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wireless AirPods

Apple Shares New Ads Showcasing its Truly Wireless AirPods

January 15, 2017

Apple today shared a variety of new advertisements showcasing the company’s new truly wireless AirPods. The new ads are the first to market the highly sought after earbuds.

In one of the ads titled “iPhone 7 = Airpods – Pairing” the ad shows a user opening the AirPods case to pair them for the first time with an iPhone 7. Once paired, the user is seen dancing around, showcasing how well the AirPods stay in his ears.

Just flip open the case and they’re paired. AirPods on iPhone 7.

In another ad titled “iPhone 7 + AirPods – Siri” and it demonstrates how you can use the AirPods to activate Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Again, the goal of this ad is to showcase just how simple it is to use the new wireless AirPods.


Double-tap and Siri is there. AirPods on iPhone 7.

Apple has a total four ads for the AirPods as it appears that the company is finally starting to catch up with inventory. While Apple’s website shows a wait time of 6 weeks, many users are reporting getting their AirPods much earlier and we’ve started to hear from our own readers that some stores have them in stock from time to time. In fact, you can use certain tools to find out if they’re available near you.

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