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2017 iPhone Trade-In

Your 2017 iPhone Trade-In Guide: Getting the Most Cash for Your Handset

October 22, 2017

Here’s our 2017 iPhone Trade-In Guide, updated for the arrival of the iPhone X on Friday, Nov. 3. 

Are you tempted to give up your first born child for a new $999 iPhone X? New iPhones can be expensive. Luckily, selling your used iPhones can lessen the cost of upgrading.



For our annual trade-in guide, we’re looking at a sampling of prices from the following buyback locations: Amazon, Apple, Gazelle, and NextWorth.

Please note: iPhone values are as of today, Oct. 22 on mid-level models of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, and iPhone SE. Prices will vary depending on actual storage and condition. For each sample, we’re including pricing for UNLOCKED iPhones. Prices could vary slightly for handsets locked to one carrier.

What do you get? 

  • Over at Amazon and Apple, you’ll receive gift cards with buybacks.
  • Gazelle, meanwhile, offers PayPal, check, and Amazon gift card payments.
  • At NextWorth, PayPal and check are your options.

iPhone 6s, 64GB

  • Amazon, $180
  • Apple, $200 (best quote)
  • Gazelle, $180
  • NextWorth, $171

iPhone 6s Plus, 64GB

  • Amazon, $205
  • Apple, $250 (best quote)
  • Gazelle, $205
  • NextWorth, $185

iPhone 7, 128GB

  • Amazon, $325 (best quote)
  • Apple, $325 (best quote)
  • Gazelle, $290
  • NextWorth, $279

iPhone 7 Plus, 128GB

  • Amazon, $335
  • Apple, $375 (best quote)
  • Gazelle, $325
  • NextWorth, $213

iPhone SE, 32GB

  • Amazon, $100
  • Apple, $135 (best quote)
  • Gazelle, $120
  • NextWorth, $90

Look Around

Look Around

If you’re willing to put in the time, you can shop for better prices online. Flipsy’s a great place to start. The site compares current prices across multiple outlets. Better still: Cash and store credit offerings are separated, making it simple to compare deals.

The bottom line: Your iPhone is worth some cash, which can make your new iPhone less expensive.