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Apple Adds an 'Accessibility' Category to Its Online Store

As expected, the new section of Apple's online store showcases accessibility accessories for customers to purchase
May 5, 2016

We heard it was coming, and now it has indeed launched: earlier today, Apple added a new “Accessibility” category to its online store, collecting accessibility products together all in one place and making them available for customers to browse and purchase.

Apple introduced its customers to Dillan earlier this year, shining a light on its accessibility software

Altogether there are 15 products, and sub-categories divide these up (into Vision, Physical & Motor Skills, and Learning & Literacy). You can also browse the section by iPad Compatibility, iPhone Compatibility, and Mac Compatibility; the products on offer range from braille keyboards to pillow switches and more.

Though we'd heard Apple Retail would be making a push towards accessibility starting in “early 2016,” the move so far seems limited to the company's online presence. We are expecting Apple's brick-and-mortar retail stores to offer a similar selection of accessibility products at a small number of locations in the near future, before expanding its offering to more stores. As we said previously:

The move will of course make it easier for customers with disabilities to interact with Apple’s OS X and iOS. Moreover, from a retail point of view, and particularly in Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores, sales assistants on the floor will be able to better assist disabled customers with their purchases through recommending (and directly selling) the right accessibility accessories.

For now, you can browse Apple's new Accessibility category at the company's website. We'll of course let you know if there are any further changes concerning this section of Apple's business.