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Apple Bids Farewell to the Videos App in the Latest iOS 10.2 Beta

The TV app is taking its place
Apple's Software
November 14, 2016

One of the most ubiquitous stock apps in iOS is apparently being retired for good. Starting with the third beta version of iOS 10.2, Apple’s new TV app is taking the place of Videos.

A modern take on video content

A modern take on video content
The TV app will also be part of the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The TV app will also be part of the fourth-generation Apple TV.

On the iOS app, there are four major sections – Library, Watch Now, Store, and Search.

As you could probably guess, the Library tab show all of your recently purchased TV shows and movies. Watch Now promises that users can continue to watch TV shows or movies or get recommendations for new content. The Store tab offers iTunes content and allow you to subscribe to popular streaming services or watch TV apps available with cable credentials and the single sign-on feature.

Finally, users can search for exactly the content they are looking for. The Search tab also shows trending movies and TV shows.

While iOS 10.2 is still in beta form, Apple could choose to add the Videos app back in before officially releasing the software. But I suspect this change is permanent. For now, even though Videos has been removed as a stock app, it can be downloaded from the App Store if needed.

Along with iOS 10.2, the TV app is scheduled to arrive in tvOS 10.1. All of the software should be available before the end of 2016.