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iPad to NHL Benches

Apple is Close to Signing a Partnership to Bring the iPad to NHL Benches

Sports Center
December 8, 2016

Another major North American sports league may soon be using Apple’s iPad and other technology during games. According to a new report from TSN, Apple is close to signing a deal to bring the iPad to NHL benches.

Already in the dugout

Already in the dugout

Here’s more from the report:

The NHL wants to build on a model employed by the National Football League, which convinced companies like Motorola and Bose to pay millions of dollars so that team coaches and other staff wear their products on sidelines during games.

“The NHL Apple deal is more a major partnership than a sponsorship,” said a source familiar with the NHL’s plans. “Right now, some teams have iPads or other tablets and some don’t. Some have good Internet connections, some don’t. This deal is about having a consistent platform that every team can use in every rink.”

Earlier this year, Apple struck a deal with Major League Baseball to bring iPad Pros into the bullpen and dugout. Players and coaches from all 30 teams can view a special app loaded with statistics and video to make decisions during the game.

A deal with Apple would continue to bring technology to the popular hockey league and its 30 teams across Canada and the United States.

One team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, added the growing Apple Pay technology to its arena in 2015.

And it soon looks like a big partnership will bring the iPad to NHL benches.