

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X , iPhone 8, 8+:
· 12 MP with zoom (29-30/sec)
· 8M and 5 MP with zoom (30/sec)
· 4K with zoom (60/sec)
· Slow-Motion shutter with zoom (240/sec, 120/sec and 60/sec)

iPhone 7, 7+, 6S and 6S+:
· 12 MP with zoom (29-30/sec)
· 8M and 5 MP with zoom (30/sec)
· 1080p with zoom (120/sec)
· Slow-Motion shutter with zoom (240/sec, 120/sec and 60/sec)

iPhone 6 and 6+:
· 8 MP with zoom (29-30/sec)
· 5 MP with zoom (30/sec)
· 1080p with zoom (60/sec)
· Slow-Motion shutter with zoom (240/sec and 120/sec)

iPhone 5S:
· 8 MP with zoom (29-30/sec)
· 5 MP with zoom (30/sec)
· 1080p with zoom (30/sec)
· Slow-Motion shutter with zoom (120/sec)

iPhone 5 and 5C:
· 8 MP with zoom (15-16/sec)
· 5 MP with zoom (18-20/sec)
· 1080p with zoom (30/sec)
· Slow-Motion shutter with zoom (60/sec)

iPhone 4S:
· 8 MP with zoom (8-10/sec)
· 5 MP with zoom (13-14/sec)
· 1080p (30/sec)
· 720p (30/sec)

Contact me: if you have questions, suggestions, issues, or complaints, you can send me an email directly from the app or at [email protected]

If you’re enjoying Burst HD, please take a moment to rate and review it on the AppStore. It means a lot to me and really helps to get the word out.

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HDR Photo Camera
HDR Photo Camera

HDR Photo Camera

Intellsys s.r.l.

NEW: HDR Photo Camera includes remote control for Apple Watch

Create the most amazing photos with the most accurate and advanced HDR processing engine.

We do more than just superimposing images. Our multilevel engine preserves details and textures, generating for you realistic and professional quality images.

In short: HDR Photo Camera takes three photos at different exposure levels (bracketing) and then it combines them, using the exposure fusing technique, into a single high dynamic range image.

The best results are obtained when the scene includes both dark and bright areas, such as taking pictures of a tall building against a blue sky, of the sunset into the sea or of some beautiful cloud formations.

Application features:
* multilevel HDR processing engine
* three operation modes: Classic camera (single frame), HDR (bracketing + processing), Bracketing only
* automatic/manual exposure points
* single focus point (advanced settings)
* geo-tagging
* exif metadata
* pinch to zoom
* focus lock (when supported by the device)
* independent focus and exposure points
* instant preview
* HDR batch processing (The only application capable of capturing multiple sets of bracketed photos and processing them later with a press of a single button.)

Extra download:

"Mobile HDR" application shares the same HDR engine with "HDR Photo Camera" and in addition has the following complementary features:

* adjustable contrast, saturation and "exposedness" parameters
* automatic and manual ghost artifacts removal
* working resolution 16M pixels
* input images can be picked from Photos library or (for iPad) from external photo camera, memory card, etc.

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Dreamy Foto
Dreamy Foto

Dreamy Foto

Lubomir Havran BINARTS

Ever wanted to take soft dream photos ? Now its possible with Dreamy Foto, the only app that previews your camera with Hollywood effect in real time. And thats not all, after dreamy look enhance your photos with provided filters, masks and borders package.

Super fast HDR with special own algorithm will automatically merge for you 3 different exposures.

Dreamy Foto comes with high resolution slider to make it fit for your light conditions. Vignette also included.

- touch on camera preview for manual focus and white balance
- swipe left to right to select next filter
- swipe right to left to select previous filter

Read all the fantastic features available in this app:
- real time dream soft effect adjustable with slider
- 33 real time second pass filters, like polar, sepia, black and white, film, denim, sky, lumia, amazon, lagoon, lipstick, pinky, honey, goldee, nubium, western, alaska, fire
- sparkling stars effect
- hdr
- image stabilization
- manual exposure slider
- photo editing
- photo browser
- blur
- geo tagging
- manual white balance and focus
- selfie stick support
- flash, torch
- mirroring
- fast photo processing
- masks, borders
- photo timer
- export final photo to instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.
- black/light vignette
- import photo from your gallery
- take photo from front or rear camera
- settings with all the info included

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