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AppAdvice Podcast Episode 14: Editing Together Fighting & Driving Robots As The App Store Grows

April 11, 2017

In this episode, we learn about plants while avoiding nightmares, and edit videos of giant fighting robots in search of cheese.

Apple released a new app this week to go along with an interesting new education app. The new games this week weren’t the most intriguing, but we still found some interesting robots to talk about on episode 14 of the AppAdvice Weekly Podcast. This week, we discuss Apple’s Clips app, an interactive plant life app, a Transformers battler, a cat & mouse driving game, a strategic card challenge, and some worthwhile app updates. It’s time for the AppAdvice Podcast Episode 14.

Clips (Free, Universal)
NAMOO Wonders of Plant Life ($3.99, Universal)
Transformers Forged To Fight (Free, Universal)
Mousebot (Free, Universal)
Onirim ($0.99, Universal)

Slayaway Camp ($2.99, Universal)
Love You To Bits ($3.99, Universal)
Hearthstone (Free, Universal)

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