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Early Apple iPhone X Pre-Orders: Sneaky Carriers, Limited Supply

October 27, 2017

Apple iPhone X pre-orders have begun. If you have a Nov. 3 delivery date on your order, be very happy. Most weren’t nearly as lucky. Here’s a quick look at the iPhone X’s ordering debut.

At 12:01 a.m. PDT, Apple began accepting iPhone X pre-orders around the world. Within 12 minutes, new orders placed for the company’s highly anticipated new flagship device showed a shipping date of “2-3 weeks.” Less than 20 minutes later, orders had slipped to “4-6 weeks.”

At the time of this writing, new iPhone X orders are showing a shipping date of “5-6 weeks.”

Carriers Rule?

It seems Verizon decided to celebrate the iPhone X’s arrival early. Multiple reports note the No. 1 carrier in the U.S. began accepting orders as soon as 11:50 p.m. PDT. An automatic queue with a countdown clock welcomed visitors to AT&T’s website. It too allowed some pre-orders before the official start time.

Over at Sprint, frustration boiled over almost immediately, with many reporting early login problems that pushed orders beyond the initial Nov. 3 delivery date.

All models in short supply

It seems the $1,149 256GB iPhone X models were the first to move beyond a Nov. 3 delivery date. However, the $999 64GB models quickly followed. This shift suggests demand for all models are strongly outpacing supply.

The Future

For weeks, we’ve heard the iPhone X would be in short supply when pre-orders began. Despite this, I’m sure many would-be buyers will be waking up today hoping to score a new handset for Nov. 3. At the rate things are going, don’t be surprised to see new orders slip into January.

Do you still want a new phone on Nov. 3, but didn’t place an order? Apple’s accepting walk-ins beginning at 8 am.

Apple’s accepting walk-ins beginning at 8 am. local time. You could also try eBay, where some folks are willing to part with their new handset for up to $59,999.99. Yes, you heard right.

Did you order your iPhone X? What is your delivery date? Let us know below.