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A Great New Concept Video Imagines What Apple Should Add to 'iOS 10'

The software should be officially unveiled in June at WWDC
Credit: MacStories
Apple's Software
April 20, 2016

With Apple officially announcing the WWDC dates earlier this week, it’s definitely a great time to turn our attention to the next generation of iOS. More than likely, we’ll get our first look at “iOS 10” during the conference’s keynote session on Monday, June 13.

And MacStories has just unveiled an interesting wish list for the software.

A dark mode and more

A dark mode and more

As you can see, Federico Viticci and Sam Johnson did a great job with the concept video that shows off a number of features that Apple will hopefully add to the software.

Some of the most intriguing include a customizable Control Center featuring 3D Touch shortcuts, a system-wide dark mode, and a Siri API that could truly bring the virtual assistant on par with Google Now and Amazon’s Alexa.

Viticci also has some great ideas on how to improve Messages – easily one of Apple’s most used apps. Some suggestions include message extension, a rich preview for links, faster emoji access, and the ability to allow read receipts on a per-contact basis.

Other improvements on the wish list include an improved iCloud Drive and document picker, better iPad multitasking, and more.

The entire story is definitely worth a read, and hopefully Apple is planning to adopt some of these suggestions for the next version of iOS. Personally, I think finally opening up Siri with an API could really help bring a new level of usefulness to iOS devices, the Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

When to expect the new software

When to expect the new software
We'll more than likely also hear about new versions of WatchOS, tvOS, and OS X at WWDC.

We'll more than likely also hear about new versions of WatchOS, tvOS, and OS X at WWDC.

If Apple holds to its previous release schedule, “iOS 10” will go through a number of beta versions in the summer and arrive to the general public sometime in the early fall – possibly with the next-generation iPhone.

At the conference, Apple may also unveil new software for OS X, WatchOS, and tvOS.

What would you want Apple to add to “iOS 10”?