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6284 Calc Puts an End to Memorizing Math Formulas

This app was created by a high school student to help with math
Getting Stuff Done
July 15, 2016

Algebra, geometry, calculus, and chemistry are scary words for some as they struggle to get through these classes in school. If you have trouble with one or more of these subjects, then maybe you should check out 6284 Calc. Developed by a talented 16-year old student, the app was created to alleviate the need to memorize tons of math formulas.

Select your subject

Select your subject

The app offers formula calculations for algebra, geometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, calculus, and chemistry. Each subject offers various formula calculations such as slope, area, and volume for geometry, for example.

Daily life calculations

Daily life calculations

6284 Calc not only has sections for common math subjects, but a Daily Life Math section to assist with percentages, investments, simple or compound interest, GPA, and exponential growth calculations.

6284 Calc was created by Amit Kalra, a California high school student. After switching schools, he found himself a bit behind in his math class and struggled to memorize and recall the many formulas. He decided to create an application to help. Not only did the app help Kalra and his friends, but it also won him a scholarship to Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) last month.

I showed my friends when they came over to do homework and they thought I should make it into an iOS app. It took me a while to say “You know what, might as well do it.” And from there on, the app was born, and I finished Geometry with a breeze!

6284 Calc may be intended to assist with the many difficult math formulas needed to get through school, however, it appears that the app can simply do your homework for you (as noted in the app description). For struggling students, this is great; for parents and teachers, it could cause a concern. And, what happens during exams when you cannot use the app to solve the problems? What are your thoughts?

6284 Calc
6284 Calc
Amit Kalra

6284 Calc is designed for iPhone with Apple Watch support. It is available for free on the App Store and is ad-supported. There are in-app purchases to remove the ads for $0.99 or buy the formula steps for $1.99.