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Read It To Me: The Best Text-To-Speech Apps

Read It To Me: The Best Text-To-Speech Apps

Sometimes you need materials read aloud to you, rather than reading them yourself. We'll help you pick out the best text-to-speech app for your iPad.

Bring Your E-Books to Life

Sit back and relax at home or listen on your commute, these text-to-speech e-book readers bring life to those stories.

Voice Dream - Read Out Aloud

Read articles, documents, and books with your ears.

Voice Dream - Read Out Aloud

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For those who like inclusive text-to-speech apps for books, articles, and documents.

Voice Dream Reader uses advanced text-to speech technology so you can listen to articles, documents, and books out loud. With a configurable layout, you can easily tailor it to suit your reading style and level.

Why we love it

Voice Dream Reader is a wonderful tool for listening to the written word.

Marvin SxS – eBooks and comics

View your comics and e-books side-by-side and easily manage separate libraries.

Marvin SxS – eBooks and comics

Special Edition

For those who use Marvin 3 or would like a reader that displays two books at once.

Marvin Side-by-Side is a handy app for studying two books at the same time. With split view, slide over, and a quick launch panel on iPad, password protection for managing libraries, and customizable tools, reading on your mobile device has never been smoother. The app also supports text-to-speech, offers reading statistics, has import and export options, plus much more.

Why we love it

For reading your e-books and comics, Marvin Side-by-Side takes the Marvin 3 app to a new level by allowing split view for seeing two books at once.

Listen to Your Documents

Hear your documents read aloud on your way to work or class, these apps make it easy.

Aloud!, text to speech reader
Aloud!, text to speech reader

Aloud!, text to speech reader

Chun Kai Lau

If you're looking to a Text to speech app that is simple, easy to use, and features a few added bonuses without over-complicating the app, then Aloud! just may be the app you are looking for. Let Aloud! read text for you, whether it's plain text, a PDF, ePub, or HTML file. Multiple languages are supported in this app as well as different reading speeds. You can also save articles within the app, but sadly it is not unlimited. No worries, though: you can simply unlock unlimited article storage through an in-app purchase.

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Voice Dream - Read Out Aloud

Voice Dream - Read Out Aloud

Voice Dream LLC

Voice Dream Reader sets a high standard for apps in the text to speech category. This app features 36 built-in iOS voices that come with the app free of charge and another 146 available as in-app purchases. Voice reading allows you to listen to documents as if they were music files, allowing you to play and pause as you please. There's no need to keep the app open for it to keep reading, it will continue on the lock screen. This app is not just a text to speech app, it is also a fantastic visual reading app, packed with tons of features to help you customize text to your liking.

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ReadToMe Lite (Text-to-Speech)
ReadToMe Lite (Text-to-Speech)

ReadToMe Lite (Text-to-Speech)

BorG Technology Corp.

ReadToMe Lite - Text/Web/Doc-to-Speech
The apps integrate the system text-to-speech engine, speak aloud offline without internet connecting.
A must have app to read text, documents and web pages of Safari.
The Lite version is limited to speak few sentences only and with sponsored ads.

Useful Features
● Speak aloud 30+ languages
- Read all unread articles automatically
- Swipe to control skipping sentences
- Highlight word by word for each speaking sentence
- Add favorite articles with "Starred" to speak aloud later
- Copy or add touched selected words with "Starred" in Speak mode
- With funny bear and human face animations while speaking
- Support useful speaking repeat, pause, speed and pitch options

● Speak aloud the copy & paste or key in text
- Swipe to mark as read or unread, flag or unflag, and copy a starred text to input box

● Speak aloud web pages
- Speak aloud the entire web page of Safari app directly
- Speak aloud the pasted url web site automatically
- Speak aloud the clicked web page

● Speak aloud documents
- Turn eBook page automatically to ensure continuous reading
- Tree file explorer
- Cloud files import & export support

● Speaks aloud 30+ languages
The app integrates the system text-to-speech engine, speaks aloud sentence by sentence without internet connecting.
Speak 30+ languages:
Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (China), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Belgium), Dutch (Netherlands), English (Australia), English (Ireland), English (South Africa), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Finnish (Finland), French (Canada), French (France), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Hungarian (Hungary), Indonesian (Indonesia), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (South Korea), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Slovak (Slovakia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand) and Turkish (Turkey).
The app supports one system language, you can make in-app purchases to buy extra languages.

● Speak aloud the copy & paste or key in text
You can swipe to mark a starred item as read or unread, flag or unflag, and copy a starred text to input box.

● Speak aloud web pages
The app provides a Safari extension that speaks aloud the entire web page of Safari app directly.

● Speak aloud the clicked web page

● Speak aloud documents
Speak aloud the whole document page.
Formats supported:
- Text (text, txt), RTF document (rtf)
- Microsoft Office: Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps)
- Apple iWork: Pages (pages), Numbers (numbers), Keynote (key)
- eBook (unencrypted epub)
Please note that iBook eBooks are limited to use inside Apple iBook app only.
PDF file format is not supported.

● Tree file explorer

● Cloud files import & export support
You can import and export Apple iCloud Drive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive cloud files directly.

● Add favorite articles with "Starred"
Add favorite key in text, documents and web pages with "Starred" to speak aloud later.
You can swipe to mark a starred item as read or unread, and flag or unflag a starred item.

● Read all unread articles automatically
The app can read all unread starred key in text, documents and web pages automatically.

● Swipe to control skipping sentences
You can skip a sentence or all below sentences while in Speak mode.

● Highlight words while speaking
The app will highlight word by word for each speaking sentence.

To use the app, you need to enable the [ReadToMe] extension in Safari app first.
The app requires iOS 8 (or later).

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NaturalReader Text to Speech

NaturalReader Text to Speech

NaturalSoft Limited

NaturalReader is text-to-speech app that reads webpages, documents, and eBooks aloud to you with our quality, natural-sounding voices.

NaturalReader is an essential tool for those with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. Open up your ears to a new reading experience with over 50 voices in over 20 languages. Just sit back, relax, and let us read to you.

Are you a student bogged down by a long reading list? Use NaturalReader to upload your e-textbooks, eBooks, or class notes to ease the burden and rest your eyes. Listen and review on the go while commuting to class or multitasking at home. Bookmark important pages for easy access later on. For both students and writers alike, NaturalReader is also an efficient proofreading tool.

NaturalReader is a great app for all kinds of readers. Adjust the speaker speed and background colour to suit your own preferences. Use it to multitask and enjoy listening on the go while running, commuting, or any household tasks.

Open up any email attachments with NaturalReader to get your important documents read to you instantly. You can also connect to your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive account to easily access and listen to your files from your device. Keep up with your favourite webpages with our built-in browser.

To improve your reading experience, we have added a new Pronunciation Editor. Use this feature to fine-tune the pronunciation of new or unusual words, or to improve the readability of acronyms.

No matter what kind of reader you are, experience more with NaturalReader.

Note: DRM-protected eBooks from iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or Adobe OverDrive cannot be opened with NaturalReader

Supported Formats:

PDF, MS Word (.doc & .docx), MS Powerpoint, RTF, TXT
DRM-free EPUB eBooks

Enjoy our free version of NaturalReader and listen for up to 3 minutes
Sample all our languages and voices
Customers of our paid desktop version of NaturalReader can now have unlimited access to the NaturalReader free

If you like our app, you might be interested in our desktop version. The NaturalReader desktop software features high quality, crystal-clear voices and even more functions such as text to audio mp3 or WAV output, Conversation Control, and more. Be sure to visit to see everything that NaturalReader has to offer.

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Hear What You Like

Whether it is news or articles you saved to check out later, listen to them read to you while doing other things.

PaperSpan: Save Web for Later

PaperSpan: Save Web for Later

Sravan Kumar

Your articles ready for you to read or listen - while you wait, commute, walk, cook, whenever.

No ads, no suggestions. Add articles of your own interest, the app should help finish reading them.

Carefully designed search, sort, and filters to easily pick the article you need.
Choose a category matching your mood. Interested in health articles now? Choose Health. You don't have to assign the category in advance, the app does this for you.
Take up on your pending reads by opening Unread articles alone. Short waiting time? Pick those short articles by reading time.

Save from your phone or desktop. Read them in a clean and comfortable view. Nothing gets in the way of your reading.

Read, listen, and manage those articles even if your device is offline. App will auto-sync when your device is back online.

Highlight those important phrases as you read. Keep the essence of your reading and refer whenever you need.

Know how many articles you read or yet to read, and how long you spent reading them.
Know your current interests with a beautiful word cloud out of your articles.
Track & improve your reading routine!

Love the Kindle reading experience? Send articles to your Kindle device (or app) and read at your own pace.

Search & Sort to quickly find an article. Organize with folders. Adjust your reading experience with dark/light theme, fonts, brightness, and more!

Capture the gist out of an article you just read - your summary of lessons learned, thoughts you got out of an article. Keep the record to re-read yourself anytime or share to your notes app.

Listen to articles while you walk, cook, or commute with in-app text to speech. Even offline.
You don't have to trade your productive time for your web reading.

--- Upgrade to Premium for a fully featured powerful experience ---

Pull out an article with what you remember. Search by full-text, author, notes, and more!
Skip the hassle of finding from list, start reading the article you have in mind.

Listen to your articles with no interruption in between. Perfect while you drive, run, or doing daily chores.

Get insights into your reading routine. You read rate, daily peak reading time, categories you read, your popular sites and more to help plan and enhance your reading.

Send multiple articles at once to your Kindle device (or app). You will receive them as a kindle book, carefully crafted. Read them with your Kindle experience.

Perform actions (add/remove highlights, notes, Send to Kindle) even while offline. App will automatically sync when your device is back online.
Ad-free reading experience.

PaperSpan is free to download and use. PaperSpan Premium gives a more powerful experience for $8.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription.

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. (Reference:

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Talking Translators

Text-to-speech translators make it simple to say what you need to say in any language. Just type it, hear it, and repeat it.

Google Translate

Google comes in handy for anything, including translations

Google Translate

Translate as you type

For anyone who prefers to use Google for everything, including language translation.

Google Translate is a powerful option from Google themselves. With Google Translate, you can type in what you need translated and the app will get to work immediately. There is also offline access in case you are in another country without a data connection, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Other awesome features include handwriting mode, camera translator, and even a conversation mode so you can translate entire conversations without breaking a sweat.

Why we love it

Google provides great options for everyone, and their translation engine is top-notch. The app looks nice and is easy to use. It's handy to have while traveling.

mText2Speech Translator

Type in a word or sentence and hear the translation in one of 100 languages.

mText2Speech Translator

For those who need an iPad translator and like those with text-to-speech.

mText2Speech for both iPhone and iPad will translate your words and sentences quickly and easily. The app supports 100 languages, has recording options, offers a translation history, and allows you to share translations. Type it, hear it, and repeat it with this cool tool.

Why we love it

mText2Speech is a terrific translation tool with text-to-speech options for 100 languages.