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Write On With the Best iOS Text Editors for Focused Writing

When it comes to writing, you just never know when inspiration will strike you, so you want to always be prepared. These distraction-free text editors make it easy to focus on what you love — writing.


Automate the heck out of writing and editing text

Useful shortcuts

For those who frequently make similar edits to text that can be sped up by workflows.

If you write and edit text on a regular basis, some tasks can seem repetitive. Insert a link here in this format, or pull information from a specific place and insert it. Copy all your text and open a particular app. For tasks like these and more, workflows in Editorial can make the process much faster and more enjoyable. Much like Automator workflows on the Mac, workflows in Editorial can be made using the graphical editor where users input steps, along with "If" statements and "Repeat" loops. From there, you can activate workflows in the menu or toolbar. If this is too complicated, you can also find other workflows online shared by other users. Advanced users can make more complicated workflows that work outside of the confines of the graphical editor based on Python scripts.

Why we love it

For when certain tasks involved with text editing become repetitive and mundane – and these will depend on your workflow – Editorial can allow you to virtually skip over those steps to keep your work habits efficient and interesting.

For those who...

  • Have repetitive tasks associated with text editing based on their workflows
  • Are familiar with Automator on the Mac or know how to code Python (but this is optional!)
  • Edit using the Markdown syntax

Not for those who...

  • Don't edit text too often
  • Don't make any formatting or stylistic changes to their text using Markdown
  • Want something simple to use

Get a beautiful writing experience with this slick app

Great distraction-free writing

For anyone who wants a minimalistic and beautiful text editor with useful features.

Byword is a classic Markdown-capable text editor on the App Store. The app features a sleek interface design that is simple and clean, with minimalistic settings to change so you can focus on your writing. There is a keyboard extension that has nice shortcuts to Markdown formatting and special characters, and a day or night theme for easier concentration. And while you can access your Dropbox files from Byword, the app allows you to take documents offline so that they can be accessed anytime and synced later. And if you opt for the Premium feature, you can publish directly to various blogging platforms (like Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, and more) directly from Byword. If you are a web writer, then Byword is definitely an app you don’t want to miss.

Why we love it

Byword is a classic among our writing app collection. It not only looks beautiful, but it comes packed with a nice set of features too.

For those who...

  • Want a gorgeous text editor
  • Want a comprehenisve Markdown experience
  • Need to publish directly to their blogging platform of choice

Not for those who...

  • Want to use workflows to make writing easier
  • Need a lot of customization options
  • Don't need to publish directly
1Writer - Markdown Text Editor

If you need a simple but powerful and efficient text editor, this is it

1Writer - Markdown Text Editor

For anyone who needs a text editor that is streamlined, powerful, and efficient.

With 1Writer, users are greeted with a simple and clean interface that looks streamlined and easy-to-use. Users can pull in text files from their iCloud account or even just link specific Dropbox folders for full access to their existing files. When you write, 1Writer will do live-previews for Markdown formatting, including inserting images. There is a full keyboard extension that has useful shortcuts for Markdown formatting and other things like special characters. 1Writer even has a built-in web browser so you can do research without having to leave the app, which is even better on the iPad. Once you’re done writing, there are many export options available to you if needed, so you can make sure that what you worked on gets published or seen properly. And on top of that, 1Writer allows full customization of the theme and fonts, so you can tweak it to your liking.

Why we love it

1Writer is a powerful text editor but it still retains a simplistic look and feel. We are impressed with the customizable aesthetics and love the functionality that it still manages to pack in the app.

For those who...

  • Want a beautiful but powerful text editor for all their writing needs
  • Need a browser in their text editor for research
  • Want both iCloud and Dropbox support

Not for those who...

  • Don't need a browser while writing
  • Need an app that supports the entire writing process
  • Want something that can use workflows to automate writing
iWriter Pro

When you want a professional yet simple text writing app

iWriter Pro
Powerful and useful features as you write

For those who want professional level tools but still prefer simplicity above all else.

With iWriter Pro, users get a simple distraction-free writing environment that is straightforward and easy to use. You’ll be able to access all of your iCloud and Dropbox text files directly in iWriter Pro, and you can also customize the color theme and font to whatever works best for you. iWriter Pro also has quick navigation, full preview support for Markdown and MultiMarkdown documents, live Markdown and syntax highlighting, and a keyboard extension for quick shortcuts. And when you’re done writing, it’s easy to export your work to HTML or even a PDF. If you’re just looking for a basic text editor that will get the job done, then iWriter Pro is a good option to consider.

Why we love it

We always like something that is simple and clean, and iWriter Pro does just that while being powerful enough to get the job done.

For those who...

  • Want a basic text editor to get the job done
  • Want some customization but don't want to waste too much time tinkering around
  • Need both iCloud and Dropbox access to files

Not for those who...

  • Want something that is much more complex and has built-in browsers for research
  • Need an app that caters to the full writing process
  • Want to automate their writing