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iOS 12 Preview

Apple iOS 12 Preview and Wish List: What to Expect

Credit: SaltyPrints
iOS 12 concept
Apple's Software
April 9, 2018

In this iOS 12 preview, we take a look at the new features likely to arrive on iOS devices this fall. Come back for updates.

Back in January, Axios reported Apple would hold off on releasing a lot of new features on iOS 12 and instead address performance and quality issues. Among the updates apparently delayed until 2019 is a refresh of the iOS home screen and in-car user interfaces, and tweaks to core apps like Mail and Photos.

Among the new features and updates we’ll probably see this year are:

  • Allowing iOS apps to run on macOS: As previously reported, Apple hopes to introduce new technology this year to allow third-party developers to create software that runs on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.
  • More new Animoji: The number of iOS devices with a True Depth camera should grow considerably this year. At least two new iPads and iPhones could feature the tool in 2018 and that means more animoji.
  • New tracking tools for parents: These tools will make it easier for parents to see how much time kids are spending online.
  • Tweaks to existing apps and features: Scheduled for an update is the native Stocks app and Do Not Disturb feature.

What would you like to see in iOS 12? Let us know your thoughts below.

Although you shouldn’t expect iOS 12 to include a lot of new features, dreaming is still allowed. Among new goodies we’d like to see arrive this year are as follows:

  • An always-on display, similar to what’s already found on some Android-based devices
  • A system-wide dark mode, because it’s really time for one, no?
  • Group Facetime feature.

The concept video above is right on target.

Last Updated: April 9, 2018