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Mobile Video

The Best Apps for Capturing and Creating Videos

With the days of the bulky camcorder behind us, more of us are shooting videos with the incredibly powerful video camera we carry in our pocket. Here is a list of apps that can help you capture and create amazing videos.

Apps for Capturing High Quality Video

Apple's native video camera app is great, but sometimes we crave more features. Here is a list of video camera apps with the extras you need to capture awesome videos

Filmic Pro-Video Camera

The gold standard of mobile video

Filmic Pro-Video Camera

This video capturing app is for those who desire complete control over their video shoot

FiLMiC Pro is a great way to capture amazing, high quality, full resolution video. With standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes, there is a shooting style for any skill level. The more you use this app, the more you are drawn in to experimenting with all of the more advanced features. If you find a combination of setting you like, you can save it as preset so it is always readily available to you. There is even support for the Apple Watch for remote start/stop and live video preview.

Why we love it

This app can be a bit intimidating at first, but luckily it has a fully automatic mode that can be used while you become more familiar with the advanced settings.

ProMovie Recorder

A full feature video camera with 4k resolution

ProMovie Recorder

For those who want to record high quality video and have the option of full manual control

ProMovie Recorder allows the user to shoot amazing high quality video in 4k resolution (3k for iPhone 5s). With all the bells and whistles one can hope for, this is a must have app for anyone wanting to shoot high quality videos. You can either shoot in fully automatic mode, or take control over the focus, exposure, frame rate, color temperature, white balance and more.

Why we love it

If you're an amateur who just wants to open the app and start recording, or a pro who wants total control of each setting, this video camera app will reward with awesome results.


A complete all-in-one video app


For anyone who wants a complete app for recording and editing video

No matter what you're looking for when making a video, Musemage has your covered. It has the standard features that you would expect, including automatic or manual control and image stabilization, but there's so much more. Real-time effects include filters, HDR, tilt-shift, bokeh, blue screen, and beauty effects. It also includes a video editor that allows you to trim and join your videos, add filters and add music.

Why we love it

From capturing to editing video, this truly is an all-in-one video app.

Add Fun and Flair with Video Filters and Effects

Whether you're looking to add something fun to your video or want to add some Hollywood quality cinematic feel to your masterpiece, these filters will help put the finishing touches on your film

Chromic: Video Filters, Editor

Chromic: Video Filters, Editor

Lucky Clan

Chromic brings hollywood quality color-correction filters to the palm of your hand! Powered by an advanced image processing engine, Chromic loads videos as a “digital negative” and develops them into rich, expressive movies. With filters ranging from; Film Emulation, Dramatic Hollywood Environments, Authentic Vintage Aging and many more. 8 Built in filters feature examples from each of the 6 available sets. For a limited time buy all 6 sets and save!

- 7 built in filters and Exposure adjustment feature examples from all 6 full sets
- 7 Filter sets include: Film, Antique, Vintage, Special Effects, Split/Tone, Pastel Colors & Monotone
- 9 adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, Hue, Temperature, Shadows, Highlights, Sharpenblur, Straighten
- 4 effect: Vignette, Border, Grain, Special Effect
- Realtime preview of video filters
- Full screen preview in landscape mode
- Drag left/right to scrub through videos
- Drag up/down in filters preview to set filter strength
- Tap to start/stop
- Save result as a new clip
- Or Overwrite current one - you can later revert to original version from system Photos app
- Photo Extension support

- All videos are stored in iOS Photo Library
- Record new video
- Full screen player in landscape mode, with drag to scrub
- Detailed video information

Videohance - Video Editor, Filters

Videohance - Video Editor, Filters

Oringe Inc.

***REQUIRES iPHONE 4S OR BETTER*** (details below)

Videohance is the ultimate video look editor.

"It's a steal at $2.99" -C|NET

"This amazing app lets you add some serious style to your vids...Videohance is a must have." -C|NET

"An abundance of gorgeous presets, special effects, and filters." -TheNextWeb

"Videohance is sure to be an ideal addition to many people’s arsenal. It’s certainly swayed me further towards the simplicity of video editing and sharing."

"I’ve never seen the ability to add overlays to videos like those included with Videohance in any other app." -The Modern iPhoneographer

What users are saying:

"I LOVE this app!! It works like my favorite photo apps but for video. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before."

"This is my go to app when I need my video stand out on Instagram. Definitely makes my vids look a notch above all the rest."

"So awesome... the creative possibilities are endless."

Videohance gives you total control over your how your video looks with power previously only available in photo apps.

Watch it in action here:


• Real-Time Power: Ground-breaking real-time GPU engine lets you adjust multiple looks and layers on the fly and stay in the creative flow
• 8-Way Power Controls: Contrast, saturation, white balance, hue and more - all on the fly and in real-time
• 50+ Authentic Textures: Light Leaks, Grit & Grain, Vintage Film Leader, Animated Elements, Vignettes, Adjustable Blurs, Gradients
• 40+ Look Presets: Vintage Film, Black & White, Fashion, and Hollywood Looks
• 25+ Frame Styles: Grunge, Trendy, and Classic
• Add Motion to Your Photos: Create an animated slideshow with your photos
• Multiple Clips
• Add Music
• Clip Transitions
• Trim & Split Clips
• Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more

Only Videohance has true real-time video editing so you can instantly see what your creation will look like.


1. Give your videos an amazing look
2. Make an animated slideshow
3. Make a video montage
4. Give your old videos new life and polish
5. Rescue videos that are too dark
6. Edit your best moments into beautiful videos


1. Select a movie or photo from your camera roll or record a new video. Change the length if you like.
2. Select a look preset or adjust your look manually and tweak as much as you like, all in real-time.
3. If you like, add vintage overlays, light leaks, vignettes, etc. - with no waiting!
4. Add frames (optional)
5. Add music (optional) and adjust your audio volume.
6. Using photos in your video? Use the Photo Motion feature to give them life with pan, tilt and/or zoom motion.
7. Add as many video clips and/or photos as you like to build your perfect movie. There's no restrictions on time.
8. Edit the length of your clips at anytime. Even split your clips into multiple clips.
8. Select clip transition style - crossfade, fade to white, fade to black, or none.
9. Done! Save or share your movie on Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, via text message, and more.

Your feedback is hugely important and we're working hard on adding new overlay effects plus other goodies! We love your feedback - send us an email at feedback@videohance anytime!

Check out what our users have been making by searching for #Videohance on Instagram! Get inspired with our "best of" gallery by finding us @Videohance on Instagram!

We can't contact you through your review so please reach us at - we'll do our best to help you with your issue!

VIDEOHANCE WILL NOT RUN ON IPHONE 4 OR BELOW! iPhone 4S only exports standard resolution video (SD). iPhone 5 and newer will export high resolution video (HD).

Add Some Hollywood Action FX

Are you an action movie buff? Want to create a movie with realistic explosions, or where you have superpowers or are being chased by dinosaurs? Let these apps put some amazing action movie FX in your flick.

Edit Your Videos Like a Professional

Now that you shot some amazing videos, it's time to pull them all together and polish them up. These apps give you powerful video editing tools in the palm of your hand.

Splice - Video Editor & Maker

Splice makes it easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos

Splice - Video Editor & Maker

Splice has the performance of a desktop editor, but is optimized for your iPhone or iPad. Just tap to trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects and more to create beautiful videos you’ll love to share. I found this app very intuitive and easy to navigate. In a matter of minutes, I was able to pull together a great looking - and sounding - video.

Why we love it

No matter your skill level, Splice will give your videos that professional look in no time.

Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor

A full featured video editing and recording app

Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor


For those who want an app to both capture and edit videos

This app has everything you need to create, edit and polish your video and create your masterpiece. Create stunning videos by combining gorgeous illustrations, text, animations, transitions, filters, audio tracks, voice overs, and much more. The amount of control over the transitions and text overlays is astounding. So many available combinations makes it easy to perfect your film.

Why we love it

This app is s packed with features, you just can't go wrong.

Quik - GoPro Video Editor

The must-have app for GoPro Hero 5 owners

Quik - GoPro Video Editor

If you want awesome movies from your GoPro footage, this is the app to have on your iPhone

In this version, the developers at GoPro have added a feature that I'm sure many users have been begging for. The app will now create videos for you, based on the footage stored on your GoPro Hero 5 Of course, you have to have your Hero 5 linked up with your iPhone for this feature to work. Once you do, though, the app automatically downloads your video content and then scans it. When it finds video files that seem to go together, it stitches them into Flashbacks, automatically generated movies you can edit, save, or share. Of course, Quik is able to set a musical background to your videos. That was one of the key ideas of the original app, and it's still around in the latest version. You can also add in photos from your iPhone's Photo Library, along with beautiful transitions and effects. The app analyzes your selected soundtrack, and then synchronizes everything to the beat of the music. You can also add text, and then share the video easily with friends and family.

Why we love it

If it isn't good enough that Quik can generate movies automatically for you, you'll definitely love the editing features. You're able to do so much with your videos in Quik that it truly is a one-stop shop for creating movies to share. You can easily trim video clips when you need to, either manually or by letting the app intelligently determine the best beginning and ending points. Yes, rendering previews takes some time after you trim a clip, but not as much as you might assume. You can also add filters, text, sounds, and actions to your video clips within the movies. If you want to set a clip to play in slow motion, that's definitely a possibility. A number of filters allow you to create a particular mood within your movies. There honestly isn't much that Quik can't do, but the standout feature absolutely has to be the automatically generated movies. The app brings these together beautifully, creating video montages of your movies that are perfectly suitable for sharing as-is, but can still be expertly adjusted and edited.

Adjust the Speed of Your Videos

The introduction of the iPhone 6 brought with it the ability to capture slow motion video, and it has been a big hit. These apps will allow you to get the most out of shooting in slow motion.

Mogul: Slow Motion Video Camera
Mogul: Slow Motion Video Camera

Mogul: Slow Motion Video Camera


Shoot HD videos in high frame rate and play back any section in slow motion.
Mogul enables the ability to capture true slo-mo videos at 60 frames per second in 720p HD with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch (5th Generation).

When you're done, select the portion you want to slow down, and that clip plays back smoothly at half speed. You can change which part is in slow motion anytime, and share it with your friends or save to camera roll.

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