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64GB Apple TV 4K

The 64GB Apple TV 4K Model Might Not Be Available for Christmas

Connected Theater
November 28, 2017

If you’re looking for a 64GB Apple TV 4K this holiday season, you might be out of luck. A recent inventory check by AppleInsider shows the $199 model is in short supply even before we enter December.

First announced in September, the Apple TV 4K is available with 32GB and 64GB of storage. Online checks show new orders for the 64GB model are “4 to 5 weeks” out at New 32GB model orders arrive in one week.

Meanwhile, most U.S. Apple stores are showing an in-store pickup date for the 64GB Apple TV model of Jan. 11. The 32GB model is available today at most locations.

So far, Apple hasn’t said why the 64GB model is sold out until January. AppleInsider has an idea why folks seem to be buying the larger model over the small one.

They explain:

Practically, the 32GB model isn’t particularly crippled with Apple’s intended use case. Loading videos into a third-party video playing app like VLC may be an issue, and users who want a large amount of Apple TV apps loaded will obviously run into problems quicker on the 32GB model than on the 64GB.

If you’re still hoping to score a 64GB Apple TV 4K for Christmas, consider making your purchase through Best Buy. The retailer currently shows next week availability for both models. That could change soon, of course.

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