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Close Your Eyes, Breathe and Relax With These Meditation Apps

Let the stress melt away with calming apps that help you meditate, relax, and sleep.

Guided Sessions and Assistance

If you prefer guided meditation or are a beginner, these apps will help you relax and focus.

Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

Meditate, track your stats, and motivate your friends with this intuitive app.

Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

Learn in just 10 minutes a day

For those who like guided meditation apps with reminders and special sessions.

Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness lets you start simply with a foundation series and then unlock packs for health, relationships, performance, and more. There are also single sessions to assist with sleep and phobias or for when you are commuting, walking, or running. There is also a section for children, reminders, a buddy system for you and your pals to motivate each other.

Why we love it

Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness is a great app for beginners or those interested in specialty sessions.

Breethe: Sleep & Meditation

If you are new to meditation techniques, this app will get you on your way.

Breethe: Sleep & Meditation

100s of meditations

For those who like guided meditation apps with a large selection of sessions.

OMG, I Can Meditate! is a great app for those just starting to meditate or others interested in guided, specialty sessions. There is a large selection to choose from whether you are dealing with a tough issue or just need to relax after a rough day. With sections for family and kids, performance and success, and stress and anxiety, the app has a session for every lifestyle and situation.

Why we love it

OMG, I Can Meditate! has a nice array of guided meditation options. You can check out the daily programs, varies series, or specialty sessions with this easy-to-use relaxation tool.

Zen: Guided Meditation & Sleep

Find a quiet spot and relax with the perfect sound.

Zen: Guided Meditation & Sleep

For those who enjoy both guided and unguided mediation apps with ambient sounds.

If you like to meditate on your own without a guide, Zen – Relax and Meditate with Guided Meditation offers a nice variety of images and sounds. From starting your day to taking a break to falling asleep, you will find the right sounds for you. And as the name implies, there are also guided session options.

Why we love it

Zen – Relax and Meditate with Guided Meditation has a great selection of calming sounds and imagery to help you relax.

Sounds, Scenes and Music

If you like to meditate on your own, but enjoy apps with soothing sounds and imagery, these apps are perfect. - Focus Music - Focus Music - Focus Music

Focus, Relax, Meditate and Sleep, with Music Made for Your Brain. is science-backed music that enhances focus, improves sleep, and more. We use sound to change your brainwave patterns, so you can drop into deep focus or fall asleep faster, every time. Now with ADHD mode!

Do you struggle to focus at work or studying? Do you have trouble winding down or falling asleep at night? will help you:
• Focus faster and get into flow.
• Beat procrastination.
• Stay in flow longer.
• Fall asleep and stay asleep.
• Meditate more effectively.
• Reduce stress and anxiety.

• Boost activity in brain regions controlling attention
• Increase focus by up to 10x
• Reduce tension/anxiety by 2x compared to other relaxing music.
• Improve brain signatures of deep sleep

Funded by the National Science Foundation (USA) affects your brain differently than any other music! Our patented tech works via brainwave entrainment, and has been tested extensively with funding from the US government. Our music process includes both humans and AI, for the best-sounding AI music around.

• Personalized music for your brain type.
• Tons of genres from LoFi beats to Classical. We even have Nature soundscapes!
• Stimulation level is adjustable, with a boost option for ADHD brains.
• Download music for offline use / airplane mode.
• Pomodoro mode for productivity sprints.

• Focus modes optimized for deep work, learning, creativity, and more!
• Relax modes made to help you recharge during the day or unwind in the evening.
• Meditation modes including both guided and unguided meditations.
• Sleep modes including guided sleep and energizing wakeup.

Some brains need extra stimulation to focus best. That’s why people with ADHD fidget when they’re trying to pay attention. provides this kind of stimulation through music. There’s even a boost option specifically for ADHD. Think of as a fidget spinner for your brain!

Binaural beats and isochronic tones also use brainwave entrainment, but does it better. We use patented A.I. on top of human-composed music to help you find your flow faster than binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment audio.


"It’s an instant ability to focus in a way I’ve never experienced before."
- Brit Morin, Founder of Brit + Co, featured on Entrepreneur

"I started using while working and was shocked by how much it improved my focus"

FREE TRIAL WITH FULL ACCESS for 7 days, followed by a subscription (see in-app purchases for pricing information). Prices listed are for U.S. customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.

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Zenify - Meditation Timer
Zenify - Meditation Timer

Zenify - Meditation Timer


Don't know how to start your meditation journey? Trusted by experienced meditators, Zenify offers simple meditations and guided courses that not only help you track your time but also incorporate ambient sounds to make your meditation journey enjoyable.

- Experience meditation simplicity with our timer.
- Start your practice effortlessly, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling session. It's like having a meditation assistant right in your pocket, ensuring you stay on track and make the most of each session.

- Tailor your meditation experience by adjusting meditation time and sounds.
- Make each session uniquely yours and discover the joy of personalized practice. Zenify empowers you to craft meditation sessions that align perfectly with your goals and preferences.

- Explore a wealth of meditation exercises and guides at your fingertips.
- Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or a seasoned practitioner looking for inspiration, Zenify offers valuable insights for everyone. Let our guided exercises be your compass on your meditation journey.

- Immerse yourself in a world of sound. Zenify offers a wide array of music tracks, interval bells, and ambient sounds.
- Elevate focus, sleep quality, and connect with nature during meditation with these peaceful audio companions. It's like meditating in the heart of a serene forest, even if you're in the comfort of your own space.

- Enhance your meditation experience with music that speaks to your heart.
- Choose your favorite music to align with your emotional state and meditation goals.

- Stay motivated on your meditation journey.
- Zenify charts your progress, helping you celebrate milestones and witness your growth. It's like having a personal meditation coach, encouraging you every step of the way.

- Zenify cares about your device's battery life, allowing you to turn off the screen after just one minute of meditation, conserving energy and ensuring your practice remains uninterrupted. Meditate worry-free, knowing your device is in good hands.

Unlock the full potential of Zenify with our Premium Plan. Enjoy all the features with three flexible subscription options:

$4.99 per month
$12.99 for 3 months (Save $1.98 compared to 1 month)
$39.99 per year (Save $19.88 compared to 1 month)
These prices are for United States customers, and pricing in other countries may vary. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the term. Subscription renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and there will be no refunds once the payment is processed.

Experience pure relaxation, enhanced focus, and deep tranquility with Zenify. Relax deeply, sleep better, enhance your focus, and reduce stress all in one app. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your mindfulness journey, Zenify makes meditation accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Start your meditation journey with Zenify today. Download Zenify for a complete meditation solution now!

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Term of Service:

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Guided Meditation: Deep Sleep
Guided Meditation: Deep Sleep

Guided Meditation: Deep Sleep

Javed Khan Pathan

Meditation, Chakra, Guided meditation, morning meditation, mindful, Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. Meditation has been shown to have many benefits including reducing stress levels, improving concentration and focus, and boosting moods. Meditation is not just about sitting still or closing your eyes for a long period of time. It can be done at any time during the day - whether you are going about your daily routine or in the middle of an intense meeting at work.
Meditation has been shown to help with insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and other mental health issues. It's also used for those who want to quit smoking. A lot of people practice breathing meditation as a way to reduce their anxiety levels or as an approach to deal with panic attacks.
Follow one of our guided meditation sessions for your mindfulness habits every day. Meditate to go beyond calming or relaxing. Balance your mind, and meditate with guided sessions and mindfulness techniques.
Meditation for beginners is a great way to start. When you are just starting out, it is best to practice in a quiet place without any distractions. It is also important to focus on your breathing and not let your mind wander.
- Mindful meditation: This technique involves focusing on the present moment by observing and acknowledging thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they arise but not attaching any judgment or analysis to them.
- Guided meditation: This type of meditation involves listening to an audio recording that provides a guided visualization, which can be used as an alternative method of relaxation or as a way of achieving specific goals such as overcoming insomnia or anxiety.
Visualization meditation is a form of meditation in which one uses their imagination to create images in their mind whereas workplace meditation is a growing trend among employees who want to reduce stress and increase focus. Our Meditation Music App offers a delightful collection of gentle and soothing sounds which will help you feel relaxed and put you to a peaceful meditation. These wonderful melodies will also help you fall asleep and reduce stress.
Browse popular Guided Meditation topics including:
Affirmation, Success, Manifest, Wealth
Sleep Stories
Morning Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Pregnancy Meditation
Non-Smoker Session
Anxiety Relief
Weight Loss Sessions
Happiness Session
Fear Session
Releasing Body Pain

Meditation App Features:
High-quality meditation sounds work offline
You can customize meditation sounds with add on sounds as you like
90+ guided meditations sessions
Best music tracks and ambient sounds to calm the mind, focus, sleep better and relax
Customizable meditation timer
Guided meditations with a professional instructor
Attractive minimal beautiful design that easy to navigate the app
Mix your favorite tracks with different nature sounds

Some of the Best Sounds Available Offline -
Soft Piano Music
Peaceful lake
Perfect rain
Ocean relaxation
Temple in the hill
Deep Sleep Music
Healing Sounds
Endless Sea Sounds
Download Meditation App today and start training your brain to relax with high-quality soothing sounds. If you have any feedback? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to help!
Please keep in mind that after your subscription, the payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Your account will be charged for renewal within 23 hours before the end of the current period and identify the cost of the renewal. You can manage your subscription or turn off the auto-renew by going to the settings after purchase.
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Breathe In, Breathe Out

If breathing sessions help you relax, these apps offers exercises that assist with reducing stress and anxiety.

Breathing Zone

Just breathe.

Breathing Zone


For those who want a breathing exercise app with simple voice instructions and an animated guide.

Breathing Zone: Guided Breathing for Mindfulness lets you relax with simple voice instructions and a colorful, animated breathing guide. The Breathing Analyzer measures your breathing rate, the Weekly Target tracks your breathing minutes, and the data is logged to the Apple Health app.

Why we love it

If you find it difficult to relax in your current environment, grab some headphones and download Breathing Zone. Its simple interface will help you achieve a totally zen state in no time. It has even been proven to lower blood pressure.

Breathe | Calming Reminders For Mindful Breathing

Breathe | Calming Reminders For Mindful Breathing

KSI Technology, LLC

Breathe | Calming Reminders For Mindful Breathing

For those who want a breathing session app that uses customizable reminders to take a break and breathe.

With Breathe | Calming Reminders For Mindful Breathing, you will never forget to take short breaks and breathe throughout your busy day. Customize your reminders by how many breaks to take, between specific hours, and which days of the week. Along with your helpful reminders, you will receive daily mindfulness quotes as a nice bonus.

Why we love it

If you often forget to take a break in your busy day, check out Breathe | Calming Reminders For Mindful Breathing. With helpful reminders, you can stop, breathe, and relax for few minutes using customizable notifications to fit your schedule.

Sounds for Slumber

If you have trouble falling asleep, soft sounds or white noise might be just the ticket to forty winks.

Sound Oasis White Noise Pro

Sound Oasis White Noise Pro


Sound Oasis® is the world leader in sound therapy systems. We take relaxation and sleep therapy seriously and hope that this White Noise app helps you.
This app provides a wide variety of sounds. Some are simple white noise sounds. Others are recordings of natural masking sounds such as waterfalls to help you block out distractions. 

How Does This APP Work?

This app can be an effective tool to help you relax and fall asleep using sounds as a therapeutic masking tool. White noise creates a familiar, highly effective way to relax, block out unwanted noises and create a soothing and consistent sound environment. These White Noise tracks are carefully designed so that you experience our world famous sounds uninterrupted for the best sleep experience possible.



- 5 to 120 minute session timer with continuous therapy option.


- Control precise frequency levels of sound playback with exclusive 10 band graphic equalizer.
- Tune each sound to your personal frequency levels.
- Automatically save up to 2 of your favorite equalizer settings for each sound.


- Full volume control with soft off volume management.


- Free access to new sounds and features with regular application updates offered through the iTunes Store.