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App Store Developers Have Now Earned More Than $50 Billion All Time

Pikachu and friends apparently played a big part in a record month
August 3, 2016

After celebrating the sale of 1 billion iPhones in late July, Apple’s App Store has reached another big milestone.

A record-breaking July

A record-breaking July

Apple CEO Tim Cook, earlier today on Twitter, announced that more than $50 billion has been paid all-time to developers. The App Store originally launched back in 2008.

A record-breaking July helped push the App Store past the big milestone. Cook noted that the month was the highest-ever monthly billings and money paid to developers.

While not specifically mentioned, the record month was more than likely thanks in large part to Pokémon Go. After launching in early July, the game vaulted into a cultural phenomenon and is now the most popular mobile game ever in the United States. Worldwide, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times and is currently No. 1 on the Top Grossing charts.