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iOS Apps on Mac

Apple Still Plans on Bringing iOS Apps to Mac This Year

January 31, 2018

Despite what you might have read, iOS apps on Mac should still become a reality in 2018 …

Key features that were supposed to arrive on “iOS 12” and the next version of macOS are likely to be delayed until 2019 as Apple hopes to concentrate on improving performance and eliminate bugs. One feature, part of the so-called Project Marzipan, however, is still expected to make its debut this year, according to Axios.

Under Project Marzipan, which we told you about in December, developers would be able to create a single app for all machines, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. In doing so, there’d be less work for developers and more choices for consumers.

As Axios explains, the project should still make its debut this year:

Apple’s push for performance and security improvements over new features will also apply to this year’s Mac software, but one key feature remains on the roadmap for 2018: The ability for Macs to run iPad apps …

Tricky balance: While users would certainly welcome changes that make their systems run better and more securely, customers tend to be more motivated to make purchases based on new features rather than promised improvements around security or performance, which can be tough to judge.

Earlier this week, Axios was the first to report that Apple has decided to delay the launch of upcoming features for iOS and Mac devices, including a refresh of the iOS home screen. Instead, the company will focus on addressing performance and quality issues.

The move, which Apple hasn’t confirmed, comes as the U.S. government begins investigating the company over iOS power management features that slowed some older iPhones.

Apple’s likely to announce next-generation versions of iOS and macOS in June at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).