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iPhone Camera

Camera Apps That Improve On The Native Camera

A great way to improve your photography skills is with a third-party camera app that gives you more control over how you capture each image. These awesome apps open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Shoot Like a Pro

When it is time to capture that perfect photo, these full-featured camera apps offer the settings and adjustment options you need for shooting and editing like a pro.


Use this great camera app in any low-light situation


A number of modes

For photographers who are looking for a great way to take low-light photos.

When you're ready to capture an image or video, just start the app up. There are a ton of different levels you can adjust quickly and easily.

Why we love it

ProCamera+ is one of the best third-party camera apps available. It's powerful and truly gives photographers more control over their images - especially if they shoot in low light. The ability to shoot video is a great added plus as well. You will need to pay extra to unlock some features with an in-app purchase, but the technology is definitely worth it.


A better camera app


Complete control

For photographers looking for more control over their images.

While Camera+ has long been an App Store stable, it continues to add more and more features for photographers to help capture that perfect shot. Recent additions include slow-shutter support, ultra-low ISO and much more. Apple Watch users can even use the app on the wearable device to set a timer.

Why we love it

I have nothing bad to say about this app, it's not a fluke that Camera+ has topped the iTunes charts for so long. The combination of an easy-to-use interface and powerful manual controls makes it a must have for anyone looking to take their iPhone photography to the next level.

Afterlight 2

A powerful, full-featured photo editing experience

Afterlight 2

Filters galore

Afterlight 2 features a simple and clean design that makes it incredibly intuitive to use. The app utilizes a dark theme so that all of the focus is placed on your photos during the editing process, and all of the tools you may need are laid out in an organized fashion. The icons for all of the various settings are iconic and recognizable at a glance, even though it's all labeled as well. For those on newer devices, Afterlight 2 provides haptic feedback once you finalize an edit, which is nice. If you are looking for a powerful photo editor without a complicated interface, then Afterlight 2 fits the bill. When you launch Afterlight 2, the app displays your Camera Roll images by default, with the newest images at the bottom. You can scroll up to go through older photos, and tapping on one lets you see the image in full resolution. You can change it to an album at any time as well. At the bottom, it also tells you what number that photo is out of the total images in your Camera Roll, which can be rather useful. To edit the selected image, just tap on "Use." Along the bottom is the toolbar with your five categories of editing tools: Crop & Rotate, Adjustments, Filters, Art, and Double Exposure. Crop & Rotate has your basic cropping tools with various aspect ratios (including Golden). Afterlight 2 also tells you the dimensions of the photo if the crop is applied (Golden is 3872x2398 for example), which is helpful in case you need to know the pixel size. The sliders for precise adjustments, such as the Straighten tool, give you exact numbers and don't move too much once you release your finger from the screen, which can be an annoying issue with some photo editing apps. In Adjustments, you'll find all of the necessities, such as Curve levels, Brightness, Contrast, Vignette, Saturation, and more. But there are some new things, like Selective Saturation, where you can increase or decrease the saturation levels of eight different colors. Doing this can create unique looks in your images, if that's what you're going for. There's also Gradients that can alter the tone of the image too, which I like. No matter what you're trying to go for, Afterlight 2's Adjustment tools will help you get the perfect look. The Filters in Afterlight 2 are a bit different from the original app. While there are some default filters available, the magic is in the collection of filters that are submitted by other photographers. To check out what's available to download, just tap on the "Collection" tab and then hit "Browse." From here, you can check out what filter collections are available to download, and the best part is that they're all free. You can tap on a collection to preview the filters. At the moment, there are only five filter packs available to users. However, the developers plan to update the content every month, and it will always be free to download. If your filter collection is a bit too unwieldy, you can remove filter packs. When you find a filter you want to use, just tap on it to apply the effect to the photo. A slider at the bottom allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter, so you have full control over how your images come out. If you want to add some artwork to your image, you have two options in Afterlight 2: Add Text or Artwork. Text is pretty straightforward — just type what you want to say, and then choose the alignment. Then you can change the opacity, color, adjustments, and font. The Artwork option includes adding quotes, stickers, and botanicals. These have the same options as text when it comes to colors and other fine tweaks. The final tool that Afterlight 2 includes is the Double Exposure effect. This is when you blend two photos together, and you can adjust the opacity and blending options to create a more subtle effect if you want. As you make multiple edits to an image, you may start to lose track of what you've done. At the top of the screen is a History button, where you can view all of the changes you've made since importing the photo. You can go back however much you want and make new edits. When you're done, just tap on the "Done" button to apply finishing touches like frames. You can choose the image quality (small 800x495, medium 1600x991, or max 3872x2398 on my iPhone 8 Plus), and then tap where you want to save or send to. It's an easy and seamless process and again, gives you full control over how the final product comes out.

Be in Control

If you prefer to manually adjust the exposure, shutter, and focus of your shots, then these camera apps put you in complete control.


Capture the perfect shot and then spruce it up with this advanced camera and editing tool


Make your adjustments

For those who like to use a manual camera and also have robust editing tools.

MuseCam is an easy-to-use, sleek camera and photo editing app. When capturing your next shot, take control of the shutter, ISO, white balance, and focus. And then pop open your photo library to edit previously-taken pictures with great presets and terrific adjustment tools.

Why we love it

If you take a lot of photos on your device and are looking for a solid editing tool that comes with a manual camera, then check out the new MuseCam. This robust tool not only lets you capture the perfect shot with manual adjustments, but lets you enhance your photos for an awesome look.

Warmlight - Manual Camera

Point. Shoot.

Warmlight - Manual Camera

Warmlight - Manual Camera

For anyone looking for an easier way to snap great photos.

Apply live filters, take stunning shots, adjust an image like a pro and share your creations easily.

Why we love it

We love pro camera apps and this is one of the best basically because its ease of use.

Specialty Apps

Sometimes you need a special lens or focus capability to get the kind of shot out of your iPhone that you'd usually get with a regular camera. These apps should help.

Relight - Better Photos

Relight - Better Photos

Code Organa

Instantly correct lighting and exposure and transform your photos and videos into something extraordinary.

Relight is a realtime HDR app with eight unique modes that correct lighting and exposure issues, add artistic HDR effects, enhance details, and more. With single image HDR tone mapping techniques, you can edit your existing photos and you’ll see the effects in your camera preview before you snap - letting you capture HDR images without missing a moment. Relight lets your camera see closer to what you see.

Relight also allows you to apply HDR effects to your videos and record live 1080P HDR videos on supported devices.

Optimized for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with 3D Touch Quick Actions, Peek and Pop photo and editing comparison previews.


Over 50 artistic and photo enhancement/correction presets across eight special modes:

• Enhance - Improve lighting, contrast, and color to give your photos a more natural to the eye look
• Low Light - Improve dim lighting and correct exposure problems
• Artistic - Add creative HDR effects to your photos
• Clarity - Bring out details and enhance local contrast to make your photos stand out
• Sky - Enhance contrast in the sky to create a distinct look
• Dramatic - Heighten the emotion of your photos with bold lighting
• Overexposure - Improve washed out and overexposed photos
• Fog - Reduce fog and haze to bring life to otherwise dull photos


• Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
• Realtime HDR lets you see the effect before you snap, so you don’t miss a second
• Full range of adjustments to get just the right look
• Over 50 unique color filters to make your photos special
• Load photos from your Camera Roll, iCloud, and other Albums
• Share your creations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
• Support for TIFF and other output formats
• Transform your videos with HDR effects (requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod Touch 6 or later)
• Record live 1080P HDR videos (requires iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, or later)
• Quickly edit your last photo with the Relight Today Widget

For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @codeorgana.

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Blur Bokeh

Blur Bokeh

Nine Curves

Create nice social media profile picture with the app.
Show to your friend to amaze them.
Print and frame as unique gift ideas.
Send it to your loved one.
User friendly and easy to use!

Create your own Blur Bokeh photos without DSLR camera. You can have bokeh photo instantly with this app. Transforms your photo into various gorgeous effects by adding bokeh to your photo! All beautiful effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you the most amazing effect to your photo.

Key Features :
1. Instant effects.
2. Erase unwanted bokeh on your face.
3. Live camera effects.
5. Save to photo album.

Contact us at [email protected] for any feedback or idea to improve the app.

Some information about Bokeh:
Bokeh is originally pronounced in Japanese for blur effect produced in out of focus image by a lens. Different shapes of bokeh can be produced from lens aberrations and aperture shape. Bokeh effects can show depth of field of a photo.

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