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App Store Categories

Apple Makes Changes to App Store Categories

October 4, 2017

Apple is making some minor changes to App Store categories.

In an email to developers, Apple announced that both the Dice and Educational Games subcategory in the Games section are being removed. On the app side, the Catalogs subcategory is also disappearing. Also, all subcategories are being removed from the Magazine & Newspapers section.

Apple didn’t offer any reasoning for the category changes. But more than likely, it’s just another part of the App Store makeover.

Starting with iOS 11, which landed to the public last month, Apple unveiled its first ever makeover of the App Store.

Opening the App Store app will now bring users to the Today page. The highly curated page will offer features, interviews, videos, and more about games and apps. Games and Apps have also received their own dedicated sections. Individual app pages have also received a new design.

Even though Apple is removing the categories, any apps will still be available to purchase. Developers will simply need to specify new subcategories for their titles.